Video: Greg Gutfeld: Sarah Palin is a Better Secretary of State than John Kerry

By Isabel Matos  Video courtesy of SarahNet

Okay, so they include Mitt Romney again who makes generalizations about Putin being our “geo-political foe” at the last Presidential debate in October 2012. They show that clip but not one of Sarah’s. That’s how Fox rolls. Validation is conditional with mention of one of their own. But it was a validation, and except for Bob Beckel who said he  seriously questioned she understood the geo-political ramifications of what she was saying, they pretty much defend Sarah.

Dana Perino pointed to the mocking of the media being the issue: “Why can’t they just admit it instead of being so mean to her?” She of course included Bush in her usual lecture-style commenting, mentioning his intellectual honesty where Georgia was concerned. She didn’t praise her directly but the banner and conversation were about  Sarah Palin and Mitt Romney, in that order.

Gutfeld points out, if she was right then, what else is she right about, then “Drill baby drill”.  He asks the panel how the media and the left stand up to themselves and pokes fun at Kerry’s idiotic comments, saying how all of this would be fun to laugh at it all if it wasn’t such a serious issue regarding our national security.

Speaking of intellectual honesty, Sarah’s prediction is nowhere to be found on Reince Priebus’s wall, nor have we gotten a retraction about her omission in his dopey women’s history month blogpost (no surprise). It is nice to mention BizPacReview  posted about Sarah being omitted from the list of trailblazers.

My goodness, how much more does Sarah Palin have to prove for the world to get that she is presidential, not just Secretary of State material like Greg Gutfeld nicely pointed out. Time is on Sarah’s side though, and she will be President. This clip, only 25 seconds long, could have been included in the segment.

I mention the following as a curiosity and side issue on my part, but an important one. Sarah was specifically right, not just generalizing about Russia. If you search the web there is a plethora of clips about Romney being right. So the right wing media strikes again, giving a Rino more coverage than the person most deserving of acknowledgment. It’s out there. The Establishment Right Wing press. It is competition we have to deal with. It will take time for us to be more powerful media-wise so distinctions like these can be made in the future.


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