Now THIS is What I Call “Access Hollywood” ~ Sorry Extra ~ Mario Lopez IS A Lucky Guy!

By Isabel Matos

Penetrating the culture is such an important part of Sarah’s mission. Andrew Breitbart said it best: that the GOPe would have to transcend that to compete with her, and guess what? She is definitely doing it all. I still don’t know what  Mario Lopez did to deserve this but it sure is fun watching him enjoy his visit in Alaska.  Please RT the tweets below to start getting the media used to the culture changing.. and that we are a part of it this time.  Pop culture matters!

sarah and mario lopez

Last month Mario Lopez met with Sarah and Todd Palin who hosted Sportsman Channel’s “Iditarod Unleashed” the Monday following the interview.

H/T Lynda for Twitchy Page Lead


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8 responses to “Now THIS is What I Call “Access Hollywood” ~ Sorry Extra ~ Mario Lopez IS A Lucky Guy!

  1. Jim Thompson

    Un-Flippant-believable! First, earlier this week, Our so-called ally, ‘National Review,’ slams our ‘Patriotic Warrior Princess,’ Sarah Palin for her Waterboarding terrorist comments she made at The NRA gathering last weekend. Today, Mario Lopez goes up to Wasilla, AK to visit Sarah Palin and her family for an interview. This is treated as an auspicious occasion. Well, it’s safe to say that out of Robert Greene’s book ‘The 48 Laws Of Power.’, Sarah Palin’s observing ‘The 2nd Law Of Power:’ Never Put Too Much Trust In Friends, Learn How To Use Enemies.’ Now, don’t get me wrong, some Republicans, at least the Conservative ones treat her with respect, while others won’t give her the light of day at any time whatsoever. Sarah Palin sometimes has to go in enemy territory, look him in the eyes and speak her mind. A great mark of a true leader. I’m still sky high on her performance on ‘The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon.’ All of this has got to have some of the rhinos scratching their heads. Go figure.

    I Stand with Sarah Palin!!!

    • Isabel Matos

      That is so well said! Mark Levin took care of the NRO guy! I loved it. The link is around .. Great stuff. About penetrating the culture.. If you get a chance go check out some of my youtube clips.. The one where Andrew talks about Sarah getting it is called: Sarah Palin at Souteastern University. It was done last year in March just to give you an idea. Everything he said she is doing. You should be able to find it. If you don’t let me know. I’ll check this update and can give you the link. Im not Sarah. I do need a little break, lOl! Even if for two or three days. This week was stellar and the visit above just made it even better. She’s doing it all. And some..

  2. Awesome article…thanks loved it!

  3. Good article. Mario is from my home town Chula Vista where I live. I have met his brother and some of his family and even been to their house. Mario is a good guy and understands business. Did you know Dick Clark was his mentor. She invited him up the last time and he took her up on it and probably had a blast. We are pretty Conservation here in Southern California. We have Darrell Issa, Duncan Hunter Jr., Roger Hedgcock who hosted for Rush back in the day. Googel a California map and see that we are red here. LA and San Fran are the most liberal in the state and have taken over probably by cheating as they usually do. We used to have Bob Filner as our Senator He had the Big Unions Teacher and others backing him and you all know how that ended. She is not just preaching to the choir and she is taking it to them. That is our Girl

    • Isabel Matos

      Thanks for all the information! I don’t know about Issa being Conservative (so much to say about him.. not a day to do so). Anyway, since it’s a fun post, I think it’s great that Dick Clark was his mentor. Mario was struggling to find work a few years back (he had that reality show with his wife.. it was short but he was having a hard time.) I think he either changed agents or just got lucky. Who would not love to do what he did for a day. The weather looked awesome, too.

      Thanks for coming by as well. California is beautiful, just a shame it’s been ruined by progressives. Have a grrrrreat weekend!

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