Rare Glimpse Into Sarah’s Turning Point in Her Faith. J Tapper Interview

sarah and jake


Jake Tapper, journalist and anchor of “The Lead with Jake Tapper” was the one who wrote about the under reported CIA presence in Benghazi. For the first time someone in the mainstream media seemed to care about the overall cover up and questions left unanswered about this administrations negligence. He is not right-leaning, but is easy to read, watch, and listen to. A natural interviewer as well who listens to his guest  speak. Today it was Sarah Palin, who shared more about herself than I had seen before. The exchange was calm, respectful and personal. I felt like I got to know Sarah better from Sarah speaking directly about herself, unfiltered, but I wanted to hear more. She seemed that comfortable with him.  She talked about the turning point in her faith and dealing with Trigg’s birth. I wish we saw more  interviews like this where journalists, no matter what political side of the spectrum they are, treat their guests fairly and professionally. To me it was an excellent one! Even if readers are saying he was consedescending.

This is Sarah when she was talking about John McCain, the campaign in 2008, the differences between them and her decision not to criticize him as a Senator.

jake interview 1

This is Sarah smiling as she describes Trigg.

jake interview 2

Here Sarah is about to talk about some interesting details about her family’s challenge, specifically Bristol’s pregnancy, again all very personalized.

jake interview 3


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9 responses to “Rare Glimpse Into Sarah’s Turning Point in Her Faith. J Tapper Interview

  1. Okay, now try to get a personal off-the-cuff, honest interview from Obama. It AIN”T going to happen….PERIOD.

  2. Harry Giarratana

    Good post, Miss Isabel.

  3. Judy Pearson

    Sorry your audio was so behind your video, seems like the interviewer could have come up with more up to date questions. Main stream media has been stuck for too long. I always enjoy Sarah Palin despite your suppression.

    • Isabel Matos

      Well, for left leaning media he wasn’t as bad as the other and he did bring out good information we didn’t know from her before. What suppression?

  4. “Slavery”, yea, which is the definition of it — also used by Alan Keyes and others. (even by the left) When have they boldly challenged Democrats on their descriptive terms… or “hyperbole”? That is considered the norm. How about Reid and Pelosi for a start, or Obama ? Double standards and hypocrisy? You betcha!

    • Isabel Matos

      So clearly spelled out. For someone who doesn’t have and IVY League degree, too. I bet that impressed many of her detractors. She doesn’t back down. Says what she means. Means what she says. What a novel notion. Thanks for stopping by and chiming in.

  5. Myles Williams

    Very good interview Sarah Palin was very direct as usual and straight forward.

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