~ Where is Gary ~

Before I get back into full campaign mode for the next post, I just want to let you, our readers, know that many have been asking me about Gary lately.

This is what I know:

He is at an undisclosed location doing undisclosed things to get back an undisclosed time to continue writing the awesome articles which we all miss.

You can find him on Twitter from time to time, but this is a perfect opportunity to peruse his articles since he started here. They are all still relevant and very informative. It’s about quality, not quantity. That is why he is in part such a great publisher, editor and writer. The other part is, Gary hates injustice and defends underdogs with all his heart and might. We’re about that, too: Justice! It is no wonder – he comes from a lineage of fighters dating all the way back to the Alamo!

Shhh… please don’t tell him I wrote this. He would hate for me to be bragging about him this way or making this much fuss because he is truly a generous patriot and humble warrior and everything will be fine and we want to respect his privacy; but if I don’t say it, maybe it won’t get done.. so if you get a chance, please lift him in your prayers for continued recovery.

Thanks for reading.


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7 responses to “~ Where is Gary ~

  1. C.A. Bamford

    Thanks, Isabel. I’m glad Gary is taking some time to slow down a bit.

  2. I consider Gary a great ePal friend and will be more than happy to send prayers for good health and continued warrior duty!

  3. Amy (Runningdeer)

    I hope Gary is okay, have been knowing him since 2008. I miss reading his writing. Have been out the loop for a while, but always checking to see what he is writing. Many Prayers and Blessings to a Great Man. Also much love sent his way.

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