Sarah Talks Like a President on Hannity. Makes Obama Look Puny and Putin Easy to Outsmart. Impressive!

by Isabel Matos

I posted this on Reince Priebus’s wall.  Sarah Palin makes not only the President and Putin look small, but the GOP look useless and irrelevant.  I have said before a Sarah-less GOP is a hopeless GOP.  Please feel free to share your thoughts.

UPDATE. Adding a link from this morning where Mark Levin defends Sarah Palin on Imus’s show. Imus totally dismisses Sarah’s prediction. You can tell he is uncomfortable giving her credit for it. He starts the segment by asking nosy questions about Mark’s private life. Mark handles it beautifully and gets to the point of why he is there: to defend Sarah on being 100% right about the Ukraine being invaded by Russia. I don’t know who Imus likes because I never listen to him, but after this exchange with Mark I wouldn’t want to ever again. I will give Imus this: at least he admitted he’s not a fan of hers here.



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5 responses to “Sarah Talks Like a President on Hannity. Makes Obama Look Puny and Putin Easy to Outsmart. Impressive!

  1. I see Reagan listening, and he is saying: “GOP wake up your leader is right in front of your eyes.”

  2. Thanks for posting Don Imus’s interview with Mark Levin, Isabel – otherwise I would’ve missed it. And I agree completely with you re Imus! He’s a nasty piece of work and very full of himself. Never could tell where he stood politically – and this interview didn’t help clarify anything, either. But he’s certainly no principled Conservative – just a boring windbag, if you ask me. However, I guess he’s been a popular radio guy and still has a following – hence, his latest incarnation on Fox Business News. And he does have friends among several Conservatives as well; so, as that old saying goes, there’s no such thing as “bad publicity!” But my final thought revolves around his silly and ignorant view of a real American classic – Sarah Palin! it’s almost as if he can’t stand the competition…

    • Isabel Matos


      I kind of supported him after he was attacked by Al Sharpton for being racist and subsequently fired from the show for his comments regarding black cheerleaders. No questions asked. I felt it was the old leftist double-standard that people on our side are racist, they never are. That being said, after he got back I still didn’t listen to him because I always thought like you said he was unpleasant, full of himself and a “windbag”. Now it’s confirmed.

      An interesting twist to this story is that Sean Hannity is good friends with him and absolutely loves his wife who excites Sean every time she’s on his show. You can see the chemistry. She’s supposedly Conservative.. These days that term means close to nothing. People say it to get atttention and they turn out to hate Sarah. Hannity did okay with Sarah in this interview, and I am relieved because it was an important issue, but notice how they had a clip at the beginning of Mitt Romney talking about the same thing at a debate, in general terms. They still refuse to VALIDATE Sarah Palin. So Sarah shows the world how it’s done after the debacle of the women trailblazers omission and the RNC and GOP are mum. Not a mention. So I did put this link and a few comments on other walls with Reince’s tag. I have had it with those people. I am surely going to be targeted one day by these Rinosaurs.

      Who cares about puny Imus? He never had good ratings or a big audience to begin with. He was on MSNBC I think and I assume he was accepted because he leaned their way sometimes or made Republicans look stupid. Who knows? I certainly wouldn’t know because I didn’t understand him. Poor diction reveals to me the arrogance of a person who thinks he’s too good to be clear to others.

      Have a great day. Thanks for reminding me of what a loser Imus always was. He has been greatly influenced by his wife and they have done a lot of charity work for kids with cancer. You cannot take that away from them. It started rehabilitating his image, but he is Not a gracious man at al. Again, he DID admit to it. He’s just not appetizing personality to listen to.

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