So Jeb Bush Thinks We Need to “Embrace Amnesty”, Eh?

Cant stand this

by Isabel Matos

It is high time to kick your ass!!” is what Lisa Luerssen responded when she saw this. Many anti-establishment activists I know would agree. It seems like the only thing Republicans are embracing is the left’s agenda.  I’m so over them already!

For someone to talk about this while people are with their families celebrating Christmas is the typical progressive way to spend the “holiday”. ( Jeb seems like the Happy Holidays, generic type, too, doesn’t he?!)  Anyway, remember when ObamaCare was being passed? Jim DeMint stayed in Washington instead of with his family on Christmas Eve, 2009, just in case anyone tried to pull anything while we slept or spent time with our families. Nothing happened but the fact that it was attempted was to remind us who was in control.

It’s (like) psychological warfare.  Jeb’s attention, instead of being AWAY from politics, is ON politics during Christmas. I resent it.  It’s Government 24/7. You can’t sleep or celebrate without worrying about the government pulling a fast one behind your back, but it’s a reality. I also resent Paul Ryan as much as Jeb Bush now.  The GOPe has become as insufferable as Obama and the left.  The far left.

This IS Christmas. The passion one has for politics has to come second to our passion and love for the Lord.  Jeb is not only vacant  politically (you can see the dumb look and absent stare on his face in most pictures), he could be vacant morally, too. Nothing he says rings true. He inherited a tin ear from his dad.  Here’s the proof:  this article will probably attract as many readers as there are hours left in 2013 (if I’m lucky).  What happens is Jeb Bush is like the kiss of death. He turns people OFF and AWAY.  He is the one who needs to go away and I think he knows it.  When we have a chance to listen to him we don’t, so he talks to us when we can’t – when we’re on holiday.  Psychologically he needs to justify his existence in politics because he is practically irrelevant.

Contrast his contribution to politics to Sarah Palin’s and you have tones of grey vs. bold colors which is what our party would be like under her leadership.  Jeb is clueless. He is a Rino. All RINOS are. Here is a wonderful piece (of mind) from my colleague, Wayne Mazza.

By Wayne Mazza

Jebby, would you just STHU!!!

Its not enough the do nothing Republican Leadership has caved on every thing that would bring relief to the American people.

Its not enough that our economic growth is non existant through not just the Democrats, but the RNC Leadership…

Its not enough that illegal immigrants live better in this country than its own citizens.

Its not enough that illegal immigrants have better health care than our citizens

Its not enough that illegal immigrants are protected from arrest in santuary cities

Its not enough that illegal immigrants are robbing, raping, and killing our citizens.

Its not enough that our RNC leadership has no will to finish building the fence on our border.

Its not enough that these parasites are draining the lifeblood resources from our citizens.

Its not enough that these illegal immigrants wave Mexican flags at protests.

Its not enough that illegal immigrants children born here are given American citizenship at our expense.

Only in Government can poor leadership that costs the country billions of dollars in wasteful spending, bad decision after bad decision, and absolutely no accountability for their actions stay in their positions.

If these ass clowns, Obama, Reid, Pelosi, McConnell, and Boehner were in the private sector, they all would have been fired within a year. More likely less than 6 months.

This bunch of poor excuses for leaders are trying to put out a fire with gasoline. Yeah, its that bad!!!

We republicans should get rid of any leadership that is up for reelection in our party. Primary every one of them.

I would vote for a dog before I would vote for any of them.

And Jeb Bush wants to talk about amnesty. Remember when this ass clown runs for president in 2016!!!


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2 responses to “So Jeb Bush Thinks We Need to “Embrace Amnesty”, Eh?

  1. Christopher Fromme

    I look forward to a Palin – Bush +all the other moron RINO’s primary in 2016 It can be JUST like 1980 Reagan/Bush

    • Isabel Matos

      Interesting. JeB Bush articles don’t make it past several dozen views. It’s consistent. He doesn’t capture anyone’s attention, even in an article with pretty crazy talk. You can count on him bombing each time. That’s why I don’t like to write about him. He is really boring but still has power so I feel forced to. Uhhhh.

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