Here We Go Again. Joe: Pete Sessions is For Amnesty. Do The Right Thing!

By Isabel Matos

Sheriff, Numbers USA published this.  Numbers don’t lie! Her record is pristine where Amnesty is concerned.

Please RT or pass this article along to let the Sheriff know he is the one who has been lied to. He said (shortly after Katrina Pierson was endorsed by Sarah) that Katrina Pierson had lied to him about Pete Sessions being for Amnesty, and used that as an excuse to un-endorse her.  That is wrong!  The primary is tomorrow. He can still un-endorse the RINO Pete Sessions!


from Pierson’s website:

“I do not support amnesty. Period. I define amnesty as a path to citizenship or any similar legalization proposal for anyone who is in our country illegally. Congressmen need to be pressed as to their exact definition of “amnesty”.  It’s critical.  Otherwise they will mislead you as to their true beliefs.  We should never reward anyone whose first act in America is breaking the law.  It is completely unfair to those who have spent years and thousands of dollars doing it the right way.  While we are a nation founded by immigrants, we are also—and must remain–a nation of laws, applied equally to all. We welcome law-abiding immigrants, but there is a right way and wrong way to come to America.”…/immigration-border…/

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