Linda Vega Pushes Senate Amnesty Bill at a June 2013 Tea Party “Debate”


By Isabel Matos

Well, when you find one good little nugget of information, it usually leads to more.  Here is Linda Vega (running for Texas US Senate 2014) pushing Immigration Reform, specifically the Senate Bill (S.744) at a rally last June.  Remember, she has said that she is NOT for amnesty.  And I am Sandra Fluke.

The talking points, no matter how presented, are the same ones we’ve heard before.  I felt like I was watching JeBolina Bushie pushing Amnesty. (It has less than 200 views, by the way, which shows most Texans, and Americans for that matter, are not on board with her views, contrary to what she wants to portray.)

I’m from Texas.  I’m a small town girl from the valley. Even if I have all those degrees and I’m a lawyer .. I love my state. I came back here because it’s my home.  My family’s here..

Our population is 28 million, 25 million three years ago.  People are coming into the state because it’s the land of prosperity and business.  We have an older population 28% are living past the age of 80, but we also have a population of a labor force that’s at 21%.  Keep that in mind.

By 2016 our country, our young population in Texas is going to grow smaller and smaller.  We don’t have enough people to pay into the system, to do our jobs.   We don’t have enough workers.  We need to find more workers to come into Texas.

Remember we need to keep focused on the economic issue I mentioned before.  If we get sidetracked with anger and hate we will never solve this issue.  It’s an immigration opportunity for us.  It is the opportunity to have these people to pay into our system because that will create 4 trillion dollars that we need because our deficit is so large.

That number is feeding into programs that are creating dependency, not opportunity.

The State Comptroller in Texas did a study: If we exclude undocumented people who have probably not married U.S. citizens or other people in Texas, we stand to lose 69.3 million dollars in Texas in economic activity, 38.8 billion dollars lost in gross state product, and approximately 400, 000  jobs in Texas.  That’s a lot.

We constantly contradict ourselves.  We want these people to work here, to pay taxes and then what? They don’t have an allegiance to our country. They won’t love this country.  We have to let them leave after 5 years which I’m for.

If they can’t learn English, if they can’t adjust or become committed to our country, they have to leave.  I’m the biggest proponent of that.  I’m constantly telling people, you have to learn English… you have to be part of this country.  And if you don’t want to, you must leave.

But again, I cannot fathom how we want to enforce laws to grow our government.  It just doesn’t make any sense to me.  We need to stop the Unions that exist in the Federal Government.  We need to do away with them.  That is how they get so much power.

What scares you more:  these anchor babies?  terrorists? or being held indefinitely even though you’re a U.S. citizen?,  because this is the power we are giving this administration.

I say that because the more we divide ourselves on this  immigration issue the more this administration grabs a hold of our liberties and takes them from us, over this one issue.  So if we can remain focused on the economic prosperity of immigration before we even start to whittle away at our liberties, we might get this passed.

Here in Texas 60 million Republicans vote.  Young people we need to attract into our party. This bickering on emotion and calling them names is not attractive. We need to seek an opportunity for them.  Ask yourself:  What is this bill going to do for America?  What will it give us? Peace of Mind. This bill is an opportunity for us to finally know who is here and who will hurt us. How we can regulate that better.

It is an opportunity for us to do that. If we don’t take charge as Republicans and lead on this comprehensive immigration bill we are going to lose elections for the next ten to twenty years. 

It is time for us to join together.  To find solutions. Stop the name-calling. To look for opportunity, not for immigrants, but for  us. As a country that promotes freedom.  As a country that feels safe. I want to know who’s here. The bad people, I want them to leave.  I want us to have the opportunity to have them be part of the process called immigration reform.

This bill is just a blueprint…

I don’t think she will win the race. Bush, Inc. seems to be backing John Cornyn instead.  We must be on alert, though.  The last thing we need is another Bush-type Republican playing word games with Amnesty by calling it Immigration Reform.

For the rest of her comments above and for Part one of the debate:


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