It’s Been Nice Knowing You!

By Isabel Matos

I Just Want My Dumb Life Back!  That’s what the title of this article was…

Remember when we all had a dumb life where we just worked a little and could save money right away. Spend it. Enjoy good movies. Dine at nice restaurants. Travel? Play games on Facebook instead of using it to fight our government?

Well, I’m fighting for that dumb life back. I don’t know about you. It’s been great getting to know so many you, the finest people I’ve ever met, but I’m really irritated so much time has to be spent away from these simple pleasures that a great economy allows under responsible leadership. Instead, we are forced to be watch dogs for politicians and the vile creatures who own them who we are competing against. Our so-called leaders are acting worse than spoiled children who don’t understand what honesty, self-restraint and American principles are.  We are not just citizens anymore, but the adults in the room that is our country.

Our GOPe has sold us out.  I resent them for not doing their job as much as I love doing this one without pay. But make no mistake. This is not what a free society is about. We are supposed to NOT WORRY about our government or its officials as really free citizens. Keep an eye on them from time to time?  Yes.  Lose sleep over their shenanigans that undermine and diminish our quality of life?  No.

I’m trying to keep things in perspective.  Please don’t get me wrong.  There is nothing more important than fighting for this cause, but I want my Dumb Life back.  I’ve wanted it back since I started this process, back in 2011 when I selfishly posted comments to see if Sarah Palin would be encouraged to run for President. We all wanted “sudden and relentless reform” and the mantra was Run Sarah Run. I think I used that term once and realized immediately it was not going to be as easy as asking her to do so. The entrenched corruption of our GOPe – the Bushes, Rove, Fox to an extent, and the left would not suddenly be changed.  So, no. Snapping our fingers and cheering all we could was not going to do a thing to change these matters which would take longer than over- night to fix, let alone by one person who magically would make them all go away.

Sigh. More work for us.

But that is maybe what God intended for us at this time.. sacrifice and service. And like new parents who have a child who had to let go of their freedom (and life) to make the life of their children better, we are forced to be better. I have from the start considered this an obligation, not a venue for making friends or having fun (although it has been both to an awesome degree!). I think it’s normal to not want to make this a 24/7 deal. I hope it doesn’t shock anyone, but freedom, to me, does not mean not being given a choice. Are we really free?

Here are some Random Clips from 2013 that I put together.  I am using them to remind myself of the fun (and work) I’ve done, and in a way an attempt to tell a story about what I have seen happen. News is news. Stories are forever.  It is disheartening GOP voters STILL do not understand that our establishment is against us, or don’t try to detect phonies who lie to them. Maybe a story will help.

The compilations include updates on last year’s headlines to show in part I was on the right track, and to encourage others to get on the right track as well, their way.  I’m not here to tell anyone (who am I to do so?) what to do.  The clips are long, so do as you wish as far as viewing it all at once or in spurts, or not at all.

Mock me, love me (yes), say I’m negative, or throw tomatoes. Say “whatever” and tune me out. It doesn’t matter because I’m a patriot on a mission and I will post again soon to say what I feel needs to be shared, sincerely hoping  you appreciate and (even) enjoy what I’ve done. Your thoughts, opinions and reaction are extremely and radically welcome so I can do better in the future, as long as it doesn’t mean I have to be “nicer” with the “leaders” I intend to help expose.

It’s not been nice knowing you. It’s been AWESOME

Thanks for all you’ve done to inspire me.  Thank you Sarah. Ted. And so many patriots who work tirelessly and without complaint behind and on the scenes. So many are involved in local politics, too, and that is great! Game on, loaded bears!

sarah and ted in texas



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14 responses to “It’s Been Nice Knowing You!

  1. Jeffrey Hardin

    Reblogged this on Jericho777.

  2. I know how you feel, isabel (and you certainly do a LOT for The Cause!), but what choice do we have? We simply cannot sit quietly by while the GOPe and the RINOs sell us down the river, as it were. We need to work mightily over the next few election cycles to wipe them out of public office! And as far as I’m concerned, I’ll do all in my small way to retire the Boneheads and McConnells ASAP!! Nirvana will be when Conservatives are the GOP majority – and the Dem Lites are no longer a political force with which we have to reckon!

    • Isabel Matos

      Usually it’s the people like us who know this is a responsibility who do more. I could do more, but there are just not enough hours in the day.

      I live to see them gone. That will be fun to witness. I hope Bevin beats McConnell even though there is an effort to defeat Bevin from our own .. I don’t get it.

      There is no choice. And there is no more important cause. I just don’t want politics to be life. Life should be life. Let the politicians do the job so we can have one. It will take a century at least to repair the damage that’s been done.

  3. Jeffrey Hardin

    Love this article and well said, great read….
    I have preached the same for years. Though it’s been long in coming, and gifted only through the aging process, and dare I say maturity, have given me the means and patience to balance this all out and prioritize my Patriotic fight and friendships with my slap stick humor, though dull as it is, it’s an escape from the madness…
    I tell my friends it’s trench warfare humor to knock off some the edginess of my coarseness when I feel the most inundated with all this madness and the idiocy surrounding us, a kind nervous tick if you will to combat the fatigue..
    I’m a Deep Southern Paleocon, and absolutely abhor this dictatorial regulating and bloated government, I despise the current party’s, the Republicans, Independents and Libertarians, and especially so, the Democrats, who have all been thoroughly corrupted and none can be wholly trusted!
    The great depression is said to had changed us for the better, that it shaped a stronger more resolved Nation out of our greed, when in fact, I happen to believe just the opposite, it was the death bed for what would eventually come out of it!
    We have ushered in a people who absolutely feel as if they are entitled to the money earned from hard working tax payers, it has softened not only their minds and hearts, but more importantly, their will to fight is completely retarded.
    They are being slowly enslaved to this government and people who care little about them, and are absolutely reprobated to the oncoming disaster that will soon befall them, as well as the rest of us…
    Many like myself, know what’s coming, but can’t afford to prepare properly for it…Sure, I hoard, I prep and plan, but will never manage to defend myself in the manner that I will be forced to when eventually this government and system does fail us, and fail us it will, either by design or simply fate, we will all be in dire danger from those who we are desperately trying to care for…Those who more often than not, do nothing to better their lives or living situations.
    I share my blog on a face book forum, but had to un-friend 100 people last night from my friends list because they were hiding my post…These are fellow Christians and conservatives patriots fighting for the truth they said, but turn right around and hide it….
    Because I spoke out against the Tea Party’s all inclusiveness, and tolerance, and or their left leaning agenda, I spoke out often against the Rinos Romney, Rand Paul, Rubio, and the many other neoconservatives who are watering our base down…
    Not every conservative is righteous, nor are every liberal a moron, though most liberals can be categorized as such…I always without fault vote for the most conservative candidate and I never compromise my convictions for anyone, nor do I betray my morals…In other words, I don’t vote out of fear, I refuse to vote for the lesser of the two evils, and I will never allow myself to hand over the tools to the very thieves who will be robbing my home!
    I love Ted Cruz, but he has got to start showing us his knowledge on foreign matters, his lack of mentioning them, shows he is weak there. He has also got to address his eligibility for President once and for all in legal terms. He’s not done that, and many will not support him feeling he is ineligible, this matter has got to be cleared up soon or he will be weakened by it!
    I foresee It becoming a huge issue for Senator Cruz that can hamper him, when we need mostly a field of strong candidates!
    We don’t need politicians who Pander or become moderates for votes, We don’t need politicians who skirt questions or who lie. We must hold them to a much higher standard than we would ourselves for the simple reason that they are writing and creating laws and legislation that effect us, not so themselves!

    Any ways, great article, thank you, was a pleasure to share and hope to more often in the future…

    Please visit:
    We are Who We Voted For, and The Entitlement Junkies Fed Venezuelas, the Ukraine and the United States Bad Voting Habits

    71% Regret Their Vote…Really? Or is it, That They Regret Not Getting Their Free Government Care Packages?

    • Isabel Matos

      Thank you! Lots to digest but your points ar well taken. What you’re fighting for is right, but your getting penalized for it… Not so much. I’m not sure exactly what you said, but it sounds like you are sticking purely to principle and people refuse to separate defending principle vs fallible beings like our politicians. We will never have a perfect candidate.

      My issue with those who shut you out is their unwillingess for you to express your opinion. No, Rand Paul is not a Conservative, you are right, but neither are most of the candidates we elected to represent us in 2010 when they promised they’d voted to repeal Obamacare and didn’t. They folded as soon as the crooks targeted them for having wobbly spines. They allowed themselves to be bought off, sold their souls and went against us.

      Rubio, Flake and Ayotte are just three examples who show how long this process will take. We all thought we’d take the congress by storm in 2010 and then.. The silence after they were elect was deafening. We waited for a fight and nothing happened. Thank John BOEHNER for that more than anyone else.

      The only way to keep sane in all this is to pace oneself. Take time to be with friends and loved ones. Enjoy our smaller pleasures which are just as satisfying as the more expensive ones, and be always detached enough to have a perspective and your priorities straight. Sarah Palin has a good model to follow: First God. Then family. Then country.

      As far as Ted Cruz is concerned, he would be best suited to be majority leader in the Senate, if we get it back. That will make him a very important ally for Sarah if and when she runs for and becomes president. He, I hope, is not going to run. He has been thankful of Sarah and that arrangement between them works for me. As much as I love him, Sarah has always been my first choice for POTUS long before he was endorsed by her.

      Thanks for coming by, especially for your generous comments. Don’t retreat. Just reload like Sarah says. We need strong players.

  4. Good job Isable. Couldn’t have said it better myself. I have been saying for a long time It is going to take more than one person to get this done.

  5. lwjwl

    Thank you for publicly sharing your patriot journal & journey, as this may be read by many generations long after we have exited physical form and become their Great Patriot Ancestors.


    • Isabel Matos

      That is very complimentary. I appreciate it so much. Putting myself out there is a bit nerve racking sometimes and it means a lot to have people like you express your gratitude for it. I am humbled by it and inspired to continue, no matter how much work it entails. It will be worth it in the end if I inspire someone else to come out of their shell as well.

      God bless you for coming by and leaving such kind and encouraging remarks. Again, thank you. And Grrrr!

  6. Wonderful comments from an intrepid and brave young lady.

    • Isabel Matos

      Aw. Thank you! It means a lot to hear that. Especially the young lady part :). I appreciate it Section 9. Hope all is well.

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