Priebus Tweet Sparks Outrage: Sarah Palin Not Mentioned as Important Figure in Women’s History Month

It should be noted that not only is Governor Palin the leading trailblazer in the Republican Party [male OR female] she was once again named in a Gallop poll of American adults, as one of the most admired women in the world. She’s been on the list every year since her run for Vice President. Always in the top 3 of most admired. Governor Palin also has, BY FAR, the highest approval rating of any living Republican politician. In or out of office.

~ Gary P Jackson

by Isabel Matos

RNC Statement on Women’s History Month

             Posted March 1, 2014

WASHINGTON – Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus and Co-Chairman Sharon Day released the following statement marking the beginning of Women’s History Month:

“Today marks the beginning of Women’s History Month, which gives us all the opportunity to celebrate women’s contributions to our country throughout our history—and especially to honor those women who fought to make this country a more just and equal place,” said Chairman Priebus.

“The Republican Party is proud to have played a leading role in securing women’s right to vote. When Susan B. Anthony defied the law and voted in 1872, she proudly voted the Republican ticket. She and other suffragists worked with her friend Republican Senator A.A. Sargent to introduce the 19th Amendment. And it took a Republican Congress to finally pass it in 1919.

“The Republican Party continues to uphold the principle of equal opportunity for all that has guided us from the very beginning. And as we celebrate the women of our party and country this month, we continue our fight for equal opportunity.”

“I’m always inspired by the stories of our country’s strong-willed women. I’m especially inspired by those suffragettes and their decades-long fight for voting rights,” said Co-Chairman Day.

“Republican women have a history of being trailblazers, breaking ground and glass ceilings — from Margaret Chase Smith, the first woman to be elected to both the House and the Senate, to the nation’s first Latina governor, Susana Martinez of New Mexico and the country’s youngest sitting governor, Nikki Haley of South Carolina.

“Republicans continue to offer a positive agenda for America’s women, as we work to create more job opportunities, lighten the tax burden, and reduce the cost of healthcare. Our policy goals are driven by the desire to do what’s best for women—not by scoring cynical political points.

“Today my granddaughters have opportunities that past generations could only dream about, but we can’t forget women in countries around the world who don’t enjoy equal rights and the same opportunities. Let’s rededicate ourselves to being a beacon of freedom and opportunity this Women’s History Month.”

So either Sarah Palin is not Republican or she’s not a woman.  Last I checked, she was both and quite impressive and remarkable at each. The picture he just described above is everything Sarah exemplifies.  What chutzpah!

I am leaving this up to you (readers) to respond to Reince Priebus.  You can go to his Facebook page, Twitter thread using the post above or under his blog at this link  to comment. Above all.. please donate to SarahPac and forget the PC-ridden and rotten to the core leaders of our party. They are the ones who are the reason for our party’s denise. This alone gives the left reason to say there is a war against women on our side. That mantra that is coming from the left .. is exactly right if they do this to Sarah.  Like or dislike her, they are shooting themselves (and us) in the foot by doing this. Fools. But this will make her bigger.

What kind of beacon of freedom and opportunity is it to dismiss the most important woman in our lifetime – one they owe their successes, not failures to.  It is nothing short of mindboggling and hostile. Enough is enough!

This is an outrageous omission and a deliberate one to spark a fuse among us. I am suspicious they are declaring war yet again because someone behind the scenes must be very nervous she might run in 2016.  How dare they?  Sarah IS a monumental figure in American not just women’s history. They cannot wrap their heads around that. I chimed in.  So did others. More to come..



@Reince Glass ceilings are tricky. Real men honor women who shatter ’ first GOP VP candidate @SarahPalinUSA You remember her, right?

donate to sarahpac


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34 responses to “Priebus Tweet Sparks Outrage: Sarah Palin Not Mentioned as Important Figure in Women’s History Month

  1. Sarah Palin is awesome. I can’t believe Priebus would leave her out. What a fool!

    • Isabel Matos

      Just click on that tweet and see the responses. He’s a complete fool. The whole establishment he is the mouthpiece (or “front”) for is. $ will go to SarahPac.

      • mibones

        Left an e-mail at the gop site. If this keeps up, I might have to get a Twitter account.

      • Gary P Jackson

        Twitter may be the best way to get and distribute breaking news. Sometimes I find myself on Twitter more than I do writing for our website!

        Some of the biggest stories in the past few years have all broken on Twitter.

        It’s free, and easy!

      • Isabel Matos

        It’s so easy. Just go to and sign up today. You can make friends or just direct contact with the people making news easily.

      • mibones

        Thanks for the info on Twitter. Will be checking it out.

      • Isabel Matos

        Thanks! Appreciate the response. It was huge.

    • Judy Stone

      Big mistake ,,big big big mistake. One of the most knowledgeable women we have and I would think Priebus yo
      u would want her and her admirers on your side. Big mistake

      • Isabel Matos

        Help Katrina for Congress! They want to divert our attention away from the March 4th Republican Primary. Here’s the link with all the information: What Are You Doing This Weekend? Katrina Pierson Needs Your Help!

      • Isabel Matos

        Big mistake to take on and be against Americans. There is an evil force lurking behind this effort. I think Priebus continues to undermine but underestimate us. It’s getting worse by the year.

        Thanks for stopping by!

  2. Greg Gorski


    • Isabel Matos

      Just walk like you said. Talk is cheap. All our money will go to Sarahpac. I just had some idiot say whining isn’t going to do anything. Ironic coming from someone who just whined about whining.

    • Isabel Matos

      Did I forget to mention Amen!?

  3. stevethird

    I think this one is gonna’ cost him and the RNC bigtime.

    • Isabel Matos

      I am leaning that way. From our perspective, yes. Form his, that is what he is paid to do. It makes Sarah’s challenge that much greater and if and when she overcomes it, and she will.. She will be greater than even Reagan. So many people are involved in this grass roots revolution as Ted Cruz refers to it.. Nothing like it has happened in decades if not centuries. The RNC and GOP are sorely mistaken about and beyond hopeless without Sarah. Its completely ironic. Not only does she do their job for them by taking on Obama and keep them in powere by bringing Conservtives to revive the party, but she has to deal with fighting their antagonism in the process. It’s breathtakingly stupid on their part to dismiss her like this.

  4. stevethird

    I wonder if this has to do with the jailtime she successfully and rightfully administered to crooked Pubbies during her term in office. Also If they will not accept her, an Indie run will run will ruin the R party, and quite possibly deliver her to the WH. I realize I keep harping on this but it keeps making sense to me. The R’s will do nada but sabotage her.

    • Isabel Matos

      Someone mentioned tonight the Texas primary is coming up and it was an attempt to keep the establishment RINOS in power there. I’m not going to go that far.

      • Gary P Jackson

        Steve is right, before being elected Governor, Sarah Palin set the wheels in motion that took down the entire Republican leadership in Alaska, including the all powerful state GOP chair, Randy Ruedrich.

        Yes Isabel, the Texas primary is on Tuesday. Early voting ended Friday evening. We vote early here. Turnout was sad. Out of over a million people in Bell County, less than 10,000 voted.

        There is a STRONG attempt by the establishment to keep Conservatives out of office, even here in Texas.

      • Isabel Matos

        Okay then, Gary. I wouldn’t put it past them to be so underhanded and evil. They are trying to destroy Katrina’s chances but Women’s History Month is an event for one year. They would stoop that low and be that dishonest over a race with a woman and a Rino in it?
        I guess I answered my own question.

      • Gary P Jackson

        Her GOP opponent is a Big Government guy and amnesty shill, so you are correct.

  5. Amazing the “conversation” this underhanded move by Pribus has started! But I, for one, am NOT going to let it go or drop out of sight. I think we’ve seen the first “open” volley across the bow – and we must fight to maintain our honor and Sarah’s path to leadership. I think we’re all agreed that the GOP is pretty much over except for the shouting. if EVERY Conservative donates directly to SarahPAC or a candidate she endorses as the November election comes into view, the GOPe will definitely feel the pinch. Of course, they’ll still have the Big Gov’t corrupt crony banksters et al, but in sheer numbers, I think the White Hats will prevail. This may be the fight we need and have been expecting, so now is NOT the time to play nice! BTW, I love all the tweets fired at Pribus – hope he “feels the love!” As Mark Levin calls them, the “French Republicans” will start to look and feel like a pin cushion over the next few months. Too bad we have to wage a civil war among so-called “family members,” but we’ve got to clear the brush from the path to the White House eventually!

    • Gary P Jackson

      Well said Joy! Well said!

    • Isabel Matos

      Joy of Arc speaking of the French! Your post was uplifting and strong. I hear one word coming loud and clear: Charrrrrrge!

      • I am humbled by your kind and encouraging words – particularly from two of my very favorite Conservative wordsmiths! “Joy of Arc?” En francais, “Joie d’Arc!” I can live with that (blush, blush)… (But please spare me that bonfire in the end!!) Remember, too, the LSM and the GOPe have done their best to tear down the indomitable Palin; but they’re mere midgets and no match for the Amazonian Wonder Woman!! Each time they’ve taken their cheap pot shots, she’s emerged with class and style – which has only galvanized her growing base of support.

      • Isabel Matos

        No burning at the stake I promise. lOl! Today is dedicated to Katrina Pierson and we have to get the Sheriff on board again. He is mistaken about Sessions not being for Amnesty and he un-endorsed her. See my tweets if possible. or Gary’s RT’s with the information. I have to get back to making calls for Katrina. Priebus’s trick backfired but he did FUEL our fire again. They made her and us bigger by their desperate and pathetic antics.

        Au revoir, ma Joie!!

  6. iizthatiiz

    Thank you for putting this together Isabel. It’s like Super-Twitchy 🙂

    here’s a link to a new RNC survey. Let Reince and the GOPe know how we really feel. “Not well at all” was selected quite frequently.

    • Isabel Matos

      It was fun.. and Thanks for the link but that was yesterday this is today. Dont’ fill out his survey. Bank for Katrina Pierson instead. All he wants is to divert our attention away from the Republican Primary March 4th. Go to my Katrina Pierson article a couple of days or two ago and make some calls. Do NOT fill out any GOP/RNC surveys. They are useless. The GOP never has never will listen to us. We have to crush them by winning the races they are trying to undermine. The tweet response was wild! That was enough for me.

      I am banking today. Pledged to make 300 calls and I barely got started because of the commotion yesterday. So I will be out most of the day.

      Thank you so much for coming by David. It is greatly (I mean greatly!) appreciated.

      • iizthatiiz

        I don’ expect them to “listen” to conservatives. I just want them to see it coming. As they are marched off to the elephant graveyard, I want them to know who sent them there.

        The whole “survey” only took me about 25 seconds

        Will do some work for Katrina online. Am looking at the Arpaio articles now and planning out some counterstrikes. Am a bit behind the curve on recent events. Barely been online the past few weeks, but I catch up quickly.

        Good luck with the phone calls. There is an old, simple marketing tactic I can share with you. When you are on the telephone with folks, smile when you talk. I realize it may sound a bit silly, but your voice will naturally reflect your enthusiasm and sincerity to your phone prospects, and you will enjoy the hours much more 🙂

      • Isabel Matos

        You’re awesome David! It’s true. I posted on my wall yesterday how easy Texans are to talk to. They’re not grumpy like the voters I’ve called here before (who happened to be from a mostly Democratic, hostile district in favor of Debbie Wasserman Schultz.) I hate doing the calling. I’d rather be you-tubing a clip, writing an article or just doing housework, but it’s a must. Your advice is priceless. Thank you so much. I will do what you said and smile even though it will be kind of forced lOl.

        I just posted an article diretly aimed at the Sheriff which you can share. It has all the information. About the survey.. I just don’t want the GOP to have my email. They already have my number (if you know what I mean.)

        Well. It’s back to work.

    • Isabel Matos

      Here’s how YOU CAN Help:
      1. By donating:
      2. By making phone calls
      3. By sharing this information and/or status with your friends.


  7. Pingback: Did Sarah Palin Predict Russia Invading Ukraine If Obama Got Elected? | askmarion

    • Isabel Matos

      Oh my goodness, and who does that help? Jeb Bush who wants to run against Hillary. And what does that say? Jeb is desperate. I think, I am giving an opinion now, I think Jeb owns the GOP talking points. And this is one more example of how they want Sarah Palin to run. Not for office, but from the party. They are sorely mistaken.

  8. Christopher Fromme

    Sent an e-mail to the PA RNC Committeewoman Christine Toretti with link to C4P & T Leee article Asking why the most important conservative Republican woman was dissed And the that Gov Palin is our best hope for POTUS in 2016. I send her Info on the Gov when it makes a difference. She is a big fundraiser.

    • Isabel Matos

      That’s a great idea, Chris. We were first IF NOT the first to break the story and publish it. What’s great about our article is people can still RT the Chair and continue the brushfire of a response that was last Saturday and Sunday. Whitney Pitcher’s tweet was the FIRST if NOT THE FIRST that was sent. If you send an email think about sending ours, too, which compiled all those wonderful reactions, including Tony’s (before he wrote his article). He needs an earful, although I think this was yet another scheme to throw us off focus from the Texas race, who knows?!! They think like desperate losers who will stoop as low as they can to try to stop us. They can’t. They won’t. Not if I can help it.

      Thanks for coming by as always. She IS our only hope for 2016.

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