Impressive Video Wishing Governor Sarah Palin A Happy 50th Birthday

palin white house

By Isabel Matos

I can see Washington from Sarah’s house.. sort of. It felt like the two worlds within the Republican party who have been at war can finally merge and be united again under Reaganesque leadership that only Sarah could bring. That’s what it felt like. The video shows.. well.. enjoy the surprises for yourself.

Reince Priebus couldn’t come around to uttering Sarah’s name, but it doesn’t matter. The fact that he did this was enough (for now). The sooner the GOPe gets into the habit of validating her and repeating her merits for all to see, the sooner they will see how good it feels to stop going against the wishes of the base and just get on board.  It was impressive whether it was for show or not.  ShePac is not SarahPac, which I contribute to, and they have posts on anyone with an R next to their name; but Sarah is a transformational figure, in the best possible way, and it does the party good to raise her profile more. The leadership within the GOP of Jeb Bush and crony Karl Rove will certainly never bring us together.



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3 responses to “Impressive Video Wishing Governor Sarah Palin A Happy 50th Birthday


  2. Isabel, I felt the very same way! I shared that orig. email from ShePAC with several GOP friends and voiced my hope that something like this (someONE like this!) could possibly unite the warring factions – a la Ronald Reagan! It really did generate that hopeful moment – which really isn’t so far-fetched after all!

    Another thought crossed my mind, too: Sarah Palin’s just “staying the course” in her beliefs and bold statements has slowly earned her the respect of new audiences and new followers – even those who weren’t on board in the exciting 2008-2011 period. She’s no longer immediately dismissed out of hand (except by the h8ers!), but given a place of respect in the political spectrum. The story of the tortoise and the hare comes to mind, too…

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