Is the Latinos Ready to Vote Founder Linda Vega (Running for Texas US Senate 2014) Attempting to Bamboozle the Palin Community on Amnesty?

linda vega              By Isabel Matos

I don’t know what you were doing last night, but I was busy exchanging tweets with Senatorial Candidate/Immigration Reform activist, Linda Vega. Linda Vega you may have heard was recently on the Kevin Scholla show and later appeared in Conservatives4Palin and other blog sites from the Palin community. My focus in this article is solely on her stance on Amnesty, which is of great concern to Palin Supporters.  We all know how Marco Rubio lost the confidence we placed in him because he lied about being AGAINST Amnesty before he lobbied and shoved it down our throats for months because he was always for it.

We have been down this road before.

Linda Vega is the founder of the page and group Latinos Ready to Vote. It is a fiercely pro-Immigration Reform group, something Ms. Vega denied in our confrontation last night. Vega is using the same tactic Marco used to push it:  its definition, which is nothing but deceptive wording tactics attorneys use to fool voters (she and Rubio are both attorneys).  I will share my experience with the page and group after the tweets and you can decide for yourself whether she is telling the truth or not about Amnesty. Remember, she is seeking to unseat John Cornyn who, like many politicians we have seen in the past, will say one thing publicly and do another when it comes time to vote.

From my viewpoint as a grassroots activist, her comportment was nothing short of unbecoming to me. She IS a U.S. Senatorial candidate, after all.  What if she really wins and her true colors come out like they kind of did last night?  It reminded me of Justice Sotomayor’s attitude as shown in this article. Both attitudes are unbecoming of anyone in high office.

sotomayor insulting


This is just one of many similar articles posted in Page and Group Latinos Ready to Vote:

p ew

“And nowhere is it more pressing than in Texas. Republicans cannot win the White House without the state’s 38 electoral votes. The time when a Democrat can snatch the state away outright may be far off, but as Texas’s demographics continue to shift—more than two-thirds of the state’s recent population growth has come from Hispanics, who accounted for 38 percent of Texans in the 2010 census—Republicans have to spend more and more money and time on Texas, and less elsewhere… Even with his emphasis on Tea Party-style political confrontation, George P. has occasionally spoken on the campaign trail about the need for Republicans to empathize with Hispanics.”  (sound familiar?  Just like “P” she insinuated we are hateful.  “Hate is not a solution”, she said.  The comparisons between her and the Bushes on this issue are numerous.)

From my archives February 8th, 2013:  My exchange with Alex Gonzalez (who posted the first comment which I replied to) and Ms. Chavez:

Alex Gonzalez We all can be very proud of Ms. Chavez who for years has been warning pro-life Republicans about these “pseudo conservative groups. “–Linda Chavez Linda Chavez: Strange Bedfellows for Conservatives | | As conservatives debate what to do about immigration reform in the wake of the GOP’s disastrous showing among Hispanic voters in the 2012 presidential election, they might consider that the groups they’ve allied themselves with to date are strange bedfellows.  Top of Form 1

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Isabel Matos what is her opinion about rubio’s immigration reform agenda? 2 hours ago ·

Alex Gonzalez she is in 100 % support. even before they came with bi-partisan Senate bill

Isabel Matos Then why would she say Conservatives are teaming up with planned parenthood and others. Is she not including him?

Linda Vega That is the point Isabel, those groups are not true Conservatives. Read the article by Mario Lopez.

Isabel Matos She is referring specifically to pro-life groups. How can she be for pro-life and pro-amesty. Amnesty is not conservative.

Linda Vega Where is the Amnesty coming from? The Article?

Isabel Matos Rubio’s Immigration Reform is Amnesty.

Linda Vega According to whom?

Linda Vega Better yet, clarify for me in the Proposal where the word amnesty is used. Additionally, state where the Proposal states that those who qualify will be allowed under such a definition or program of Amnesty.

Isabel Matos It’s obviously amnesty, and I think it’s a crazy idea to compete with OBama on this issue. Rubio is not going to get anything accomplished. He never ran on this issue. Amnesty doesn’t stop illegal immigration anyway. This issue is dividing our party.

Isabel Matos IF he said Amnesty, no one would even give it a chance, so he uses the term Immigration Reform to mean what we know IS the pathway to citizenship, or amnesty. Linda Vega It’s obviously amnesty is not sufficient: show me where it says that it is amnesty. Linda Vega What is your understanding of Amnesty?

Isabel Matos You’re getting into the definition. We all know what it is. His supporters are going around giving the definition of it, it’s a pardon, etc. and that it doesn’t represent what Rubio is doing. Again, if he used the term Amnesty, everyone would turn away. It’s not an issue Americans want. THey want to secure the border.

Isabel Matos ANd LEGAL immigration. His proposal is a promise he can’t keep. Republicans need to stay away from this issue. This is a can of worms that opens the door to a flood of MUSLIMS as well. It’s not a good plan, or an honest one. He did not run on this. Linda Vega Again, what is your understanding of Amnesty. You cannot form a good argument until you understand the terms.

Isabel Matos You have to see the total picture. It will cost citizen taxpayers money we don’t have to fund the programs entailed with this. Im saying the truth, it is how many millions see it. I don’t know why anyone would disput what I am saying.

Linda Vega Without understanding what you are saying, there is not whole picture.

Isabel Matos You need to be open and honest with me. I gave you an answer. Now address at least one of the issues I presented.

Linda Vega I don’t even understand your argument. You can’t define amnesty but you want to use it. Start there, give me specifically where Sen. Rubio calls for amnesty.

Isabel Matos And you are incapable of reasoning. I have given you the answer he has used. YOu should know what it is. This is silly. Let’s have a discussion, not the same question or running around in circles.

Isabel Matos Here you go. This is the one they are going around using. Now can we have a debate as to why this is a bad idea for Republicans? the definition of amnesty …

Linda Vega I want your understand. Why is that so hard for you Isabel?

Linda Vega This where you start to lose your argument, becoming irrational.

Isabel Matos I just gave you the definition, and you call me irrational.

Linda Vega your understanding, not from a site.

Isabel Matos Now you’re being clear. No name calling, though. Thank you.


After I was banned from that group – I am not sure if it was for those  comments or not – I was invited to her page with the same name, Latinos Ready To Vote.  I wrote this on their wall the same day:

latinos ready to vote


Below is what Linda Vega said in the interview with Kevin Scholla. I listened to the interview again and it was Kevin Scholla, not Linda, who said “I know you’re not for Amnesty”.  That is important. He also phrased the question about both Sarah Palin and Ted Cruz in such a way that made it easier for her to respond amicably about each.

Since Ms. Vega asked me to view the clip, I included it here. This is not about the interviewer, but about the politician being interviewed not giving the complete picture of herself or what she is about.

Linda Vega says the quota system is at the root of most of our immigration problems which she wants abolished.  She said she wants to streamline the process by which immigrants arrive. That doesn’t mean she is against Amnesty.  We saw Paul Ryan trying to explain that, too.  I can provide a clip but want this to be about Linda not Ryan.

Linda says she supports defunding ObamaCare. We all know that RINOS, who voted for cloture on September 25th, said they were for Defunding ObamaCare, so that is just another example of how she, like Cornyn, is playing word games to deceive.  Even Reince Priebus said he was for the Defundit effort. It’s not the first, nor will it be the last time a RINO lies to get Tea Party support and then turns around to vote against our choices. It’s like the term a late-night comedian calls “Truthiness” (Steven Colbert).

After being asked a question (very nicely framed by Scholla) about Governor Palin, she says:  “I admire [former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin] a great deal – her courage, her tenacity.” According to her, the Governor had been told that she was “not smart enough and not well recognized enough, and did not have a grasp of the concepts,” yet “she has the grasp of the American people’s frame of thought.”  Doesn’t every Rino speak highly of Sarah only to against her policies? It has been done before.  Everyone wants a coveted endorsement from Sarah.

Vega said the idea that a former governor is not qualified to run for office is ridiculous. “I rooted for her, I applauded her, because in a time when people needed a voice, she was a voice that needed to be heard.”

On Jobs:  “Vega said Texas’ population will double in 10 years and job creation is key if the state is to continue thriving.”  (That’s because she may intend to give it to legalized illegals.. just sayin…)


This article was written as a heads up, not to smear anyone.  We have the right to ask questions not to cheer lead candidates because they say something that sounds good.  We are voters and shoppers. We need to know what matters to get the best deal.


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6 responses to “Is the Latinos Ready to Vote Founder Linda Vega (Running for Texas US Senate 2014) Attempting to Bamboozle the Palin Community on Amnesty?

  1. Please give Kevin a break. She said she is not for amnesty and that is what he was told.

    • Isabel Matos

      In no way is this about Kevin. My goodness. This is to show her I had his back and that she cannot go around saying things to people in our movement just because she thinks she can get away with it. It’s we-the-people, not we-the-suckers.

      This happens to us as VOTERS all the time and we just cannot take someone’s word on something as big as this. I don’t think she has a chance of winning, but her aggressive behavior should be noted. She was not only aggressive with me.

      It’s been over eight months since I had my first exchange with this woman. When I heard his show, which I listen to, a red flag went up. I didn’t react right away. I just looked for the information I had kept to be sure that she was the same group I had had the confrontation with. I didn’t even know at first that this was her or that she was running for US Senate.

      Fortunately, I had kept the information because my instincts told me something didn’t feel right. When I found the thread, her name was on there. I had to include the interview because she asked me to listen to it in the tweet and I did (again). I happen to feel that the group and the page she has founded are hornets nests for something else that is going on that is against us. I tried to contact you via Twitter and was not able to. I hope you confirm this response with a reply.

      We have to try not to take things personally but seriously. We should call these things out BEFORE promoting anyone any further to avoid being duped in the future. Like I wrote, we’ve been down this road before (how did Rubio work out?!).


  2. Mary Muna

    What Nonsense. I am against pro Latino groups because they do not define Americans based on Nationality. Foreign Nationals who were not brought here legally should be returned to their country…not given a free ride on the backs of Americans or legal immigrants. That is not hatred…..when in fact they hate everything America stands for in this past century. Take care of our veterans and senior citizens or dont bother running for office.

    • Isabel Matos

      I wish there were more groups with Hispanics who are openly Conservative. The term is used loosely. Thank you for your comment and insight. They are what the article was about. It was not about the interviewer at all. She is not who she says she is. That is my opinion, and I backed it with the information I had gathered. We should take these things seriously, not personally, if we are to grow. I have been thanked mostly for having exposed this small but maybe important exchange. It’s not pleasant, but someone has to do the job of confronting slick politicians whose motives may not be the best.

  3. amg

    I was very seriously looking for more information on Linda Vega’s stand on immigration, because I really liked the short statements that she had made on being pro-life. I cannot find any statement anywhere that she defines her ideas of our to fix our immigration system. Now that I see what she wrote in answer to your question, I know that she definitely is not forthcoming about her beliefs. Closing down someone asking an intelligent question to argue semantics shows that she knows conservatives would not like her answer. I will not be voting for her. I’m very disappointed.

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