Sean Seibert for Congress District 18. You’ll Never Guess Who He’s Running Against, Texas. He Could Beat Her, Too!



Like Reagan.. “I’ll campaign for anyone who we agree on at least 70%.” 

By Isabel Matos

Tea Party Patriots in Texas wants you to help get the word out that the idiot in their 18th district village, Sheila Jackson, can be replaced with an exciting Republican leader called Sean Seibert. Although it has been a  democratic stronghold, he did well enough in 2012 to be optimistic about his chances of winning this year. Just g.e.t. t.h.e. w.o.r.d. o.u.t.

Sharon Grissom Fisher was an enthusiatic supporter in 2012 and is closely involved in Sean’s campaign 2014.  Her emphasis is to get his name out there, his military background, and make this a statewide issue concerning ALL Texans not just those in district 18. Volunteers are needed to energize their efforts.

This is Sean Seibert. Who is he? Well, he will be running against Sheila Jackson Lee in November. Sheila is not just an embarrassment to the 18th Congressional District. She is an embarrassment to the entire state of Texas. I think she can be beat as there are conservative pockets in the 18th. I also believe that she is re-elected because so many in the 18th vote straight Democrat. We need to get the word out that you can actually vote straight ticket and change one of those indicated. We also need to publicize Sean. Many who vote according to their race are also patriotic Americans who would be impressed with our guy.  Three things to remember:

1.  The campaign needs all Texans, not just those District 18 to back Sean.

2.  The campaign needs your money for an onslaught of TV commercials.

3.  You can vote straight Democrat and change one choice indicated.

sean and ted

For more information click on his name or the Tea Party Patriots link provided above. It’s time to change the dim bulb that IS Sheila Jackson who said the constitution was 400 years old (hilariously sad), with a bright new one for Houston.  I am not ENDORSING Sean Seibert. I am passing along information that may be helpful. Mr. Seibert is straightforward and honest. He admires Sarah Palin, spoke glowingly of her experience and record in Alaska, and would not oppose her support of his campaign, but would like the endorsement of someone who can connect with minorities in his district. I found that interesting. He feels her appeal to Hispanics is not what he needs strategically. I respectfully differ from his view because I AM Hispanic and would vote for anyone she endorsed in a heartbeat. The break down is about 34% Hispanic 29% Black and 25% White.

Sean Seibert, thank you for taking the time to share your views. It was a pleasure. I wish you the best in unseating Sheila Jackson this November. Here is the clip of our conversation this afternoon followed by your Republican vows: 


 I  added this must-see clip for those in District 18 who voted for Jackson before:

H/T Glenn Selan for the story lead


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6 responses to “Sean Seibert for Congress District 18. You’ll Never Guess Who He’s Running Against, Texas. He Could Beat Her, Too!

  1. As a resident of TX18, I would dearly love to oust Sheila Jackson Lee. She’s living proof that liberalism is a mental disorder.

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