Ground Zero Mosque Will Not Be Built.


by AWR HAWKINS Breitbart News

The Ground Zero Mosque, which caused such a stir in 2010 because of its close proximity to the very spot where Americans were attacked by Islamists on 9/11, is being demolished.

And the person demolishing it is the same person who argued for its existence–Sharif El-Gamel.

According to Yahoo News, El-Gamel is a real estate developer who discovered there was no money to be made via the Ground Zero Mosque. He said the project suffered from “a lack of financial support from the Muslim community.”

A consultant who works closely with El-Gamel said the developer simply “couldn’t raise the funds” without help from the Muslim community.

Besides the lack of money, a piece of one of the planes that hit the WTC towers was recently discovered on the property on which the mosque was being built. These both contribute to a situation in which El-Gamel “seems to be in such a rush to do the job that he has filed for the permits [to demolish] before he actually becomes the…owner” of the building.”

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6 responses to “Ground Zero Mosque Will Not Be Built.

  1. I read this on another website (Atlas Shrugs or BNI?), but there was a warning: Not yet time for celebration, because (apparently) other powerful/wealthy Muslim sources were planning to buy the property (after demolition) and then build another mosque! I wish I remembered more details, but the gist of the article was, “This was no time for celebration; other plans may be afoot!”

    • Isabel Matos

      I did not give an opinion on this, but I DID publish the update (and happily) on Ground Zero to keep the story out there, given the fuss I made about it last year. All the credit goes to the writer at Breitbart. In any case, I am sure there will be comments there about what was written, maybe even the link; if not, thanks for the heads up anyway. I am fascinated with this story. Demolishing the mosque at Ground Zero would be just fine with me!

  2. Jim Thompson

    Wonderful! Praise Jesus on this joyous Palm Sunday.

  3. I am sure Chuck Schmuer, OBAMA, Dinowitz,Engel and Mrs Clinton (loves Arafat’s wife) will try to get a bill passed under the fair building amendment to give federal funding to build this temple

    As Mrs Bama stated “Hell we spent more then 148 BILLION on vacations how much could this structure cost”

    Mrs Clinton when asked about the cost stated “What difference does it make”

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