I Dream of Sarah’s Eyes. My Experience in Naples, Florida 11/16/13.

It has taken me all day to absorb this:  Sarah Palin knows me.  She thanked me for what I have been doing and said “You’re Awesome”.  I’ve been repeating those words all day in disbelief.  This is what happened.

I had prepared some questions the night before but decided to go on instinct again and see what happened.  Everyone does a handshake and stands tall in front of her, unless they are a child. They ask all sorts of questions. I didn’t want to do much talking today so I decided right before it was my turn to greet her that I wanted to see her eyes. Yes.

I squatted in front of her. She was focused on her book signing right away and was kind of waiting for me to speak.  So when she looked up, I asked:  “Sarah, I just want one thing today:  I just want to look straight into your eyes.” She looked up from  what she was doing and liked the question I think, and immediately stared right into mine.  I was in heaven.

The local media had camped in front of the table. They had permission to get shots of Sarah up close. We were stripped of cameras and other personal belongings. I had brought my IPad just in case I could sneak a good picture in or have someone do it for me but it was impossible.  I felt guilty about going against Sarah’s rules and didn’t want to call attention to myself for something as silly as that. It doesn’t matter because a camera sometimes cannot capture someone’s essence and I wouldn’t trade what happened today for anything.

I can’t describe just how powerful that encounter was. I will have to etch it in my memory and sketch it soon, because no one I know has a shot of Sarah’s luscious, penetrating eyes anywhere. Not from the angle I was at – eye level. Not up close.

After Sarah and I looked at each other she asked me my name. I told her it was Isabel and that we had met in New Orleans last year.  That’s when something clicked and she knew who I was. I know we’re a community, and I am always happy when someone gets something from Sarah or Chuck, but for two years I have yearned for some type of formal response or a special card from her recognizing something, anything, but nothing. This was so special – just for me and in front of me.  I cannot ask for more.  The rest is a blur.

I asked her how she was. Again, she was surprised. She said “I’m fine,” smiling and softspoken. Then I opened my arms wide and held each of her arms and she held mine. It was nice. My friend behind me said it was a big and long hug. I was still in squatting position and I won’t bore you with any more details, I mentioned I wanted to get the hug right and not pull her hair. It was perfection.

My friend asked where Todd was. She said he was with Piper and Trig back home. I think she was traveling with Bristol. Little Tripp’s picture is on the first page of her book and it has an adorable caption.

The bookstore opened at 9 a.m.  We were allowed in – the first 100.  There were easily 700-maybe 800 people who showed uup.  I read a little bit of the book while I waited in line, but was mostly chatting with a Facebook friend who came with her husband and we had the greatest time. I was out of there by 10:15.  I drove around, took some pictures.  Treated myself to an ancient favorite,  French Toast at I-HOP, and decided there I’d return.  I was back inside the bookstore and 11:57 and it was the best decision in the end.

Here was a nice but pesky sheriff.


She ended sharply at 12:00 and I’m sure that is how she would run  government.


Here is Sarah Palin looking amazing. (Better than ever in my opinion)


Sarah Palin greeting the gentleman who kept wanting her attention.


Sarah thanking us and kissing us from a little bit afar.


Sarah waving good bye to us. She made sure she got everyone in the room. (She likes hugging I found out.)


Hug 2 from the bookstore crew who stood around her like dolphins the entire time.

hugs  1

Hug 3 on the way out.

hugs  2

I read in one of those local reports that there was a “Fan Frenzy”. No such thing.  Everyone except two ladies were there the night before.  There was civility, kindness and joy.  There was so much order that in my humble opinion, the store managers and clerks were more frenzied than the fans.  You can from the clip above.

Here are some more pictures:

I think a bit much, don’t you?


Sarah adapts to any situation, but unfortunately, there were no group hugs here.

fat  lady

There she is in the back there, having a long chat with a supporter.


You could not ask for a tamer crowd.

fuzzy fat lady

Sarah has a tanned appearance and highlights in her hair that suit her well.

I wish we could have Sarah Palin every day in person, but in a way, she does make herself available on a daily basis for us and we should never take it for granted.  I have been beyond frustrated and upset at the GOP. I’ve wanted to give up.  They are hopeless and in a vicious cycle of corruption that will never end.  They are hurting us badly.

May I suggest a remedy.  Anyone who is a bit tired of the corruption, extortion, lies, unconstitutionality, debt or anything else that is going wrong  in politics today, make it a point to visit Sarah even if it takes you a few hours to see her if she is in town.  I do not know how she does it but I always feel a sense of peace after I am with her. It is a very real spiritual force in her. I am personally motivated to renew my commitment to the cause just after today.

I will update this article with the drawing if I am inspired.  I could get a picture someone else took, but it wouldn’t mean anything or compare to the experience I had.


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37 responses to “I Dream of Sarah’s Eyes. My Experience in Naples, Florida 11/16/13.

  1. Harry Giarratana

    Good post, Isabel!

  2. Harry Giarratana

    Looking forward to hearing more.

  3. Thank you Isabel for taking us along with you.

  4. Isabel, that was a WONDERFUL posting – I’m so happy for you that you had such an amazing experience with Sarah Palin, and then took the time to share it with all of us! Palin lives out that witticism in her daily life, “Living well is the best revenge!” The GOPe promises to be even nastier during the next two election cycles – targeting Tea Party candidates in the primaries! We’ll certainly have our work cut out for us…

    • Isabel Matos

      Like I’ve said before to my friends, you go to see her to tell her how great he is and she makes you feel like the center of her universe. Even if for a short while. I lready have my Christmas gift this year.

      The GOP literally and physically make me sick. They depress me. They infuriate me. They make me want to throw up and throw or hit things. I think it’s safe to say RINOS are bad for your health. Sarah brings us back and better than before. We become spiritual, civil and just sensible.

      Thanks for the chat, Joy.

      • Isabel Matos

        Siesta, sista,

        I don’t like waking up early so I drove there the night before. I called the bookstore to find out when they closed to see how much time I had after the two hour drive. I drove by the bookstore to see where it was located. I checked into a hotel before there were no occupancies left. I got there at around six thirty and two were full already. After if ding a nice “enough” hotel for my budget, I immediately went back to the bookstore to get all the information from the person in charge. Usually the one with the walkietalkie in her hand. I skied all I could like how big a crowd they expected, could bring cameras. What time do you think we should arrive.. The exact time of the event. They said if someone arrived at 12:01 they’d lose their place. The best here the manager said ws to buy the book first. I would be given priority in the first come first serve order. Well, that didn’t matter because the next day I had my book and no one put me in the front of the line. I arrived at 7:15 a.m. They gave us a wrist band. my number ws 24 and ll was old one the tore opened at 9. Sarah was there punctually from 10-12. I tried with two or three employees but failed to gt them to say maybe you can bring your camera.. They all said no. Anyway, I left the bookstore when I was satisfied with the information. Be rested is my advice and if it rains I your area be ready for that. Hope that helps.

        What a great journey this has been.

        xo Isabel

  5. Susan Palinista Griffith

    Isabel, I am planning on going to see Sarah in Tyler, Texas on Wed. the 20th.. It is a four hour drive for me one way but i know it will be worth it..My concern is, how soon should I try to get in line..(hours before or what)..I don’t want to miss out on seeing her because the line was too long and the session ended before I was able to see her..That would be crushing..Could you give me some advice based on your experience….Sista ???

    • Isabel Matos
        Siesta, sista,

        I don’t like waking up early so I drove there the night before. I called the bookstore to find out when they closed to see how much time I had after the two hour drive. Once I exited alligator alley I drove by the bookstore to see where it was located. I got there at around six thirty and two hotels close to the ookstore were full. After finding a nice “enough” hotel for my budget, I immediately went back to the bookstore to get all the information from the person was in charge (usually the one with the most items in her hand.) I asked all I could like how big a crowd was that they expected, could I bring a camera, what time should we arrive.. the exact time of the bookstore opening, etc. and exact time of the event. She said if someone arrived at 12:01 they’d lose their place. I was advised to buy the book first, that I would be given priority in the first come first serve order.

        Well, that didn’t matter because the next day I had my book and no one put me in the front of the line. But i read some of while i waited. I arrived at 7:15 a.m. They gave us a wrist band. my number was 24. Sarah was there punctually from 10-12 plus the pleasantires after 12. I tried with two or three employees but failed to get them to say maybe you can bring your camera.. They all said no. Anyway, I left the bookstore when I was satisfied with the information. Be rested is my advice and if it rains inyour area be ready for that. Hope that helps. A folding chair was brought by some. I’d just bring comfortable shoes because you have to return the chair while you’re in line. Unless you go accompanied or made friends with so eone while standing in line, you gave to go bck to your car to tuk it away.

        What a journey this continues to be..



  6. Susan Palinista Griffith

    Thanks for the reply..So let me get this straight. You arrived the evening before and stayed at a hotel..You went to the bookstore prior to it closing that evening and asked questions..Then the next morning you were there at 7:15am..to get in line…then the store opened at 9 and Sarah got there at 10…right so far?? Then you went through the line and went back in the store …and got some more glimpses of Sarah as she was leaving..
    My daughter cannot go but she wants to send Sarah a gift of jewelry she makes by hand using spent bullet shells casings..Do you think I would be able to give that to Sarah??I see different pictures at other signing events and people have cameras, some have their phones..I would love to get a picture with her or at least with me meeting her…Does her personal photographer take one for you and you can pay them for it??? I am so glad you got to see her again..my heart would have been pounding out of my chest….Anyway, I plan on driving to Tyler, find a hotel,,and get up early enough to be in line by 7ish..hopefully I can show you a pic…lol…Thanks for Singin it Sista !! keep on keepin on…….If you look up Erin’s Bullet Casing Jewelry on facebook…she started doing this to make ends meet..She does all this by hand at her kitchen table while her kids are at school…Her husband has a tree service but it slows down quite a bit in the winter months..I think Sarah would be proud of her creativity and perserverance to help take care of her family….They have an 8 year old daughter and twins that will be 5 on Dec. 30th..The twins were born 10 weeks early and we are very blessed to have them all in our lives…Thanks Isabel for taking the time out to answer me back….Love you perseverance too.

    • Isabel Matos

      Yes to the first part. I chose to do that, biput some people drive the same morning. I’m glad I did. If I got lost or had any issue in the early morning I wouldn’t have a margin for error. I also just enjoy preparing and not being sweaty or disheveled. I wnt to look my best when I meet Sarah.

      Call the bookstore or store first whatever you do and remember the employees don’t always have the answers so get the manager. Get their open and close time. Each place is different. It’s no big deal, but they will probably tell you no cameras, blah blah. What everybody got was a list of NO’s.

      About your daughter’s gift? I dont know. Call. No one is allowed to give Sarah anything or have a picture side by side at the book signings. The best way to have those pictures is to go to a big conference she’s a keynote speaker at and ask if there is a photo op with Sarah.

      You can maybe tell Sarah at the signing your daughter is going to send the jewelry and describe it a litte so she can know. Send it to her office address. She has an assistant taking care of things. Remind in a week or so via private message for the address if you not have it. It’s pretty easy to find.

      Sarah has her own photographer there. That’s where the pictures on FB come from, not the people. Bring your camera to take pictures of her from a different angle.

      I hope you have fun no matter what you do. I had this white single pizza with spinach mushrooms and some tomatoes that was out of this world.

      XOXO You’re awesome.

      P.s. Sorry I took so long to respond I was at the hospital with Mom this morning and lost the connection then had to leave. I wasn’t avoiding the answer at all in case you checked thought the day. We’ve had a really long day and I just got home and on FB to do take care of the priorities like you. Remind in a week or so via private message for the address.

      • Susan Palinista Griffith

        Thank ya, Sista…..I will wear the bracelet my daughter is making.It, has Sarah’s childrens birthstones in it…I will ask her about what to do..A friend and I are leaving tomorrow and driving the 4 hours to Tyler, Texas..We have booked a room about a mile from the Sam’s club..I did call Sam’s and got some info…I have to buy a $50 membership just to be able to get in.I wonder why they do that??? Maybe to keep the numbers reasonable or filter naysayers out, or for security??? I don’t know…Its my understanding that you can request the pic the photographer takes of you meeting Sarah and get it somehow..The Sam’s lady said that 700 spots are guaranteed to meet Sarah. I will be in line by 8 a.m. and I think I will be alright…I have a BIG 6″ Sarah Palin for President 2012 button I am going to wear around my neck . lol… I am looking forward to the experience..I have been going over in my head what to say to her, but I know that will all go out the window once I am face to face with her…I bet you haven’t come down off your cloud yet, Isabel !!! I will let you know how it goes….Please feel free to send me a friend request if you want to…Susan Butler Griffith…on facebook…Talk to you soon, and thanks for all the advice….

      • Susan Palinista Griffith

        I hope and pray that your Mom is ok…I lost mine 13 years ago to cancer and it seems like only yesterday….Cherish the moments….

      • Isabel Matos

        Cherishing seconds. It’s a joy to be with her almost very day of the week. I’m not taking credit for the energy she has, but the treatments have given her so much already she says. I can attest to it.

  7. Isabel, I did the same as you, only I was extremely lucky and fortunate to meet Sarah in an empty restaurant in Pella, Iowa after midnight. We were standing, I went right for her eyes. She asked me about myself, and she acknowledged what I thought she represented on the National Political scene, and I thanked Todd and her for their great sacrifice.

    Three months later I traveled to Iowa again with my 18 year old daughter, who walked up alone to meet Todd & Sarah in the Machine Shed Restaurant. I was fifteen feet away taking pictures when Sarah stated to my daughter, I remember your dad, I met him the last time I was in Iowa, “he is a good man.” She then turned to me and gave me a thumbs up. WOW! I could never think more highly of a public person than I do her. I’m from NY. The trips to Iowa were among the most memorable trips I taken anywhere.

    • Isabel Matos

      You are twice graced by her presence. Once a year is just too long for me to not go see her somewhere. She is the most amazing person I have ever met. On Saturday, I think she was traveling with Bristol. But just imagine any mom anywhere the multi-tasking that goes on and add to a public life, not just public, a SCRUTINIZED public life with enemies waiting for you to make a mistake. Like walking a tight rope. Then you have the constant traveling arrangements, wardrobes for the right occasions (maybe she has a stylist maybe it, but she is always appropriately dressed. She has to read, keep up with world news, watch Obama’s speeches to criticize them with perfect accuracy later, write on Facebook, write books, do television interviews. That’s not even counting what I call the daily minutia. It must be impossible o imagine. She is carrying the weight of the world on her shoulders. All I know is you need to have energy to do these things. Consistent energy beasue many people depend on you. It’s a special gift. A very rare one. She’s like America’s Mom. She keep us well managed and keeps everyone who loves her happy.

  8. CIP

    Good Lord, what an idiot.

  9. Bri

    You are SO lucky- what a wonderful storie and pictures! This reminds me of the beautiful storie in the Bible of the woman who heard of Jesus, came in the press behind, and touched his garment. For she said, “If I may touch but his clothes, I shall be whole.”. Luke 8:40-48

    • Isabel Matos

      Here is something about Sarah and the feeling she leaves behind that is mystical. And yes, I saw that inher eyes. They have to be the deepest, biggest, most beautiful eyes I’ve ever seen. Television doesn’t capture that. Not even photography sometimes. It takes away the spirit of what is behind them. Thanks for your comment and stopping by to share it. God blessed this nation at this time with Sarah and she is completely confident so I’m going to continue fighting right along with her.

      Thanks again for the verse.

      • Susan Palinista Griffith

        The eyes are the window to the soul !!

      • Isabel Matos

        Her soul is verydeep, and you can ee much kindness, bt interestingly so, but her eyes are so big with such like one big pupil, that you just get a sense of mytery, too. It’s ineffable. Words can’t describe their beauty.

      • Susan Griffith

        Isabel, I really got up close and personal with Sarah today…She accepted the gift of my daughters bracelet and even said “I love it, I have to put it on my wrist right now””” So, she had me put it on her..My hands were shaking but I managed to get it done…It was a great experience and I told her how it was an honor and a privilege to meet her…She loved my giant SArah palin for President button..and I forgot to ask her to sign it…But anyway it was great>>> Just wanted to tell you..She put some pics up from Tyler, Texas and I was one of them on her page..   SUZEE   

      • Isabel Matos

        I am so happy for you! Wow. That was a homerun visit. I’ve been in the middle of nowhere in Texas since November 20th and I have not had wifi but I did send you a message from someone else’s computer I used for a few minutes to tell you that someone left her a gift at the bookstore he went to.

        You had already followed your heart it seems and succeeded in accomplishing the mission you desired. Sarah knows you now, too. I can’t wait to see your photo. What were you wearing? And did the picture have the bracelet so I know it’s the right one. You lucky woman. I have to go now. We’re hear to enjoy talking tone another in person, not Facebook. There’s an article On Plainistas it’s about us on US4P.

        Best to you,

      • susan

        Î f you go to kltv 7 news and in the search bar for Sarah Palin it should show a video of the newscaster talking about it. It shows Sarah signing books and the bracelet is on her right wrist while she is signing books and shaking hands. I was pictured with Sarah on the photos posted when she posted her Tyler photos. My pic is horrible but oh well. I have a big Sarah Palin for president button on and a green shirt and blue vest and she was telling me that she loves that button. I had my left hand on the button and was grinning like a jackass! In other pics taken that day you can see the bracelet on them too! It was really neat. I am also on the TV clip that you will see. The camera was pointing up at me and showcased the button and books I was holding. Be safe. Ttyl

      • Isabel Matos

        I finally checked. These things intrigue me.. And I have two screen shots of the KLTV7 News if you’re interested. I can see why you wanted to present it to her personally. It looks very beautiful.

      • Susan Griffith

        Isabel. http://www.shealahcraigheadphotography I am on the tyler,texas book signing site. are you on the naples,florida? I am going to look for you.

      • Isabel Matos

        Thank you so much, Susan. T’was nice sharing this experience with you. 🙂

  10. Christopher Fromme

    I had hopes that you would be on local news . That happen to me on Going Rogue, but I was not savy enough to save it to U-Tube. I save all your blogs for future reference.

    • Isabel Matos

      Hey Chris, we’re all getting better at things as the years go by. There’s no hurry, trust me. You’ll have plenty more chances. Why? Because this battle may take a century. What’s impressive about Sarah, though, is that she is so confident and so fresh with ideas and so competent, it gives me confidence. I alays try to do better, but there are ruts we fall into, and inspiration fails us because all we hear is bad news. The GOP is not goo for our health, our country, or our future.

      Nice seeing you stop by and say hello. Thanks. The local news doesn’t do justice to the soft spokenness of Sarah and absolute civility of those who come to see her. You could hear a pin drop in that book room. The reporters I noticed who did it locally were okay, just very superficial.

  11. Susan Palinista Griffith

    Isabel , I looked on ShealahCraighead photography on the Naples book signing page and I think I saw you during your visit with Sarah..did you have a black jacket and red slacks on?? They were very good pics..I hope you saw them..you can choose which pics you want and buy them from there…TTYL Suz

    • Isabel Matos

      Yes. And I’m looking for yours. Green shirt, blue vest. Big Sarah Palin for Prez. button on. Grinning (won’t repeat how). Holding it with your left hand. Sarah loved it. Never saw tv clip you mentioned the first time..

      UPDATE (5 minutes later). I found you and your pictures are fantastic. You should download each one, but in particular throne where you and Sarah are looking into the camera and the camera anyone of the interactions where she is loving the button. They were all great really! I think she enjoyed meeting you very much. You got lucky, too, to have the hug shot.

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