Environment Extremists, Global Warming Con Men, Rabid Liberalism Enabled Putin’s Ukrainian Play

No Keystone

By Gary P Jackson

Everyone is talking about how a weakened United States has emboldened Vladimir Putin, and that certainly didn’t help, but one of the villains not being talked about is the rabid left’s culpability in all of this. In yet another example of the evil that is liberalism, environmental extremists, those crooks pushing the global warming hoax, and other left-wing moon-bats have put Europe in a situation where they can’t protest Putin’s re-enactment of Hitler’s march into the Sudetenland too vigorously.

You see, thanks to the environmental extremists, who don’t want any energy exploration anywhere, at any time, and think the world can run on rainbows and unicorn farts, Europe is in a bad way. They depend on Russia for much of their energy needs. Russia’s natural gas delivery lines run right under Ukraine, and Putin has been known to turn the gas off to punish nations he feels aren’t doing his bidding.

Ukraine Gaslines

The environmental extremists have been quite successful in Europe when it comes to pushing “green” energy over common sense. There are far more Solyndra type disasters over there than in the United States. Even with Barack Obama in charge, Americans simply aren’t as gullible, or tolerant of these scam artists. But make no mistake, rabid liberals have effected America’s energy policy for decades, much to the detriment of all of humanity.

What’s even sadder, is there are vast reserves of oil, and especially natural gas, all over Europe. A significant portion of those reserves are only accessible through fracking, and even though hydraulic fracturing has a decades long record of safe use, the zealots have been attacking the practice and calling natural gas, the cleanest burning fuel we’re going to get a “dirty fuel.” The ignorant among us believe them.

It’s insane.

British Prime Minister David Cameron has been leading the fight against the European Union, which is looking to ban fracking, and open up Great Britain’s reserves. So far he is winning. The zealots are angry and on the attack though.

Great Britain, and Europe in general, don’t have the incredible energy reserves the United States has, or even the more modest reserves of the Middle East, but they have significant enough reserves to make Russia irrelevant for quite some time.

Energy independence is key to humans’ overall Liberty and Freedom. If Europe wasn’t beholden to Russia, and Putin, the Free people of Ukraine wouldn’t have their lives in constant peril. Europe would be in a much better position to stand up to evil.

This, of course, is the lesson for the United States. We have more oil and natural gas in reserve than any nation on earth. We have more shale oil in the United States than all of the rest of the world combined. [known, recoverable reserves of 2.3 TRILLION barrels, to be exact] More oil than all of the oil consumed, world wide, since the Petroleum Age began!

God gave the human race vast natural resources. Resources He intended for us to use! Obviously we must use these resources wisely, and in a responsible manner, but not using them is immoral. Not using our God-given resources is something that enables and emboldens evil around the world.

The radical left likes to say religion is the root of all evil, and the cause of all wars, but the fact is, energy has been the driving force behind every civilized nation’s foreign policy for at least 100 years. The United States bases most of it’s foreign policy on oil. We put up with the hi-jinx from countries like Saudi Arabia, and outright terrorism from others, because our leaders tell us we need them for oil. We fund evil people all over the world, because our leaders do not want us to be energy independent. We aid evil world wide, because the radicals, the extremists, do not want any energy exploration, and harvestation, any time, anywhere.

The radical environmental extremists and global warning con men work 24/7 to stop the United States from becoming 100% energy independent, even though we have the reserves that would make us independent for the next 500 years!

Barack Obama has especially been a burden on civilization, and declared war on all American energy long ago, deciding instead, to give billions of tax payer dollars to fly-by-night scam artists who start “green companies and go bankrupt almost as soon as those tax dollars hit their bank accounts!

It would be simple to chalk this up to the left’s absolute hatred for America, and their wish to take our great nation “down a notch” but that’s not the whole picture. Many of these extremist see man, and mankind as the enemy of the planet, and want millions to be eliminated, to “save” the earth. Some of the environmental zealots actually believe the nonsense they spew. It’s a failure of our educational system that liberals simply don’t understand basic science, and you can blame genetics that liberals are born without the common sense gene.

When Free nations don’t use their abundant God-given natural resources, and instead depend on some of the most evil regimes on earth for their needs, all of humanity suffers. Untold millions of people are enslaved by evil because we allow the rabid left, the environmental extremists, and the global warming scam artists to set energy policy, instead of people who actually understand science, geopolitics, and human nature.

We must demand leadership that understands and advocates for America’s ability to be energy independent, and will take the message of energy independence world wide, and encourage Free nations around the world to do the same.

Energy is what the world runs on. Energy is the one commodity that no one on earth can do without. Energy from oil and natural gas. Someone, someday might come up with a commercially viable alternative to this, but so far no one has, and it’s time for the Free world’s leaders to come to grips with reality!

More people are being enslaved and endangered because of wrongheaded energy policy than anything else or any other governmental policy in the world.

As that noted and beloved statesman from Wasilla, Alaska is fond of saying, it’s time for America [and the free world] to “Drill baby, drill!” [And frack baby frack!]



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2 responses to “Environment Extremists, Global Warming Con Men, Rabid Liberalism Enabled Putin’s Ukrainian Play

  1. Christopher Fromme

    We have no leadership in DC. Just by the threat of shipping natural gas to the EU from Texas & PA that would have an impact. Per the link I sent Isabel

    • Gary P Jackson

      Oh indeed! I think the USA needs to become 100% energy independent first, but yeah, we could shape world geopolitics from now on, if we just did it.

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