Sarah Palin Addresses Crowd at WW II Memorial and Honors America’s Vets

sarah at memorial

by Isabel Matos

Sarah’s comments start at the 30 seconds mark (Audio by iizthatiiz)

Sarah Palin also went on Facebook to post these comments which highlight the contrast between her style of leadership, should she be commander in chief one day, and the petty and puny Obama’s, which is full of disrespect and disdain for our war heroes and national treasures.

By Sarah Palin

We were proud to stand with thousands of America’s vets and other patriotic Americans today in Washington, D.C. This morning, Todd and I met with Senators Ted Cruz and Mike Lee, and they joined us and other Americans at the World War II Memorial and then at the Lincoln Memorial, where we were met by a SWAT team in full riot gear! Watching those who have fought to protect freedom prevented by barricades from visiting these memorials to freedom was truly heart wrenching. Seeing the unity of the American people as they joined together and rose up against this out of touch government was an inspiration. God bless our veterans, those who continue to serve, and their families.

I’ll be posting an album of some photos from today. Below are the brief remarks I gave today:

We’re here to show that the size of America’s heart for our veterans is immeasurable! But look around – barricades to shut down our memorials? Is this how a Commander in Chief expresses his gratitude? This “shutdown” priority proves a shameful lack of respect. It reflects a person’s lack of valor.

But, Vets, We the People have learned from you! We know America will only remain the “Home of the Free” so long as we are the “Home of the Brave!”

So, as we honor you, U.S. Military, know that our gratitude will not sleep! We will be brave! You were not timid, so we shall not be timid in calling out ANY who heart-wrenchingly would use you as pawns in a political game.

America’s finest paid the price for our freedom today. Vets, you protected us from tyranny then. Rest now, it is OUR turn to protect against tyranny again.

Ronald Reagan said, “Some people live an entire lifetime wondering if they ever made a difference in the world.” YOU, vets, need never ask that of yourselves. You made ALL the difference!

Our war memorials remind us of the cost to keep us free. YOU paid the price! Rest now! We will pick up the mantle. We won’t let you down. We now take up the fight for freedom!

Sarah and Todd Palin at National Monuments:

Former Alaskan Governor Sarah Palin and husband Todd Palin visit the National Monuments on Sunday, October 13, 2013, in Washington, DC. Photo by Shealah Craighead

Copyright All Rights Reserved ©2013 Shealah Craighead Photography/SarahPAC — in Washington, DC.

with senator ted cruz and mike lee sarah and todd at national monuments sarah and todd in dc at memorial conference at veterans memorial pledge at ww2 memorial sarah and todd at memorial picture of washington monument
sarah holding flag
 From Griff Jenkins: Sarah addressing the Veterans



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  1. iizthatiiz

    wonderful images .. kudo’s

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