Video: Governor Sarah Palin’s Exciting, Powerful CPAC Speech

sarah seuss

By Gary P Jackson

CPAC 2014 saved the best for last, as Governor Sarah Palin gave the keynote address. This will be one we won’t forget any time soon!

Too many great quotes to list, so just watch the video! Governor Palin takes on everyone who is screwing America up! Barack Obama, the Republican Party “elite,” the corrupt media, and well, liberals in general.

This is the reddest of red meat, with a generous side of humor, and reflection. This is why we love Sarah Palin. And why you’ll hear the entire crowd shout “Run Sarah, run!.” [and get a kick out of her witty reply]


Video courtesy SarahNET.


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6 responses to “Video: Governor Sarah Palin’s Exciting, Powerful CPAC Speech

  1. Jm Thompson

    She’s simply Awesome! Enough said.

  2. iizthatiiz

    Not enough said!

    She’s Awesome !!

  3. Methinks that the straw poll was conducted a wee bit too soon!

    • Gary P Jackson

      The Paulbots spammed it long before her speech. We watched them attack a Fox online poll yesterday too. Governor Palin was running away with it. The Paulbots showed up, started their robo-voting, and we sat and watched them give Rand Paul 20 points in less than an hour! Impossible to do without a series of computers working a matrix program.

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