6 A.m.a.z.i.n.g Pictures of Sarah Palin at Orange Beach, AL, Friday 4/25/2014.

just sarah 2

By Isabel Matos

This gallery is by Brian Kelly | bkelly@al.com:  Former Alaska Gov Sarah Palin addresses several hundred people at The Conference Center at The Wharf in Orange Beach on Friday, April 25, 2014.

Just sarah 1

sarah alabama

sarah AL 1

sarah smile 1

just sarah 3

just sarah 4

one more

Okay I found one more.. couldn’t resist. Turns out it’s my favorite one!

not this one

Just one more.. so that makes the total 9. There’s never enough of Sarah!



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10 responses to “6 A.m.a.z.i.n.g Pictures of Sarah Palin at Orange Beach, AL, Friday 4/25/2014.

  1. We can agree to disagree. Sarah Palin’s a very attractive woman, but this selection of photos looks ordinary to substandard to me. Each one features inadequate lighting and excess shadow, and some are out of focus. It looks either like she’s got fireplace soot on her face, or that she’s telling ghost stories. Photos 3 and 5 have the mic sticking up into her face across the lips, a compositional violation no professional publication would accept.

  2. lLook at the butt ugly excuse for being a “female” demcraps

    Feinstein, Clinton, Albright, Reno , Pelosi, boxer, spitzer,, O’ Donnell, Mrs Bama then ask yourself why are so many democrap husbands are whore mongers and why do these women have so little self esteem that they stay with these degenerates .

    Mrs Clinton known murderer, pathological liar, thief and constantly refuses to be drug tested and has selective amnesia

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