Be a Mensch… Inform Yourself


By Marion Algier – AskMarion

The word Mensch in German and Yiddish literally means, person, man or human being. But generally when you see it used, it means, being informed in your decisions, being sensitive to others people’s needs, and seeking out the the truth and ways to help others.  Mensch:  “person of strength and honor,” 1909, from Yiddish, from Ger., lit. “man, person.”

When you apply this to the 2008 Election, most people in America failed miserably in the category of Menschism…

We elected a man that we still know little about and most of what we do know is questionable or comes in several versions.  Then we elected him again, when his administration was already riddled with questions, scandals, and hypocrisy,  and now his policies like ObamaCare, that are fulfilling one his few true promises of fundamentally transforming America, are unfolding before our eyes in a…

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