Video: Texas Governor Rick Perry Fires Up CPAC Crowd


By Gary P Jackson

From Friday:

Say what you will about Rick Perry [and as a Texan, I can tell you, there’s a lot to be said]the man knows how to fire up a crowd! This is Grade A Prime Texas red meat!!

Governor Perry hits all of the right notes here. States run by common sense Conservatives are prospering while states run by democrats are failing, and failing at an alarming rate. States like New York and New Jersey have enslaved their people to high taxes, over-regulation, and few opportunities. Both states have seen millions leave, moving to states that offer a better quality of life.

Texas is the nation’s real success story. We are the number 2 economy in the country, having passed New York long ago, and with California’s lawmakers only getting stupider, we’re on track to be the number one economy before the end of the decade.

The future of the nation rests on Conservative Governors.

Video courtesy American Conservative Union.


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