Live Stream Coverage of Steve Lonegan Rally with Sarah Palin and Mark Levin. rally picture

electric crowd



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19 responses to “Live Stream Coverage of Steve Lonegan Rally with Sarah Palin and Mark Levin.

  1. iconmom

    not too many folks there !

  2. Harry Giarratana

    Thanks, Isabel 😉

  3. Harry Giarratana

    The stream isn’t working….

    • Gary P Jackson

      Cool. We’re in Texas, but are SO excited to see all of you guys in NJ getting fired up. One of our contributing editors lives there and was putting out Lonegan signs much of the day.

      Kinda telling that the Ledger seems to have lowballed the head count by about 3000 people though. So sick of the dishonest media!

  4. Herbert Black American Black Conservative

    I was there, I would estimate the crowd to be in the 5000 range. I attended an event for John McCain in 2008 at Perkasie Pa and that crowd was estimated by CNN to be 5000 at an air hanger. I will tell you it took about 10 minutes to exit that event. Today, with the same type of access egress it took about 30 – 40 minutes to exit. I would estimate the crowd was equal to if not larger than the McCain event! Steve, Mark and of course Sarah were OUTSTANDING! Steve Lonegan is the Real Deal! I also might add, just a side note; Cory Booker does not have the entire NJ Black vote in this contest. I was pleased as a American Black Conservative to see many other Black Americans at this rally! Unlike the McCain event where myself, my daughter and one other Black contingent were the only three I saw. At Mr. Lonegan’s New Egypt rally today there were 5 of us within 3 feet of each other and we were not together! And there was representation of about 10 total that I personally saw. Just an observation I noticed as I stood next to an Native American Woman. To me this proves that if Steve Lonegan can draw in a small farm town in the dead center of New Jersey this type of support; I predict he will be the next Senator of the State of New Jersey! Proud to have been there, truly something to see!

    Herbert Black
    American Black Conservative

    • Isabel Matos

      What a great post! Thank you so much for sharing your story. I believe if it can be done in New Jersey, it can be done anywhere. There is a wave coming. It’s steady and gradual. It doesn’t matter what race, age or gender you are. There is a new type of politics that we so desperately need.. the honest type. But a lot of corruption, a lot of greed and a lot of entrenched power is not easy to get rid of in even ten years. It will take one generation, I believe to undo the damage that is being done by our politicians. God Bless Steve Lonegan and may he win this Wednesday. He has our prayers. You were lucky to be there. Thanks again for your story. Many people will be sure to read it here and come out feeling better about the race and New Jersey’s chances to be better represented. 🙂

      • Herbert Black

        Isabel, thank you also for such kind words! Listen, I have but one bone to pick with you young lady; I do not believe it will take a generation at all! Change can in fact be swift and dominate! Look at how fast this present administration has seized their moment in just 5 short years. People can say all they want to that they have been working on their agenda for decades. It may very well be possible that that is the case. That said, they could not enforce it until they reached the promise land of the political power at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue Isabel. Now once that was achieved they were then and only then capable of moving their chess pieces around the board so to speak without allowing the other side to make a move. Once the Conservatives return to that level of power (and dare I say with Tea Party Patriot Candidates), this will happen! I truly believe that. If you look at and understand that it took them decades to position themselves for this “Takeover” of our government; compared to our Patriotic Response! There is no doubt in my mind that the reverse will be even more swift, severe and more important, a complete resurrection of our Constitution of these United States of America, and a solid buttress demand by a free people who fear God, Love Country and Cherish what our Founders, Soldiers, and Patriots breathed into this life of Freedom and Prosperity Called America. Isabel my friend, I believe Steve Lonegan and others like him will be the players on the chess board of the Republic that will be utilized by the next Conservative resident of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

        Your friend first,

        Herbert Black
        American Black Conservative

      • Isabel Matos

        Thanks for your sincerity.

        The reason why I say one generation is that it takes longer to build things that it does to destroy them. Obama came in and we were 6 trillion less in debt than we are now. Our businesses were taxed but now they will have an added burden (thanks to the Republicans who have been caving on ObamaCare). I say a generation also because there is still a culture of wanting the government to take care of everything. It is a habit hard to kick. That will take years to reform. It’s not just political or financial, it’s social and educational. A generation seems fair enough time for us to get our debt under control, get people to see the evil of big government (we may have to wait many years under ObamaCare before that will happen, look at England as an example)..get politicians who will not lie or be as corrupt as they are right now. That should be the exception not the rule. Television, Hollywood are way behind what is going on, and that has to change. Look at Oprah’s ratings how they have dropped. Our comedians are out of control nasty and against the people we defend every day. And of course, our children. There are too many uneducated students, or miseducated if you will, under common core curriculum in the public school system which has a lot of money and a lot of funding, but is missing God. Muslim infiltration is crippling us as well. We need to take pride in the fact that we are pioneer spirits but there is much work to do and much fighting ahead. It will not be done overnight. God bless this country for leaders like Sarah, Mike, Ted and Steve.

        Your friend,
        Cuban-American Freedom Fighter

  5. Herbert Black

    Isabel, good points and all have validity. That said, there is one thing that I believe with every fiber of my being. “GOD Blessed America”. And, every once in a while I believe he will test us, thus I must believe he will also test a nation, This Nation! I also believe that when this nation returns to the understanding and importance of God as displayed at Philadelphia many years ago; we as a nation can and will be restored. I truly believe this because at the end of the day Isabel I Trust God! I Must!

    Your friend first,

    Herbert Black
    American Black Conservative

    • Isabel Matos

      Amen! I agree and I will add this: He will test our endurance. Realistically it won’t happen overnight.

      God bless you, Herbert. It is an honor for you to be part of this movement. We need more like you. I’m hispanic, I have friends who are gay who are in this movement. It has nothing to do with demographics but message. This is about America and American is an idea. You’re a patriot and a fine person. Thank you. I will always trust in God, the Father of this Nation.

      • Herbert Black

        Amen and, Thank you Isabel! You too are a great Patriot as well my friend! Honored to meet you as well.

        Take care

        Herbert Black
        American Black Conservative

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