Video: Senator Ted Cruz SLAMS Senate Deal to End Shutdown Raise Debt Ceiling

Ted Cruz Surrounded by Media

Washington has caused the problems, but has no intention of fixing them

By Gary P Jackson

Senator Ted Cruz rips the Washington establishment and really tears into the Senate. Though he has praise for the GOP controlled House, he is clearly upset with the entire “ruling class” in our nation’s capitol.

Senator Cruz specifically talks about all pain the American people are suffering, and will suffer under the already failed ObamaCare scheme.

As you know, the Senate Republicans collapsed and surrendered to Barack Obama and Harry Reid, basically kicking the entire debt/budget issue down the road until after the first of next year. It’s disgraceful and despicable.

Video courtesy of Wayne Dupree – @NewsNinja2012


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5 responses to “Video: Senator Ted Cruz SLAMS Senate Deal to End Shutdown Raise Debt Ceiling

  1. TED CRUZ for President as only an IDIOT who makes $40,000 a year would want a credit line over $500.000 TYPICAL of the GIVE ME mentality.. The GOP sold America out by not slashing the Bama funds

    Pelsoi stated you can see what is in the health bill after it passes now that we saw what is in it DELETE it entirely

    How come they say social security is running out of funding for those who paid in and so does the military has severe cut backs of funds BUT Welfare have unlimited money?

    Is it possibly a slave of the system has to keep voting in their task masters

    • Gary P Jackson

      Great points ALL!

      If I had my way, the 2016 ticket would be Palin-Cruz, but if Ted runs and she doesn/t, he has my vote. I am SO proud to call him a fellow Texan!

      • I am proud that a Texan stood up against the biggest internal threats this nation ever faced

        We need treason trials before the savage fires all the top generals and admirals and replaces them with hand picked traitors just as Hitler did in Germany.. The same thing is happening with Nazi Jews taking away our rights to bear firearms and they now can tape our phones and computers .. DISGRACEFUL how people who paid into social security are bong told funds are running out and the military is being short changed but there seems no “cap” on welfare spending for people who never paid into the system.. 3 generations of parasites is more then enough

      • Gary P Jackson


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