Thad Cochran Hands Gift to McDaniel: Still Has No Idea What This Tea Party Thing Is. Mississippi Showdown June 3


By Isabel Matos

After five long years Cochran says: “I didn’t know much about the Tea Party.”

It’s getting close to crunch time and Cochran just handed McDaniel a marvelous gift that should be his campaign slogan until the June 3rd Missippee showdown.  If anything says “I am the establishment you are trying to get rid of” it is this.  It reminds me of the tune we used to sing and wave gleefully to the losing team at high school games: “Na na na na.  Na na na na. Hey hey hey… Goodbye.. !”

I’ve seen a lot of stupid things said by the GOP in recent years, but this has to win the merit badge dumbest of all. Lately. It does show how out of the touch and arrogant Cochran is.  Barbour is doing everything possible to help Cochran. True colors are showing now in Mississippee!  Good riddance, is all I have to say to Cochran and Good Luck to Chris McDaniel!  Show your support HERE.

Thad Cochran was not even aware that Sarah Palin had endorsed Chris McDaniel. He was unaware she did so because of his conservative  principles. Cochran must be in his loft in D.C. somewhere saying “principles? what principles?” between calls to Barbour and other “helpers” to save him.

Mark Levin and The Tea Party Patriots Fund have also endorsed Chris McDaniel. This is the fight we’re fighting: Establishment vs. Grassroots (or as I like to put it Government vs. the People.)  Not even a Hail Mary will save Thad I think.

mississippi race

More on former Governor’s Haley Barbour’s  involvement in this race: HERE

More on  Thad Cochran’s Statement in Breitbart article.

More on Missippippe election in Politico HERE.


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3 responses to “Thad Cochran Hands Gift to McDaniel: Still Has No Idea What This Tea Party Thing Is. Mississippi Showdown June 3

  1. iizthatiiz

    Am looking forward to the Governor’s Alabama visit next month. Am hopeful she will weigh in more forcefully on the southern primaries. Wishful thinking would be a McDaniel rally around that time that could draw a few thousand like-minded folk. That might end the media blackout the McDaniel campaign is currently trying to fight thru.

    Funny you should mention the ‘Steam’ classic. I’ve long had this recurring vision of leading the crowd in a vocal rendition of that song as 0bama has to sit there and take it, as our preference for next president prepares to take the oath. (na na na na … na na na na ….. Hey Hey..Hey … Goodbye!) .. I just dream of that chant resonating around the country on the next inauguration.

  2. Tyler

    Really great post. Honestly unbelievable. I just have a quick question – please email me back at your earliest convenience. Thanks.

    • Isabel Matos

      Unreal isn’t it. I think they outdo each other all the time. The GOPe is its own worst competition in how pathetic and out of touch they can be. We’ve got a winner, though. Jeb Bush thinks he can run for president and win. I guess he thinks he could .. why else run? Nuts.

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