Remembering Andrew Breitbart


By Gary P Jackson

Today would have been Andrew Breitbart’s 45th birthday. The great warrior was taken from us in March of 2012.

I’d like to ask all of our readers to take a second and think about Andrew and all that he did for the Conservative movement, not the least of which was to inspire millions of us to work hard to challenge all who would destroy America and move us away from the Constitution, the Rule of Law, and First Principles.

Breitbart, a fierce warrior, was an inspiration to many citizen journalists, like me. He showed us all that we could all make a real difference in our world.

Much has been written about the life and times of Andrew Breitbart, but today, I think we should look up toward heaven and say a prayer of thanks for Andrew Breitbart. People like him are special, and don’t come along very often.

May God always bless Andrew and the beautiful family he left behind. I hope Andrew sits up in heaven and looks down at all of us and is happy to know we will never forget, and always carry on with his mission.



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10 responses to “Remembering Andrew Breitbart

  1. Couldn’t have said it better, Gary! What was it about Andrew Breitbart that simply galvanized everyone who shared his passion and his beliefs? Even those of us who would not be able to carry on as he did, were still instinctively inspired by his fearlessness and straight talk to the libturd world! Yes, they broke the mold when Andrew Breitbart took center stage!

    • Gary P Jackson

      Yeah Breitbart was one of those rare people we only see once or twice in our lifetimes. He had courage and a good sense of humor.

      I will never forget the time he crashed Anthony Weiner’s press conference, taking to the stage before Weiner showed up! That was Andrew in a nutshell!

      We will always miss him.

  2. usmade

    I don’t know much about Mr. Brietbarts death, except I’ve read that he was murdered by the people in Washington.
    My respect and appreciation for what he did for the conservative world is huge! RIP Mr. Breitbart.

    • Gary P Jackson

      There have been numerous conspiracy theories. The fact is, Andrew had a really bad heart condition that only a few of his closest friends and family knew about. He had been hospitalized only a week or so before his death.

      The guy constantly burned the candle at both ends and just didn’t take care of himself, choosing saving the world over himself!

      I know he saved my life. Very long story but I have a form of arthritis that gets in all of my joints, and when it flares up in my chest area mimics every physical symptom of a heart attack. I had always been told my heart was in A-OK shape though, nothing to ever worry about. Treatment usually means a day or two in the hospital and some industrial strength steroids.

      Two days after Andrew died I had what I thought was another flare up while on my daily 5 mile walk. The pain was more intense though, and things just didn’t seem right. As I kept on walking, I started thinking about Breitbart dropping dead on his walk.

      I had about a half mile to go, so when I got there I sat down and called an ambulance. Turns out the main artery going into the heart was 95% blocked.

      I feel like Andrew was looking after me that day from above.

      I’ve since recovered well, but will always think of Breitbart as the one who saved my life.

      • Gary, again, thanks for your most recent post – this time, about YOU and your health condition. I think I speak for many of us when I say that I’m really grateful you shared with all of us what you went through last year. I knew you had been hospitalized and that it has something to do with your heart, but tying in Breitbart and, in recalling how he had died, let that guide you when diagnosing what turned out to be a very serious condition! So, Andrew was a multi-dimensional “angel from God” as well! (We might have to beatify him, eh?)

      • Gary P Jackson

        Thanks Joy. Yeah that was back in 2012. I had a second heart attack last year when the stent they put in inn 2012 failed. Been doing fine since though.

        It may sound a bit dramatic, but if it hadn’t been for Andrew, I may have never stopped and called the ambulance. As I said, I’ve had massive gout flare-ups that feel exactly like a heart attack. It’s very strange. Thankfully we’ve mostly got that sorted out as well.

        I will always and forever be indebted to Andrew Breitbart though. He is an angel looking over us all.

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