Sarah Palin Stumps for LIZBETH BENACQUISTO for Congress District Florida Thursday, April 3rd, 2014.

by Isabel Matos

Sarah’s Amazing America was tonight and I missed it.  That is because I just got back from my trip to Naples after a busy two days. There was not much time to plan a trip to see Sarah again (I was thinking about going to Alabama later this month) but when opportunity calls.. you have to adjust to fulfill your duty.  And quickly. I had family close-by so I packed my things and spent the night in Fort Myers.

I was at the Barbecue for Lizbeth Benacquisto. The event took place from 5:30 to 7:00 p.m.  Sarah spoke at around 6:15 p.m.

Sarah Palin gave an animated, to-the-point speech where she spoke of how we have to send leaders to Washington to get rid of the status quo, saying Florida has its share of controversies, too. There was a pleased response by the crowd.

After a brief interview with Wink media Sarah then got ready to serve us dinner. That is what she is great at. Mingling and just making people feel good. (I had two chances to engage in conversation because I forgot to take my plate to be served the first time. My focus was on the two wonderful ladies behind the stainless steel serving trays with yummy pork.) The first thing I did this time (unlike the last where I was quiet) was tell her that I loved her.  I had also thanked her for all she does after her speech but that wasn’t taped.


The person who taped me, bless her heart.. got almost everything in the first conversation. I put Sarah’s speech first in the tape as it was the main attraction.

I did include in the tape what I said to Lizbeth directly, and in front of Sarah: I was there because Sarah endorsed her, adding that I would do as much as I could and get as many people involved in her campaign as possible until the primary APRIL 22nd. In round 2, I had a comment for Sarah that was unfortunately not captured in the video either. If you could see the look on Sarah’s face when I mentioned what are we going to do about the “Senior status quo” in Kentucky? I added, “Junior” is not helping much. She nodded in agreement (probably for my “Senior” comment), uttering “I know”.

Who am I to say anything to her about Rand, but it was in my heart, and I really hope she shakes things up there (in true Sarah Palin style, without burning bridges), I do! My day was over at that point.

I had the delicious pork and beans and darted out of there as night would fall. I had a long 2 1/2 hours drive back home, write the article and publish the tape.

You will see in the pictures how nicely dressed and upscale the guests and supporters were. Hopefully Lizbeth will raise the money she needs to beat that really rich snob and self-proclaimed Conservative, Curt Clawson. Clawson may have money but he isn’t a classy guy. There were Clawson signs as you entered the trail that led to the private road which was inaccessible to everyone. It reminded me of a comment by the server at a  French bakery who I had a chat with on the way up to Fort Myers. She happened to be the owner and was interested in the barbecue for Lizbeth. She said she didn’t want to say it straight out, but thought that Clawson came off as a “jerk” and expressed how glad she was that someone was supporting Lizbeth because she thought she had a good felling about her and thought she was more likable.

Lizbeth is making news there. Even my family knows her as their daughters go to the same school together. The invitation which had been printed in the local paper is the one I used to get there.

The media, though, twisted some things as you will see in two reports I added to the clip at the end. They are from a CBS affiliate, Wink News. What a wrong depiction about what really is happening! (They always try to create division.) The TEA PARTY has sometimes been usurped by Republicans who don’t understand what establishment is, and in this case, there was a complete distortion that Sarah was endorsing the status quo candidate. Unreal.

I have to commend the team that put this together almost overnight. I am always in awe and admiration of the event coordinators who have to deal with dozens of issues that come up last minute. Abby was my contact. She was wonderful. I have nothing but great things to say about Lizbeth’s team.  PLEASE SUPPORT her any way you can. She is a genuinely nice person.





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14 responses to “Sarah Palin Stumps for LIZBETH BENACQUISTO for Congress District Florida Thursday, April 3rd, 2014.

  1. It was almost like being there, Isabel! You’re to be commended for :walking the walk” (and HOW!!) in your pursuit of the Sarah Palin Endorsement Caravan! We who live so far away appreciate your in-person meetings and then sharing those few words you have with her. Thanks again!

    • Isabel Matos

      Thank you! You’re awesome and people like you make it all worth it. You support the right things. You are supportive of those who support the right things. And you keep authentic by keeping things right like your name. lOl 🙂

      • Wish we could all vote for her, too! But let’s hope that the word gets out all over the district that “she’s the one!” Every week we’re meeting – online – more & more great candidates; it’s beginning to look like Conservatives are coming on like gangbusters this year!

      • Isabel Matos

        Going to get done. Stay tuned!

  2. Isabel rocks and rolls !!

  3. Gary P Jackson

    Great report Isabel!

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  5. Chris Jefferson

    Outstanding report, Isabel. Loved your tape. The camera never blinks, and it brings out the real Palin. I thought it also brought out the quiet self-confidence of Benacquisto, as well.

    FL-19 is a dogfight. That’s just the way politics is out there. Mean, and to the point. You got Sarah’s retail skills down pat. Well done!

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