Obama Says Health Care Isn’t Expensive Just “Prioritize” and Shut Off Your Cable and Cell Phone!

Dr Evil Affordable Care Act

By Gary P Jackson

On March 6, at a town hall meeting event for Spanish speaking media, to promote ObamaCare, President Obama was challenged by a viewer who wanted to know how low income families were supposed to pay for this outrageous monstrosity that he and his democrat party have created.

When asked about the economics of being forced to buy ObamaCare, which requires Americans to buy excessive coverage they neither want nor need, rather than allowing them to purchase more targeted policies, such as hospitalization, and accident coverage, all of which are now ILLEGAL, Obama responded that people just need to PRIORITIZE, and you know, give up luxury items like cable TV and cell phones!

Listen to this jackass:


The President responded that “if you looked at their cable bill, their telephone, their cell phone bill… it may turn out that, it’s just they haven’t prioritized health care.” He added that if a family member gets sick, the father “will wish he had paid that $300 a month.

This is one arrogant S.O.B!

When people tell you Barack Obama isn’t evil, just refer them to this little slice of his “benevolence.”

Here’s a guy that spends more time on the golf course, than at work, and will never have to work a day for the rest of his worthless life, telling struggling Americans how to cope with the evil that he, Barack Obama, has visited on them. This is simply incredible.

The Libre Initiative, provider of the video, were not amused, and rightly point out that insurance premiums have skyrocketed thanks to ObamaCare, and all of the mandated coverages. For example, elderly couples are forced to have maternity coverage, despite being well past child bearing age, and young people are forced to pay for coverage that only the elderly need!

According to the National Center for Public Policy Research, the health care law is reducing choice and increasing premiums for millions of Americans. Ehealthinsurance reports that consumers are paying an average of 39% more than they did before the law was implemented. The high cost of policies is contributing to the continued weak enrollment numbers under the law, which are now showing signs of decreasing with less than 3 weeks left to enroll. When he sought the Presidency, Mr. Obama said his plan would deliver affordable care that people would be “desperate” to purchase.

Daniel Garza, Executive Director of The LIBRE Initiative released the following statement:

If the President actually believes that a family earning less than $40,000 per year can afford nearly $4,000 in health insurance premiums, then he truly does not understand middle-income families. Americans do not need the President to tell them how to budget their households. People are already cutting back on things like cable television and cell phones, just to compensate for an awful economy.This President promised he would deliver on affordable health care. Instead, premiums are up, out-of-pocket expenses are up, and overall cost of living is up. The President simply doesn’t get it. And his condescending attitude adds insult to injury.”

The Obama regime has responded to the fervor by saying if people can’t afford ObamaCare they should just sign up for Medicaid!

I have a feeling most of our readers have read the case study by communists Cloward and Piven on how to destroy the United States by loading up the welfare roles and creating unsustainable debt. If you haven’t, I strongly encourage you to do so. Barack Obama is following these the plans two heroes of the democrat party to the letter.

There need to be a reckoning, and it needs to come soon.



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