Ted Cruz: Help Me Surprise Governor Sarah Palin on Her 50th Birthday

Cruz gives a thumbs-up after introducing Palin to speak to the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) in National Harbor, Maryland

By Gary P Jackson

Governor Sarah Palin hits the big 5 Oh! today and Senator Ted Cruz wants to surprise her not only with the following video, but with well wishes from American patriots everywhere!

The video, created by SHE-PAC, a wonderful group that supports Conservative women around the country, wishes Governor Palin a happy birthday, and their website allows you to add your personal birthday greetings for the Governor as well as a chance to make a donation to this high horsepower group of Conservative women.

We got this from Senator Cruz and the Tea Party Express:

It’s an honor to join with many Americans to celebrate the 50th birthday of one of America’s greatest patriots – Governor Sarah Palin. Just a few years ago, Sarah burst onto the national political scene and our nation is so much better for having her voice in the arena.

For the past few weeks, friends of Sarah throughout the country have been putting together a special birthday surprise for her and we want you to be a part of it! They’ve created this video, as well as a card that you can sign to join us in wishing Sarah a happy birthday.


Sarah has served as an inspiration to Americans of all walks of life – and this video is testimony to that. She has been a strong voice for families, conservatives, women, outdoorsmen (and women), and Americans like you and me. It’s a great privilege to call her a friend.

Our great nation was built with the blood, sweat, and tears of people just like Sarah and it will continue to thrive because of people like her. Today, we have the opportunity to show our appreciation for her fervor and tremendous service.

Please take a minute to enjoy the video, sign the card, and join me in wishing Sarah a very Happy Birthday and a blessed year to come!



Senator Ted Cruz

P.S. Please join us in honoring Sarah by signing her birthday card-it would mean a lot to her to see your name on it!

Enjoy the video, and please take time to thank Sarah for all she does to advance Liberty and Freedom. While you are at it, pull out your wallet and show SHE-PAC some appreciation for everything THEY do to advance Conservatism!

Happy Birthday Governor Palin!


Gary P Jackson
Executive Editor and Publisher

Sarah Palin and Senator Ted Cruz


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