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Governor Sarah Palin Confirmed to Speak at CPAC Taking Place March 6-8

 sarah 35

by Isabel Matos

Breitbart News has learned that  Former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin will speak at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC). CPAC is an annual gathering of thousands of conservative activists hosted by the American Conservative Union (ACU). 

By Matthew Boyle

“We are pleased to again welcome Governor Sarah Palin to CPAC in March,” ACU Chairman Al Cardenas said in a release provided to Breitbart News. “Governor Palin electrified the crowd in 2013, and we are thrilled to welcome her back this year.”

Palin served as the governor of Alaska from late 2006 until 2009, and was the 2008 Vice Presidential nominee for the Republican Party. In the years since the 2008 election, Palin has been an unstoppable force, organizing conservatives and preparing them for battle against both the Democrats and the GOP establishment in Washington. She is a Fox News contributor and frequent thorn in the side of any career politician pushing big government policies.

“Sarah Palin was the 2008 Vice Presidential Nominee and is the former Governor of Alaska,” the ACU press release announcing Palin as a CPAC speaker reads. “Governor Palin first made history on Dec. 4, 2006 when sworn in as the 11th and first female governor of Alaska. In August 2008, Senator John McCain selected Governor Palin to join him as his running mate in his historic presidential campaign. Governor Palin is the first woman to run on the Republican Party’s presidential ticket. Since her vice presidential run and governorship, Sarah Palin has remained one of the leading conservative voices in the nation. Time Magazine has ranked her among the world’s most influential people.”

The ACU also notes that Palin is a “three time New York Times best selling Author” and “has a new show ‘Amazing America’ debuting on the Sportsman Channel on April 3rd.”

As governor of Alaska, as Breitbart News executive chairman Stephen K. Bannon showed in his documentary on Palin The Undefeated, Palin fought both leftist interests and those of Republican Party cronies, especially on issues relating to oil companies and drilling in Alaska. She has carried that will into battling the political establishment on the national level from the grassroots level, and helped ignite the Tea Party movement nationwide. Her endorsement is frequently sought by candidates for all different federal and state offices.

At previous CPACs, Palin has riled up the movement and helped activists tear into Washington in a way hardly any leaders have been able to do.

CPAC, an annual event aimed at unifying the movement and connecting leaders with grassroots activists, will happen this year from March 6 through March 8 at the Gaylord National Resort & Convention Center in National Harbor, Maryland, right outside Washington, D.C.

Other confirmed speakers for CPAC include Sens. Marco Rubio (R-FL), Rand Paul (R-KY), and Ted Cruz (R-TX), House Budget Committee chairman Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI), Govs. Bobby Jindal (R-LA) and Chris Christie (R-NJ), former Sen. Rick Santorum (R-PA), businessman Donald Trump, and Dr. Ben Carson.

Cardenas encourages those interested in the event to visit for tickets and information.


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Ted Cruz: Help Me Surprise Governor Sarah Palin on Her 50th Birthday

Cruz gives a thumbs-up after introducing Palin to speak to the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) in National Harbor, Maryland

By Gary P Jackson

Governor Sarah Palin hits the big 5 Oh! today and Senator Ted Cruz wants to surprise her not only with the following video, but with well wishes from American patriots everywhere!

The video, created by SHE-PAC, a wonderful group that supports Conservative women around the country, wishes Governor Palin a happy birthday, and their website allows you to add your personal birthday greetings for the Governor as well as a chance to make a donation to this high horsepower group of Conservative women.

We got this from Senator Cruz and the Tea Party Express:

It’s an honor to join with many Americans to celebrate the 50th birthday of one of America’s greatest patriots – Governor Sarah Palin. Just a few years ago, Sarah burst onto the national political scene and our nation is so much better for having her voice in the arena.

For the past few weeks, friends of Sarah throughout the country have been putting together a special birthday surprise for her and we want you to be a part of it! They’ve created this video, as well as a card that you can sign to join us in wishing Sarah a happy birthday.


Sarah has served as an inspiration to Americans of all walks of life – and this video is testimony to that. She has been a strong voice for families, conservatives, women, outdoorsmen (and women), and Americans like you and me. It’s a great privilege to call her a friend.

Our great nation was built with the blood, sweat, and tears of people just like Sarah and it will continue to thrive because of people like her. Today, we have the opportunity to show our appreciation for her fervor and tremendous service.

Please take a minute to enjoy the video, sign the card, and join me in wishing Sarah a very Happy Birthday and a blessed year to come!



Senator Ted Cruz

P.S. Please join us in honoring Sarah by signing her birthday card-it would mean a lot to her to see your name on it!

Enjoy the video, and please take time to thank Sarah for all she does to advance Liberty and Freedom. While you are at it, pull out your wallet and show SHE-PAC some appreciation for everything THEY do to advance Conservatism!

Happy Birthday Governor Palin!


Gary P Jackson
Executive Editor and Publisher

Sarah Palin and Senator Ted Cruz

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I am Sending 20.14 to SarahPac Today, Tuesday, February 11th, 2014.

sarah for president

by Isabel Matos

Happy Birthday, Sarah!   50 candles for 50 stars of the American flag!

We salute you today like we do every day, but may it be an extra special day for you tomorrow. May your day be filled with blessings from your family and closest friends. And may that family and circle which is your base grow by leaps and bounds..

You are already making the world a smaller place by making our community and political family bigger each day. Our small but potent army and loyal base will turn to millions more who will see your countless qualities, humility and selfless patriotism, not to mention your leadership and potential for presidential greatness.

We’re not running out of time. You’ve managed to even reverse that course (and curse) by making time be on our side. I hope we are making you as proud of us as we are of you. May all our collective efforts, with God’s favor, help us restore America, the country and principles you embody for us.

God loves you. We love you.

I am, faithfully and humbly yours,

Your great admirer…

Happy Birthday!

P.S.  I am donating $20.14 in honor of her birthday because I’m loaded for bear.

Loaded Bear 2014b


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Impressive Video Wishing Governor Sarah Palin A Happy 50th Birthday

palin white house

By Isabel Matos

I can see Washington from Sarah’s house.. sort of. It felt like the two worlds within the Republican party who have been at war can finally merge and be united again under Reaganesque leadership that only Sarah could bring. That’s what it felt like. The video shows.. well.. enjoy the surprises for yourself.

Reince Priebus couldn’t come around to uttering Sarah’s name, but it doesn’t matter. The fact that he did this was enough (for now). The sooner the GOPe gets into the habit of validating her and repeating her merits for all to see, the sooner they will see how good it feels to stop going against the wishes of the base and just get on board.  It was impressive whether it was for show or not.  ShePac is not SarahPac, which I contribute to, and they have posts on anyone with an R next to their name; but Sarah is a transformational figure, in the best possible way, and it does the party good to raise her profile more. The leadership within the GOP of Jeb Bush and crony Karl Rove will certainly never bring us together.


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Linda Vega Pushes Senate Amnesty Bill at a June 2013 Tea Party “Debate”


By Isabel Matos

Well, when you find one good little nugget of information, it usually leads to more.  Here is Linda Vega (running for Texas US Senate 2014) pushing Immigration Reform, specifically the Senate Bill (S.744) at a rally last June.  Remember, she has said that she is NOT for amnesty.  And I am Sandra Fluke.

The talking points, no matter how presented, are the same ones we’ve heard before.  I felt like I was watching JeBolina Bushie pushing Amnesty. (It has less than 200 views, by the way, which shows most Texans, and Americans for that matter, are not on board with her views, contrary to what she wants to portray.)

I’m from Texas.  I’m a small town girl from the valley. Even if I have all those degrees and I’m a lawyer .. I love my state. I came back here because it’s my home.  My family’s here..

Our population is 28 million, 25 million three years ago.  People are coming into the state because it’s the land of prosperity and business.  We have an older population 28% are living past the age of 80, but we also have a population of a labor force that’s at 21%.  Keep that in mind.

By 2016 our country, our young population in Texas is going to grow smaller and smaller.  We don’t have enough people to pay into the system, to do our jobs.   We don’t have enough workers.  We need to find more workers to come into Texas.

Remember we need to keep focused on the economic issue I mentioned before.  If we get sidetracked with anger and hate we will never solve this issue.  It’s an immigration opportunity for us.  It is the opportunity to have these people to pay into our system because that will create 4 trillion dollars that we need because our deficit is so large.

That number is feeding into programs that are creating dependency, not opportunity.

The State Comptroller in Texas did a study: If we exclude undocumented people who have probably not married U.S. citizens or other people in Texas, we stand to lose 69.3 million dollars in Texas in economic activity, 38.8 billion dollars lost in gross state product, and approximately 400, 000  jobs in Texas.  That’s a lot.

We constantly contradict ourselves.  We want these people to work here, to pay taxes and then what? They don’t have an allegiance to our country. They won’t love this country.  We have to let them leave after 5 years which I’m for.

If they can’t learn English, if they can’t adjust or become committed to our country, they have to leave.  I’m the biggest proponent of that.  I’m constantly telling people, you have to learn English… you have to be part of this country.  And if you don’t want to, you must leave.

But again, I cannot fathom how we want to enforce laws to grow our government.  It just doesn’t make any sense to me.  We need to stop the Unions that exist in the Federal Government.  We need to do away with them.  That is how they get so much power.

What scares you more:  these anchor babies?  terrorists? or being held indefinitely even though you’re a U.S. citizen?,  because this is the power we are giving this administration.

I say that because the more we divide ourselves on this  immigration issue the more this administration grabs a hold of our liberties and takes them from us, over this one issue.  So if we can remain focused on the economic prosperity of immigration before we even start to whittle away at our liberties, we might get this passed.

Here in Texas 60 million Republicans vote.  Young people we need to attract into our party. This bickering on emotion and calling them names is not attractive. We need to seek an opportunity for them.  Ask yourself:  What is this bill going to do for America?  What will it give us? Peace of Mind. This bill is an opportunity for us to finally know who is here and who will hurt us. How we can regulate that better.

It is an opportunity for us to do that. If we don’t take charge as Republicans and lead on this comprehensive immigration bill we are going to lose elections for the next ten to twenty years. 

It is time for us to join together.  To find solutions. Stop the name-calling. To look for opportunity, not for immigrants, but for  us. As a country that promotes freedom.  As a country that feels safe. I want to know who’s here. The bad people, I want them to leave.  I want us to have the opportunity to have them be part of the process called immigration reform.

This bill is just a blueprint…

I don’t think she will win the race. Bush, Inc. seems to be backing John Cornyn instead.  We must be on alert, though.  The last thing we need is another Bush-type Republican playing word games with Amnesty by calling it Immigration Reform.

For the rest of her comments above and for Part one of the debate:

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Linda Vega’s Activist Group “LRTV” Sends Open Letter: Texas Cannot Afford Two ‘NO’ Votes in Gang of 8 (S.744) Bill

By Isabel Matos

This is incredible.  You can just google this up. “Latinos Ready To Vote” sends an open letter to Senators Cornyn and Cruz, urging them to vote in FAVOR of the S.744 bill. That is the Gang of 8’s Senate bill we were all fighting vehemently against last June 2013. This woman seeking the Senate seat, Linda Vega, is indeed an Amnesty activist, make no mistake. And the worst type of Republican in our Party. A so-called one.

Latinos ready to Vote

Open Letter: Texas Cannot Afford two ‘NO’ votes in the U.S. Senate Bill on Immigration.

Posted on June 10, 2013 by admin

To the Honorable U.S. Senators John Cornyn and Ted Cruz: 

How our two Texas Senators vote on the Immigration Bill S.744 will determine what type of relationship the Texas Republican Party can foment within Latino Communities in Texas.  For the first time in twenty years, future elections in the state will be based on a generational vote related to this bill, which will have major implications.  All polls clearly indicate that 90%of Latino voters want an immigration reform that is fair, secures our border, and reflects our traditional values as a nation of immigrants, and as nation that cherishes Free Enterprise and limited government. Consequently, Texas Republicans have a lot to lose, or win, with this vote.

First, the Amendments proposed by Sen. Senator Cruz in the Senate judiciary to further enlarge government –tripling the size of border patrol, more drones, helicopters and militarization of the border–present serious Constitutional violations to homeowners, ranchers in South Texas; this Amendment could affect the property rights for many Texans  and all border communities who would have to relinquish land and properties to the Department of Homeland Security and the Obama Administration to build fences by tripling the size of the border patrol, the military and drones.  This not only interferes with our freedoms, it interferes with our Property Rights in Texas.  Land that has been in families through generations runs the risk of being confiscated, by Imminent Domain, by the federal government; which means that the size of Texas will minimize as will our Rights.

Second, the proposed Amendments by Sen. Cruz to militarize Texas-Mexico border may hamper further trade relations between Texas and Mexico, at a time when Mexico is becoming a middle-class nation and the Texas economy depends more on trade with Mexico.  For example, for the last five years Mexico has had a consistent 5% of GDP growth  while Texas has increased its exports to Mexico by 100% since 2004. Texas is now responsible for about 44 percent of U.S. exports to Mexico. Also, currently, 60% of all NAFTA trade –about $300 billion–comes through Texas, thereby creating jobs and industries entirely dependents on the Texas-Mexico trade relation and an effective management of the flow of goods across the border.   All of which will hampered by a tripling of the border patrol militarization of the border.

Third, our own estimations suggest that by 2016, the Voting Age Populating of Latinos in Texas will be about 6 million, while the number of Republican turnout will remain stagnant at only 4.5 million.  As a result, the survival of the Republican, and therefore the ability of the Republicans to win the White House, rests in capacity of TRP to attract new voters that ultimately will have to come from Latino communities. As a Result, a NO vote in the Senate on Immigration Bill S.744 can have larger generational implications that the RPT cannot afford.

Consequently, if Senators Cruz and Cornyn vote NO on this bill, it will be a serious setback for the Republican Party because in the next ten years 50% of the Texas Population will be of Mexican-American decent. This will be a generational vote, and therefore a NO vote will have major implications for the GOP in Texas for years to come. Hence, The Texas Republican Party (RPT) cannot afford two NO votes in the U.S. Senate because it will be difficult for Republican candidates to venture into Latino communities after our two Republican senators  have voted against a reasonable Immigration Bill.

We urge Sen. Cruz to follow the lead of Sen. Cornyn who has proposed a stronger border security Amendments to make sure that all the mechanisms in the Senate Bill S.744 have ’triggers’  to guarantee  that all the objectives of border security will be achieved before any aliens can apply for Permanent  Residency (green cards). But as he acknowledge, such ‘trigger’ should not hinder the flow of trade between Texas and Mexico, who is our third largest trade partner. In addition we urge Sen. Cruz to support Sen. Cornyn who added an amendment to take $1 billion to be used on the discretion of border communities where fencing is not needed and where technology will be more appropriate.

The outcry of Amnesty in the bill is a red herring for many who cannot fathom the economic detriment that voting No to this bill has on the economy of Texas.

You can find the information here:

Here are two responses that I am including to show what Texans (and Americans) actually think about this bill.

Dan Colgan on June 24, 2013 at 3:00 pm said:
  • If the Latino community wants respect and legitimacy as an election block they must come out against this bill not for it.   There is nothing in this bill that will seal the border and fix immigration in the least.  Every senator must vote against this bill.

Erich on June 11, 2013 at 3:01 am said:

Actually, Texas cannot afford any ‘YES’ votes on the Gang of Eight amnesty bill, which:

  •  1. Provides immediate legalization without securing the border
  • 2. Rewards criminal aliens, absconders and deportees and undermines law enforcement.
  • 3. Contains extremely dangerous national security loopholes.
  • 4. Facilitates fraud in our immigration system.
  • 5. Creates no real penalties for illegal immigrants and rewards them with entitlements.
  • 6. Delays for years the implementation of E-Verify
  • 7. Does not fix our legal immigration system
  • 8. Advanced through a process predicated on a deal struck before mark-up.
  • 9. Rewards those who have broken our laws by offering a special path to citizenship.

Additionally, the bill thoroughly guts interior enforcement of immigration laws, and like Obamacare, the Gang of Eight bill grants enormous power and discretion to the Secretary of Homeland Security, who has a well-established policy of NOT enforcing immigration laws and of legalizing as many people as possible.

Besides, guest worker programs are not a good idea because they cast workers into a second-class citizen status and put their fate into their employers’ hands, creating an opportunity to exploit them. It also encourages employers to turn full-time jobs into temporary ones at reduced wages and diminished working conditions — something we’re already seeing as a result of Obamacare.

To see why guest worker programs are not a good idea, we need look no further than the example set by Germany, the fourth best economy in the world.  In response to a labor shortage prompted by economic recovery, Germany signed a series of bilateral recruitment agreements, first with Italy in 1955, then with Spain (1960), Greece (1960), Turkey (1961), Portugal (1964), and Yugoslavia (1968).  The core of these agreements included the recruitment of Gastarbeiter (guest workers), almost exclusively in the industrial sector, for jobs that required few qualifications.  Under the so-called rotation principle, mostly male migrants entered Germany for a period of one to two years and were then required to return home to make room for other guest workers.  This policy had a double rationale: preventing settlement and exposing to industrial work the largest possible number of workers from sending countries.

Guest workers, unlike ordinary immigrants, were admitted under special jobs programs, and at least under the original plans, had no prospects of becoming citizens or permanent residents. Germany, like other European countries, at first refused even to allow them to bring families, hoping to discourage them from trying to put down roots. Later, Germany granted work stays of up to five years, and permitted wives and children to come along.  Legal workers were followed by waves of family members and illegal immigrants.  Sound familiar?

For decades, there were no efforts to integrate the newcomers. They were entitled to social benefits, but not citizenship. Their children could attend schools, but little effort was made to give them language skills. Many of the first generation of workers bought houses or established small businesses, although usually confining themselves to immigrant enclaves. Their German-born children were registered as “foreigners.” They often spend years or even decades resolving their legal status.  And, while Germany (and many other European governments) failed to seriously pursue integration, many immigrants were equally unwilling to shed their own languages and national identities.  Sound familiar?

Many of the original guest workers are now retired, enjoying the comfortable pensions that are the pride of Europe. But their children and their grandchildren are trapped between two worlds, too Europeanized ever to return to the Middle East or North Africa, but lacking the language skills and education to forge ahead in their new countries.  The parents took jobs that Germans didn’t want — and most of that first generation did all right.  But the young people toay don’t even get the bad jobs.  How are they to climb the social ladder when they can’t even grab the bottom rung?

founder of Latinos Ready to Vote

I noticed the Letter does not have an author so I added this picture as an additional reminder of who the “administrator” might be.


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Is the Latinos Ready to Vote Founder Linda Vega (Running for Texas US Senate 2014) Attempting to Bamboozle the Palin Community on Amnesty?

linda vega              By Isabel Matos

I don’t know what you were doing last night, but I was busy exchanging tweets with Senatorial Candidate/Immigration Reform activist, Linda Vega. Linda Vega you may have heard was recently on the Kevin Scholla show and later appeared in Conservatives4Palin and other blog sites from the Palin community. My focus in this article is solely on her stance on Amnesty, which is of great concern to Palin Supporters.  We all know how Marco Rubio lost the confidence we placed in him because he lied about being AGAINST Amnesty before he lobbied and shoved it down our throats for months because he was always for it.

We have been down this road before.

Linda Vega is the founder of the page and group Latinos Ready to Vote. It is a fiercely pro-Immigration Reform group, something Ms. Vega denied in our confrontation last night. Vega is using the same tactic Marco used to push it:  its definition, which is nothing but deceptive wording tactics attorneys use to fool voters (she and Rubio are both attorneys).  I will share my experience with the page and group after the tweets and you can decide for yourself whether she is telling the truth or not about Amnesty. Remember, she is seeking to unseat John Cornyn who, like many politicians we have seen in the past, will say one thing publicly and do another when it comes time to vote.

From my viewpoint as a grassroots activist, her comportment was nothing short of unbecoming to me. She IS a U.S. Senatorial candidate, after all.  What if she really wins and her true colors come out like they kind of did last night?  It reminded me of Justice Sotomayor’s attitude as shown in this article. Both attitudes are unbecoming of anyone in high office.

sotomayor insulting


This is just one of many similar articles posted in Page and Group Latinos Ready to Vote:

p ew

“And nowhere is it more pressing than in Texas. Republicans cannot win the White House without the state’s 38 electoral votes. The time when a Democrat can snatch the state away outright may be far off, but as Texas’s demographics continue to shift—more than two-thirds of the state’s recent population growth has come from Hispanics, who accounted for 38 percent of Texans in the 2010 census—Republicans have to spend more and more money and time on Texas, and less elsewhere… Even with his emphasis on Tea Party-style political confrontation, George P. has occasionally spoken on the campaign trail about the need for Republicans to empathize with Hispanics.”  (sound familiar?  Just like “P” she insinuated we are hateful.  “Hate is not a solution”, she said.  The comparisons between her and the Bushes on this issue are numerous.)

From my archives February 8th, 2013:  My exchange with Alex Gonzalez (who posted the first comment which I replied to) and Ms. Chavez:

Alex Gonzalez We all can be very proud of Ms. Chavez who for years has been warning pro-life Republicans about these “pseudo conservative groups. “–Linda Chavez Linda Chavez: Strange Bedfellows for Conservatives | | As conservatives debate what to do about immigration reform in the wake of the GOP’s disastrous showing among Hispanic voters in the 2012 presidential election, they might consider that the groups they’ve allied themselves with to date are strange bedfellows.  Top of Form 1

Diana Endris likes this.

Isabel Matos what is her opinion about rubio’s immigration reform agenda? 2 hours ago ·

Alex Gonzalez she is in 100 % support. even before they came with bi-partisan Senate bill

Isabel Matos Then why would she say Conservatives are teaming up with planned parenthood and others. Is she not including him?

Linda Vega That is the point Isabel, those groups are not true Conservatives. Read the article by Mario Lopez.

Isabel Matos She is referring specifically to pro-life groups. How can she be for pro-life and pro-amesty. Amnesty is not conservative.

Linda Vega Where is the Amnesty coming from? The Article?

Isabel Matos Rubio’s Immigration Reform is Amnesty.

Linda Vega According to whom?

Linda Vega Better yet, clarify for me in the Proposal where the word amnesty is used. Additionally, state where the Proposal states that those who qualify will be allowed under such a definition or program of Amnesty.

Isabel Matos It’s obviously amnesty, and I think it’s a crazy idea to compete with OBama on this issue. Rubio is not going to get anything accomplished. He never ran on this issue. Amnesty doesn’t stop illegal immigration anyway. This issue is dividing our party.

Isabel Matos IF he said Amnesty, no one would even give it a chance, so he uses the term Immigration Reform to mean what we know IS the pathway to citizenship, or amnesty. Linda Vega It’s obviously amnesty is not sufficient: show me where it says that it is amnesty. Linda Vega What is your understanding of Amnesty?

Isabel Matos You’re getting into the definition. We all know what it is. His supporters are going around giving the definition of it, it’s a pardon, etc. and that it doesn’t represent what Rubio is doing. Again, if he used the term Amnesty, everyone would turn away. It’s not an issue Americans want. THey want to secure the border.

Isabel Matos ANd LEGAL immigration. His proposal is a promise he can’t keep. Republicans need to stay away from this issue. This is a can of worms that opens the door to a flood of MUSLIMS as well. It’s not a good plan, or an honest one. He did not run on this. Linda Vega Again, what is your understanding of Amnesty. You cannot form a good argument until you understand the terms.

Isabel Matos You have to see the total picture. It will cost citizen taxpayers money we don’t have to fund the programs entailed with this. Im saying the truth, it is how many millions see it. I don’t know why anyone would disput what I am saying.

Linda Vega Without understanding what you are saying, there is not whole picture.

Isabel Matos You need to be open and honest with me. I gave you an answer. Now address at least one of the issues I presented.

Linda Vega I don’t even understand your argument. You can’t define amnesty but you want to use it. Start there, give me specifically where Sen. Rubio calls for amnesty.

Isabel Matos And you are incapable of reasoning. I have given you the answer he has used. YOu should know what it is. This is silly. Let’s have a discussion, not the same question or running around in circles.

Isabel Matos Here you go. This is the one they are going around using. Now can we have a debate as to why this is a bad idea for Republicans? the definition of amnesty …

Linda Vega I want your understand. Why is that so hard for you Isabel?

Linda Vega This where you start to lose your argument, becoming irrational.

Isabel Matos I just gave you the definition, and you call me irrational.

Linda Vega your understanding, not from a site.

Isabel Matos Now you’re being clear. No name calling, though. Thank you.


After I was banned from that group – I am not sure if it was for those  comments or not – I was invited to her page with the same name, Latinos Ready To Vote.  I wrote this on their wall the same day:

latinos ready to vote


Below is what Linda Vega said in the interview with Kevin Scholla. I listened to the interview again and it was Kevin Scholla, not Linda, who said “I know you’re not for Amnesty”.  That is important. He also phrased the question about both Sarah Palin and Ted Cruz in such a way that made it easier for her to respond amicably about each.

Since Ms. Vega asked me to view the clip, I included it here. This is not about the interviewer, but about the politician being interviewed not giving the complete picture of herself or what she is about.

Linda Vega says the quota system is at the root of most of our immigration problems which she wants abolished.  She said she wants to streamline the process by which immigrants arrive. That doesn’t mean she is against Amnesty.  We saw Paul Ryan trying to explain that, too.  I can provide a clip but want this to be about Linda not Ryan.

Linda says she supports defunding ObamaCare. We all know that RINOS, who voted for cloture on September 25th, said they were for Defunding ObamaCare, so that is just another example of how she, like Cornyn, is playing word games to deceive.  Even Reince Priebus said he was for the Defundit effort. It’s not the first, nor will it be the last time a RINO lies to get Tea Party support and then turns around to vote against our choices. It’s like the term a late-night comedian calls “Truthiness” (Steven Colbert).

After being asked a question (very nicely framed by Scholla) about Governor Palin, she says:  “I admire [former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin] a great deal – her courage, her tenacity.” According to her, the Governor had been told that she was “not smart enough and not well recognized enough, and did not have a grasp of the concepts,” yet “she has the grasp of the American people’s frame of thought.”  Doesn’t every Rino speak highly of Sarah only to against her policies? It has been done before.  Everyone wants a coveted endorsement from Sarah.

Vega said the idea that a former governor is not qualified to run for office is ridiculous. “I rooted for her, I applauded her, because in a time when people needed a voice, she was a voice that needed to be heard.”

On Jobs:  “Vega said Texas’ population will double in 10 years and job creation is key if the state is to continue thriving.”  (That’s because she may intend to give it to legalized illegals.. just sayin…)


This article was written as a heads up, not to smear anyone.  We have the right to ask questions not to cheer lead candidates because they say something that sounds good.  We are voters and shoppers. We need to know what matters to get the best deal.


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Remembering Andrew Breitbart


By Gary P Jackson

Today would have been Andrew Breitbart’s 45th birthday. The great warrior was taken from us in March of 2012.

I’d like to ask all of our readers to take a second and think about Andrew and all that he did for the Conservative movement, not the least of which was to inspire millions of us to work hard to challenge all who would destroy America and move us away from the Constitution, the Rule of Law, and First Principles.

Breitbart, a fierce warrior, was an inspiration to many citizen journalists, like me. He showed us all that we could all make a real difference in our world.

Much has been written about the life and times of Andrew Breitbart, but today, I think we should look up toward heaven and say a prayer of thanks for Andrew Breitbart. People like him are special, and don’t come along very often.

May God always bless Andrew and the beautiful family he left behind. I hope Andrew sits up in heaven and looks down at all of us and is happy to know we will never forget, and always carry on with his mission.


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Wendy Davis Poses with a Shotgun, Democrat Party Sez: “She Will Do Her Best to Kick Some Ass With It!” –UPDATED

Wendy Davis Gun 2


I was remiss in noting this gun, that was once owned by Texas Governor Ann Richards, was given to Wendy Davis by Richard’s daughter Cecile, the president of Planned Parenthood. [Her ONLY constituency] No word on whether Davis, or the baby slaughtering blood cult she represents, plan on using the shotgun as a faster method of “family planning.”

By Gary P Jackson

You know how democrats are always screaming about the evil’s of gun ownership, and the “violent images” of gun owners exercising the Second Amendment rights?

Yeah forget all of that!

National punch line, and [snort] Texas gubernatorial candidate Wendy Davis accepted the gift of former Texas Governor Ann Richards’ old shotgun, and couldn’t wait to pose with it, in an effort to look like an “authentic” Texan. Literally no one was fooled!

Amazingly, the Texas democrat party tweeted this:

Then with no sense of irony whatsoever, this:

It should be noted that democrats ripped Texas Monthly Magazine to shreds for using this cover photo of Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott, who will be our next Governor …. barring something drastic …. like the end of the world.

Texas-Monthly Greg Abbott

A later edition of the far left magazine was filled with complaints from readers about the “unfortunate” and “violent imagery” of Abbott with HIS shotgun after this cover hit the newsstands. Evidently it’s OK for a gun grabbing radical Marxist like Wendy Davis to pose with her gun though. I mean it’s not like she actually knows how to use it!

In case you wondered:

The Texas Monthly cover story on Abbott included a trip by the author with Abbott and a bunch of his lifelong friends on a bird hunt. Our Attorney General is reportedly a pretty good shot!

This Davis photo sort of reminds me of 2004 when John Kerry, who served in Vietnam, ran for president, and went hunting! “Can I get me a huntin’ license here?” Painful to watch.

On Twitter, it was noted that Wendy Davis looks about as “badass” with a shotgun as Richard Simmons holding a broadsword!

Texans are proud gun owners, with many having concealed carry permits. [No permit, license, or registration necessary to simply own a gun in Texas]

What angers me is the fact democrats, who want to take away every American’s right to own a gun, have the nerve to post this photo of Davis, and the comment that she wants to use the gun to “kick some ass“. Wendy Davis is, herself, against Texans’ [and Americans’] God given, Constitutionally protected, right to bear arms!

Throw in the fact these Anti-American clowns loose their shit any time an America patriot is shown holding a gun, and go on for DAYS about the evils of gun ownership, and gun violence, while implying Davis is going to USE her shotgun to “kick some ass” shows what a bunch hypocrites, with vicious and violent fantasies, democrats truly are.

The good news is Wendy Davis has a better chance of the Catholic Church naming her it’s next Pope, than ever being elected Governor of Texas!

Democrats who want Wendy Davis to “kick some ass” with her new shotgun go absolutely ape-shit, with seething rage and hatred, when they see a photo of THIS WOMAN with a gun: [So here are a bunch of them!]

Sarah Palin Annie Oakley


Sarah Palin

Palin in Kuwait Rifle Training

palin-Kuwait 2


Sarah Palin Hunting Sarah Palin's Alaska

sarah_palin_shotgun Bear Hunting Sarah Palin's Alaska TLC

Yes, this is Governor Palin, in her role as Commander-in-Chief of Alaska’s National Guard, doing a bit of target practice with a .50 cal.

palin-guns4 National Guard

In case we haven’t sent democrats into a coma yet, here’s Bristol Palin showing Wendy Davis, who definitely needs some NRA safety training, how it’s done:


Bristol, with her dad, Todd, on a hunt:


Bristol and her DWTS co-star Mark Ballas at the gun range:


Oh yeah, here’s Governor Palin’s youngest daughter, Piper, shooting on horseback:



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