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Google Ignores Memorial Day [Again] Honors Environmental Extremist-Mass Murderer Rachel Carson Today

google rachel c

By Gary P Jackson


On Monday, when Americans honored those who gave the last full measure of devotion, Google, who routinely uses it’s homepage and modifies it’s iconic logo to celebrate obscure people and events, once again ignored a holiday considered sacred by many.

As Jim Hoft at Gateway Pundit noted yesterday: Last year Google chose Easter Sunday to honor Communist Cesar Chavez, instead of Jesus Christ, and just last week, Google celebrated the 40th anniversary of the Rubik’s Cube. And yet, on Memorial Day, Google’s homepage was simply their generic logo, and nothing more.

Also noted in the article at Gateway Pundit is the nation’s other main search engine, Bing.

Bing never misses a chance to honor those who keep us safe and Free. While Google routinely ignores the D-Day anniversaries, and other significant days we celebrate our brave men and women who serve, Bing never does. They always have beautifully put together images on their home page to honor those who give their all for you and I.

It’s not like Bing is the bastion of Conservatism either. In fact, their searches routinely net a decidedly left wing bias when it comes to news that you see first on any given issue. Look up any major Conservative figure, and you’ll be inundated with left wing extremism for your trouble! Even so, Bing knows what is important to the American people, and always gives our heroes the respect they have earned.

Google is troubling to me simply because it couldn’t exist without the sacrifice of those they choose to ignore. If you keep up with world events, you know Google is being forced to censor itself all over the world, bowing to the pressures of truly fascist regimes in order to stay in business, something Google does with little protest.

Google has become a multi-billion dollar company because of the blood spilled and lives lost by our brave men and women in the military. The men and women Google refuses to honor. Without these heroes’ sacrifices, Google wouldn’t enjoy the Liberty and Freedom needed to operate.

This is a free country. Google can do as it wishes, but as Google is run by radical leftists, it’s a look into the Anti-American mindset of your average liberal 1%’er.

It’s telling that while Google ignores those who have gave all to keep them safe and Free, they go out of their way to honor every obscure left wing extremist, giving top billing to the enemies of America, and the enemies of humanity, which brings us to Google’s honoree of the day, environmental extremist Rachael Carson:

Some may call me shrill [or other names] for describing Rachael Carson a mass murderer, but the fact is, thanks to the lies and propaganda she pushed, thanks to her environmental extremism, between 80 and 100 MILLION Africans are dead. Murdered by the policies put in place by vicious, rabid liberals. Every single one of these 80 to 100 MILLION deaths were needless, and preventable. One.Hundred. Percent. Preventable. These men, women, and children were sacrificed in order to advance the extremist, anti-human agenda that is universal among liberals.

So who was Carson?

Rachel Louise Carson was an American marine biologist and conservationist whose book Silent Spring and other writings are credited with advancing the global environmental movement

Silent Spring, published in 1962, is packed full of nonsensical rants, and conclusions about the environment and man’s interaction with it, all based on fatally flawed “science,” junk science, if you will. Oh, hell, why be nice about it. The whole thing was straight up bullshit! And the entire radical environmental movement is based on this work of fiction, this outright bullshit!

The most evil thing to come out of Silent Spring were the outright lies about life saving pesticides and their effect on wildlife, especially birds.

In Carson’s book, she sites tests on mice, using food treated with DDT.

DDT was, and is the most effective tool used to kill mosquitoes. Mosquitoes that carry malaria and kill TWO MILLION people every single year. Two million deaths that are 100% preventable, if not for the anti-human policies that have been put in place by vicious, rabid liberals, using bullshit instead of actual science.

Here’s the thing, the mice used in testing DID come down with cancer, causing ignorant, gullible people, who’ll fall for any crack-pot nonsense that is put in front of them, to lose their shit, and panic! BUT, and this is a BIG BUT, it was found that the food used in these tests was ALREADY tainted with aflatoxin, a known carcinogen! The mice were fed moldy food. Imagine that.

When the tests were repeated, less the cancer causing mold, NO MICE became cancerous, despite mega-doses of DDT, doses far higher than any, mouse, bird, or man, would encounter naturally during the course of their lifetime, even in areas where DDT was being used heavily to save the lives of HUMANS.

Didn’t matter, the anti-human extremists and the environmental loons were convinced, and their ignorance and emotions trumped science and truth.

Something many may not know, is that Paul Hermann Müller, the celebrated inventor who created DDT, won the Nobel Peace Prize for his discovery that DDT was the world’s most effective tool at killing mosquitoes and saving millions of lives annually. Norman Borlaug another Nobel Prize winner [back when these things actually meant something] who is credited with saving a billion people from starvation by creating “dwarf wheat” was a strong voice AGAINST the banning of DDT, noting the science was junk and the cost of human life too great to contemplate. A celebrated environmentalist himself, Borlaug was quite angry at the extremists. Sadly, once again, the extremists and the loons won out over actual science and common sense.

A while back there was an article in, of all places, Cracked magazine that highlighted the The 5 Most Ridiculously Over-Hyped Health Scares of All Time. Mixing humor and facts, the author sought to point out just how easily ignorant people are swayed by extremists armed, not with facts, but an agenda.

While all of the truth behind ALL of these scares will amaze, and anger you, DDT comes in at Number One!

****Language Warning****

If you’re looking for another reason to hate that hippie friend of yours that won’t shut up about the plight of every plant, animal and insect in danger of extinction, DDT is a good place to start.

Widely considered the first major victory of the environmentalist movement, DDT was banned from use in most applications thanks to a series of insanely half-assed scientific experiments and a book about birds. That book, Silent Spring, was released in 1962 and argued that DDT was not only a carcinogen, but also damaging to wildlife and, especially, certain birds. The public, upon hearing about the possibility of having to live in a world without peregrine falcons and ospreys, did what it does best in situations like this–they lost their shit without a second thought.

Soon, pesticides were the cause du jour for environmentalists and average folks that believe whatever the hell they read, and DDT was banned in 1972. The problem was, the science quoted in the book was all kinds of faulty. One scientific study that purported to show that DDT exposure led to a higher incidence of leukemia in mice was later proven to be more than a little tainted. Turns out, the mice in the experiment were fed moldy food that contained aflatoxin, a known carcinogen. When the test was repeated minus the rancid food, the test results were exactly the same, except without all of the leukemia and stuff.

As for the birds, Audubon Society studies showed that 26 different kinds of birds actually increased in population during DDT’s heyday. In cases where bird populations did decline, it was revealed that in most cases the decline began either well before widespread use of DDT began or years after it was banned. Environmentalists dispute the findings, but on the other hand … who gives a fuck about the damn birds?

Especially considering …

In 1972, DDT killed fewer people than …


… Fucking malaria.

See, what many people don’t know about DDT is that the person who discovered that it could be used as a pesticide actually won a Nobel Peace Prize. Why? Because it was kind of effective in fighting malaria. When spraying of DDT stopped in Ceylon (present day Sri Lanka), malaria cases rose from 17 in 1963 to 2.5 goddamn million in 1969, an increase of approximately a bajillion fofillion percent. And to this day, the mosquito remains the deadliest killer Mother Nature has to offer, with a confirmed 2 million kills per year.

Lets look at and highlight part of that last paragraph once again:

When spraying of DDT stopped in Ceylon (present day Sri Lanka), malaria cases rose from 17 in 1963 to 2.5 goddamn million in 1969.

Let that sink in a minute.

The fact is, without harm to wildlife, or people, DDT had effectively wiped malaria from the face of the earth!

Malaria once one of the worst diseases man faced, killing millions, was, statistically, eliminated.

Those who created and used DDT were given the highest honors by those who bestow such things on others. DDT was and is a true miracle of modern science.

Those in charge of pushing to have DDT and other pesticides banned knew the facts. These rabid lunatics CHOSE to sacrifice between 80 and 100 MILLION HUMAN BEINGS to advance their extremist agenda.

Of course almost all of those sacrificed at the alter of liberalism and environmental extremism were, and are, BLACK.

According to the World Heath Organization, 90% of all malaria deaths occur in the poorest regions of Africa. Areas kept poor by liberal elites who DO NOT want to see vibrant economies rise in Africa. Also, according to the WHO, a child in this region dies every 30 seconds from malaria. Every single one of these deaths are 100% preventable.

Let THAT sink in, …

… and remember it every time some democrat tells you they care about children, or that one of their vicious Anti-American programs are “for the children.”

With an innocent African child dying every 30 seconds from a 100% preventable disease, a disease whose cure has been BANNED by liberals, it’s 100% true that democrats don’t give a flying fuck about children!

These vicious, rabid liberals use “climate change” and talk of growing “carbon footprints” and of course the always popular “impending doom” in order to enact policies that keep poor Africans poor. Liberals have no more problem sentencing Africans to a lifetime of poverty, and certain death, than they have sentencing blacks in America to that same kind of life in poverty and despair.

When one looks at the democrat party’s long institutionalized embrace of hate and racism, and then look at the racist policies liberals put in place world wide, it’s easy to understand that liberalism is, indeed, the greatest evil mankind has ever faced.

The democrat party, the party of the KKK, and Jim Crow, absolutely WORSHIPS Margaret Sanger.

Sanger, who founded Planned Parenthood, and dedicated her life to wiping the Negro Race off the face of the earth, is a hero to democrats. Hillary Clinton, when receiving the “coveted” Margaret Sanger Award a few years back called Sanger who once called blacks “human weeds that needed to be eliminated” a “hero“. Former Speaker of the House, liberal extremist Nancy Pelosi was this year’s Sanger Award winner. Pelosi took the occasion to heap praise on the 20th Century eugenicist, who, along with her contemporaries, inspired Hitler and Mengele’s quest to create a “Master German Race.”

To democrats Planned Parenthood is the Holy Church, and abortion their Holy Sacrament.

Democrats champion the slaughter of 1.5 MILLION innocent babies every single year. That’s murder on an industrial scale, but as horrific as this is, the next statistic is truly sickening. Out of those 1.5 MILLION, a full one third [500,000] of those innocent children are black. The ONLY words for this are Black Genocide and Ethnic Cleansing.

In New York City, more black babies are slaughtered at abortion mills than allowed to be born alive!

Again, do not EVER allow a democrat to get away with claiming they give a damn about children again!

In the 1990s we saw massive ethnic cleansing in the Balkins. President Bill Clinton sent troops to stop this. American heroes died trying to end the horror of ethnic cleansing. President Clinton was praised for taking a stand. And yet, while brave Americans were dying there, Bill and Hillary Clinton were partying with their Planned Parenthood buddies who were engaged in ethnic cleansing, black genocide, on a far larger scale, right here, at home in America! That takes a special kind of evil.

Americans become angered and ready to go to war when we see atrocities like genocide and ethnic cleaning in OTHER countries, but allow democrats to get away with labeling the mass slaughter of blacks in this country as “reproductive rights” and “a woman’s right to choose.” It’s all bullshit, and it’s all pure goddamned evil!

What does this have to do with Rachael Carson, DDT, and 80 to 100 MILLION dead Africans? Well, allowing these Africans to die a 100 percent preventable death is no different than murdering innocent children in America’s abortion mills. Both are a form of ethnic cleansing. Both are little more than Black Genocide.

That black in America still votes overwhelmingly for democrats, the very people whose stated policy is their mass extinction, is something I will never, ever understand!

Liberalism is the greatest evil mankind has ever faced. There are no better examples of this than the extremist environmental policies that have murdered 80 to 100 MILLION Africans, using nothing more than bullshit and junk science as justification.

The next time you see an ad from clowns dressed up in mosquito costumes soliciting donations to purchase mosquito nets or children featured in ads looking for donations for medications to TREAT malaria, remember, this is an entirely 100% avoidable disease that is being kept alive by liberals, and is murdering MILLIONS of black people annually!

Millions are dying in Africa every year because of vicious, rabid extremists like Rachael Carson, who Google honors today, after ignoring the American Hero on Memorial Day.

What else needs to be said?


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Sarah Palin: Please Never Forget the Meaning of Memorial Day

Cost of Freedom

By Sarah Palin:

Enjoy this long, glorious spring weekend, and please never forget the true meaning of Memorial Day. We set this time aside to honor the men and women who for generations have ensured our safety and our ability to spend a day like this in freedom and peace. They are more than just names on gravestones in national cemeteries and battlefields. They were someone’s child, sibling, spouse, parent, and friend. As President Reagan said, on Memorial Day we remember “those who were loved and who, in return, loved their countrymen enough to die for them.”

Thank you, God, for instilling the passion for freedom in these patriots. Thank you for equipping America with the resources to defend the liberty You have given us.

Please remember our active veterans today as well as those who have fallen. Every American should feel outrage at any injustice done to our veterans seeking what was promised them when they volunteered to defend the homeland. They are owed the health care they have already paid for. Friends, be determined to right the wrongs our vets face today.

President Lincoln knew our military heroes as “those who gave the last full measure of devotion” for our freedom; let’s continue Lincoln’s legacy of respect and always keep faith with our veterans. They, more than any, deserve our country’s unending respect and gratitude.

Memorial Day Tombstones

(photo by Meghan McCarthy)


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The Last Full Measure of Devotion

Memorial-Day Greater Love Has No One

By Gary P Jackson

Since the birth of this great nation, brave men, and women, have given what has been called the last full measure of devotion, as they protected the Republic from her enemies, in the name of Liberty and Freedom.

I always stand in silent awe when I first see a man or woman in uniform. These brave souls volunteer their very lives to make sure you and I can live our lives without the fear of conflict and violence that millions around the world deal with on a daily basis. These heroes are the ones who run towards danger, knowing they stand a chance of never coming back.

I always stand in awe of the sort of man or woman who will willingly place themselves in harms way, giving that last full measure of devotion [their very lives] for people they don’t even know and never will. The love of country, and devotion to something so much larger then themselves, the idea of a free people governing themselves, burns in the hearts of these heroes.

For all of our troubles, America is, for the most part, a stable, civilized nation where people go about their daily lives with few cares in the world. We can thank our heroes who serve in the armed forces for this.

When you meet these brave men and women who serve, you learn they don’t do this for fame, money, or glory. Instead there is a deep sense of duty and honor.

As Americans we’ve done a lousy job of taking care of the heroes who are still with us, and those who no longer are. Many American’s are just waking up to the disaster that is the Veterans’ Hospital System, that has been a disaster for our veterans for decades. The stories of waiting lists and “cooking the books” to make the system look more efficient, and earn supervisors huge cash bonuses, are nothing new. Ask any vet, from any era, and chances are you’ll hear stories that will curl your toes.

We’ve learned that illegal aliens, criminal invaders who are engaged in economic terrorism, which is effectively being sanctioned by treasonous politicians in both parties, get FAR superior health care than the heroes that defend our nation.

While Republican Paul Ryan and democrat Patty Murry where brokering a budget deal that would take away benefits from our veterans, they were working behind the scenes to give amnesty, and citizenship, to TENS of MILLIONS of illegal criminal invaders they like to call “undocumented immigrants” which is like calling the criminal who breaks into your home in the dead of the night a “homeowner“! If this isn’t the very definition of treason, then the word has no meaning at all.

In a just world, when budgets are drawn up, and tax money spent, NO recipient of tax payer dollars should get paid until our veterans are cared for and cared for at the highest level humanly possible. These brave men and women have EARNED IT.

As we observe Memorial Day, we honor the dead. Those brave men and women who have given the last full measure of devotion. Those brave men and women who gave their lives in service to you and I. This is personal for us all.

As we remember those who gave their all for you and I, lets honor their memory by taking care of those who serve and have served, and need our help. Let’s promise, once and for all, to make sure they have what they need as they fight the personal battles they are waging, as a result of the battles they have fought for you and I.

Scientists have made remarkable advances in medicine. We are seeing more survivors of horrific battles because of these medical advances. While these amazing advancements allow our heroes to survive unthinkable wounds, this leaves the heroes with a new set of problems. These heroes face a life time of varying states of disability, and a system totally inadequate and indifferent to their needs. They face a Commander-in-Chief that couldn’t care less, and politicians more concerned with pandering to the Chamber of Commerce with cheap labor.

As we remember those who died for you and I, lets remember those who also gave their lives for us, but came home, alive but in need. On this Memorial Day, 2014, I couldn’t think of a better way to honor those who gave the last full measure of devotion, than to take care of those heroes who are still living and in dire need of our help.

We owe the brave members of our armed services everything. It’s time we, as a nation, start repaying that debt, with interest.

May God bless all of those who serve, have served, and will serve. May God always bless their families and may God always bless America.


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Al Qaeda Terrorists at Guantanamo and Illegal Aliens Treated Better Than Vets!


By Isabel Matos

That is the GITMO detainee cell picture for the story below, but first Sarah Palin posted this on her Facebook Timeline earlier today:

Any Politician Siding with This Tragic Reality is Unfit for Office

Compliance with these un-American acts in this Obama Era deserves the scorn of citizens; we will do all we can to oust those who follow the Obama/Pelosi/Reid lead on disgusting treatment of our military and red carpet treatment of their law-breaking chosen ones.

She linked Michelle Malkin’s article How America Treats Illegal Aliens vs. Veterans. This is an excerpt of from her article in 5/23/2014:

A government that fails to secure its borders is guilty of dereliction of duty. A government that fails to care for our men and women on the front lines is guilty of malpractice. A government that puts the needs of illegal aliens above U.S. veterans for political gain should be prosecuted for criminal neglect bordering on treason.        …

Compare, contrast and weep:

In Washington, Big Business and open-borders lobbyists are redoubling efforts to pass another massive illegal alien amnesty to flood the U.S. job market with low-wage labor.

Across the country, men and women in uniform returning home from Iraq and Afghanistan have higher jobless rates than the civilian population. The unemployment rate for new veterans has spiked to its worst levels, nearing 15 percent. For veterans ages 24 and under, the jobless rate is a whopping 29.1 percent, compared to 17.6 percent nationally for the age group.

A Forbes columnist reported last year that an Air Force veteran was told: “We don’t hire your kind.”

And last December, Democrats led the charge to reduce cost-of-living increases in military pensions — while blocking GOP Alabama Sen. Jeff Sessions’ efforts to close a $4.2 billion loophole that allows illegal aliens to collect child tax credits from the IRS, even if they pay no taxes. The fraudulent payments to illegal aliens would have offset the cuts to veterans’ benefits.

America: medical and welfare welcome mat to the rest of the world, while leavings its best and bravest veterans to languish in hospital lounges, die waiting for appointments, and compete for jobs and educational opportunities against illegal border-crossers, document fakers, visa violators and deportation evaders. Shame on us.

FOX posted an article by and interview (video) with Former Pentagon spokesman JD Gordon saying he has proof Gitmo detainees are treated better than our Veterans.

H/T Veterans for a Strong America for story lead

they deserve better

JD Gordon has been at the medical facility several times (over 30), and says EVEN Michael Moore who was there used a bull horn to say: “We want the best treatment for Al-Qaeda, no more no less.”

To Gordon the issue with the VA is systemic, not monetary: the VA needs a top to bottom review. He emphasized the mentality issue is a “cultural” issue as well. They are just under-performing. There is no sense of urgency. It is hurting our Veterans who deserve better than this. He writes:

President Obama finally addressed the nation Wednesday about the growing scandal at the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs. After meeting with VA Secretary Eric Shinseki he pledged to hold folks accountable.

Thanks, Mr. President.

By now most American have heard about the VA’s infamous patient “secret wait lists” which reportedly contributed to the deaths of up to 40 veterans in the Phoenix area alone. Those patriots were American heroes who served our country proudly. Yet they were left to die waiting to see a doctor.

While the Gitmo ratio is 1.5 to 1, for America’s 9 million veterans receiving VA health care and 267,930 VA employees, the ratio is 35 to 1. 

Here’s another secret the White House doesn’t want you to know about..

Read full article and see interview here

veterans deserve accountability

veterans for america



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Sarah Palin: Obama’s Laziness and Hillary’s Brain Are Off-Limits. Of Course, It’s Raging Liberal Hypocrisy! (New Updates)

By Isabel Matos

Governor Sarah Palin pointed out the double standard of the media keeping silent where Hillary Clinton’s health is concerned, yet not for Conservative women. She highlights the hypocrisy on her FB timeline yesterday (where she shows PROOF of the horrible way she was treated by some in academia in their obsessive efforts to obtain her private medical records).  Issues can never be argued with liberals, she said. They can’t win arguing the points of their politics so they resort to calling you a racist if you take on Obama or a sexist if you disagree with them to stop the conversation. She said Obama knew about problems at the VA six years ago but says we have a commander-in-chief who has not been engaged.  The media won’t touch him.. well.  She says it best using his own words against him: he is too lazy to be held accountable. In case you missed her FB timeline post yesterday: “Obama knows nothing,  sees nothing, and hears nothing unless his lapdogs bark, then his ears perk up.”

Updated 5/22/2014 3:54 pm  Sarah Palin’s Facebook Timeline post, tweet

and Flashback to Obama’s comment:

Sarah should be president.  I don’t hear a single politician out there talking this way. They’re all too measured and calculated in what they say and too indebted to those who keep them inside the DC beltway boy loop. Will 2016 be the year?

we deserve better than the va


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LIVE: Sarah Palin Commencement Address at New Hope High School (Updated with New Pics and Video)


cathy maples

By Isabel Matos

Listen to it live via US4Palin who has 24/7 coverage of Sarah Palin News including a great write-up following the speech.

Who is Cathy Maples?

Cathy Maples is a Huntsville businesswoman, has struck up a friendship with Palin over the years. And when a special occasion arrived, Maples turned to Palin. Camden Brewer, Maples’ grandson, is among the 77 New Hope graduates who will here Sarah Palin speak tonight.  Maples confirmed in an email today to that she asked Palin to speak at the graduation.

“I have met Sarah numerous times and have had dinner with her,” Maples said in the email. “She is the real deal and she is not afraid to speak out about things that are not ‘politically correct.'”

Maples, who is president of R&D Electronics in Brownsboro, bid $63,000 in 2009 to win a dinner with Palin.Read more 


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Outrageous! Sarah Palin Sends Gun Gift Tweet

ICYMI: Sarah Palin causes outrage over gun-gift tweet. The nerve to promote Amazing America..

Sarah Palin Bear Practice Sarah Palin's Alaska

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Sitting Senator, GOPe RINO Gloats. Picks Fight On Twitter With Woman No Longer Candidate in Primary Race

By Isabel Matos

Updated 5/21/2014 6:56 p.m. According to Katrina Pierson the tweet was sent by John Cornyn himself who has not removed the tweet or apologized for his mocking of the former congressional candidate in Texas who lost to Pete Sessions on March 4th.  She told Breitbart News he should direct his snark at Democrats, not the conservative base she is helping to expand. Katrina has said before the GOPe is threatened by strong women. She is not afraid to fight and openly so.

That was John Cornyn’s tweet from earlier this evening captured on Twitchy with this description: Texas Republican Sen. John Cornyn (or possibly a staffer operating the Twitter account) decided a snide remark worked best in response to a suggestion that Former Texas House candidate Katrina Pierson would have performed well running against him in the primary.

It is one more example of the abysmal way the GOPe treats its rock stars (who happen to be women).  This tweet is reminiscent of Reince Priebus’s the week prior to CPAC 2014.  It sparked outrage after he omitted Sarah Palin from the list of women he highlighted for Women’s history month. They are just threatened.

Just appalling.  Your outrage is welcome and needed, voters.  Karen Handel just lost a race, possibly because certain districts in Georgia were not ready to elect a woman. Voters are also not aware there is an establishment battle going on. It is the backdrop of these smaller ones. It’s really a war against anyone who is a real Conservative: strong women, blacks, youth and Hispanics. They couldn’t care any less.

I am embarrassed for the party.  It is  no day to gloat, John Cornyn! You have nothing to brag about. You have an atrocious attitude. We are indeed at war, and in the worst way possible: within our own party.  

Please wake up if you are still unaware that this IS the manifestation of the real GOPe. Make no mistake. This group of arrogant, corrupt and forgetful white men who are anti-women, anti-tea party and anti-anything but their tight circle of filthy rich, small, medium and large RINOS are determined to end us, and they want more power. Now what?

We’re not going to give it to them or allow these provocations to deter us, on the contrary. We should gather all our strength for the many days, weeks and months ahead that their ugliness will continue to rear its head.


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Primary RESULTS in Kentucky, Georgia, Pennsylvania, Oregon, Arkansas, Idaho


a lot can change

By Isabel Matos

The test of a candidate’s character is not only after a loss, but a victory as well. We have seen many in the Establishment gloat after beating the Tea Party in a primary or wanting to take 100% credit for their win in a primary AFTER it was made possible by the Base’s support. And we have seen great candidates concede graciously after losing or humbly accepting victory as A WIN FOR the PEOPLE. The latter is the candidate who really wins our hearts and minds and who we like to see win because in either case they vow to continue to fight for what is right. I’m looking forward to seeing the results tonight but how the candidates react as well. We thank the true fighters taking on the GOPe who vowed to crush us.

The polls have closed and the results are in. Let’s review the races that affected us briefly, starting with Georgia.

Excitement was building for underdog and Sarah Palin endorsee, Karen Handel. Former Georgia Secretary of State Karen Handel was one of several contenders in this GOP primary race. David Perdue – cousin of former Governor Sonny Perdue and former CEO of Dollar General, U.S. Representatives Jack Kingston, Phil Gingrey, and Paul Broun were among them. David Perdue is a liberal Republican elitist tried to smear her every chance he had.  He was unsuccessful.

He (Perdue) offended 65% of Georgians when he ridiculed Karen Handel for not obtaining a college degree

If a candidate does not exceed 51% to win, the top two winners will face each other on a run-off on July 22nd, and Democrat Michelle Nunn in the general election.  Real Clear Politics has Perdue in first place and Kingston in second, so the run-off will be between Perdue and Kingston.


[Michelle] Nunn, the former CEO of the George H.W. Bush-founded Points of Light Foundation and the daughter of former Georgia Democratic Senator Sam Nunn, is a strong candidate for Democrats in an unexpected state, and Georgia could be an oasis for the party in an otherwise barren 2014 Senate landscape. Despite Georgia’s deep red leanings in recent years, polls have shown her narrowly beating the Republicans in the field. Perdue brings the most significant outside money behind him, while Handel, with her endorsements, brings tea party bona fides. Whoever advances tonight, a competitive general-election lies ahead.

Karen was enjoying a big surge as a poll on May 1st indicated. She was in a statistical tie with Perdue. It is undeniable Sarah Palin’s endorsements make a huge impact on any race. And she endorses terrific candidates. Karen IS a FIERCE defender of life, was adamant about repealing ObamaCare and against amnesty.

It’s crazy for Georgians to hesitate to elect a woman to represent them. (C’mon voters, who better to take on the left’s REAL war on women than a woman from the right?  Karen said it best herself:

“It’s a different dynamic when there are two women discussing the ‘war on women”.  She said it wouldn’t “go very far with her.”


Matt Bevin

Matt Bevin has waged an uphill battle against five-term senator Mitch McConnell. His campaign was not the best, but you cannot underestimate the power of a right wing press statewide dictating the narrative before a newcomer makes his way into the race. At least he took a chance and challenged the status quo in Kentucky. That he can be proud of.  It takes courage to do what he did and it will set a precedent in races to come in Kentucky.  We predicted it, but again, he tried. We will keep a close eye with what happens in Kentucky politics from now on as they have a severe establishment problem there.

mama voted for bevin

Matt Bevin hired Amy Kremer after she resigned from Tea Party Express on Good Friday, four days prior to the primary race in Florida between Curt Clawson (the Tea Party Express’s candidate) and Lizbeth Benacquisto.


If you’re up for having a depressing evening), read more here. I would rather hear from fighters like Karen Handel who were never deterred by challenges and overcame odds in her life. Like her, we must have the determination to keep on fighting with faith we can beat the GOPe, too.


“I have been underestimated my whole life.”

Lake — the Republican consultant — said that even if Handel comes in third place, it would be a moral victory for her because she’s “earned a lot of people’s respect.”

“Whether you like Karen Handel or not I think everybody has got to agree that she has exceeded expectations of what most people thought would happen in this race,” he said. BUZZFEED

UPDATE  (2:30 a.m.)

Sarah Palin posted on her Facebook Timeline:

Congratulations to the recent victorious primary election campaigns. We trust you’re rested up because America needs you to put shoulder to the grindstone as time marches toward this fall’s general election. Our nation’s future depends on aconservative agenda that lets freedom flourish and industry thrive with American workers again. 

We need a united front to combat the egregious agenda under which our economy, security, and freedoms now suffer. It’s only by banding together to push conservatives across the finish line that America can recover. How to do it? Focus. Keep your eye on the ball. Remember the real threat to our country’s solvency and sovereignty is the liberal pro-Obama candidates we’ll face this fall.

A special thanks tonight to Georgia senate candidate Karen Handel for having the courage to jump into the ring and fight for what is right. Our nation becomes a better nation when good candidates like Karen come forward and offer to serve for the right reasons. The party of Lincoln and Reagan needs more strong, confident conservative women like her. Teddy Roosevelt’s quote about the man – or woman – “in the arena” is applicable here: God bless the candidate “who strives valiantly,” and “if [she] fails, at least fails while daring greatly, so that [her] place shall never be with those cold and timid souls who neither know victory nor defeat.”

Many more primary races are underway. Constitutional conservatives will be the ones to adhere to the blueprint our Founders created for us to follow towards a more perfect union. Please support them. United we’ll stand for the exceptional nation America is destined to be again. Divided we’ll fall under continued failed liberal policies. 

Thank you, campaign volunteers and informed voters! Hang in there; God bless you for your good efforts! Campaigns going forward, like Nebraska’s Ben Sasse, are in need of our involvement now more than ever. Here’s a reminder of what patriots can do together for our nation:  

– Sarah Palin


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The Price of Freedom Found At VA Hospitals: Recap Week of 5/12-5/17

the price of freedom can be seen at your local VA hospital

By Isabel Matos

This week four articles related to the Department of Veterans Affairs and their abysmal treatment of our war heroes were published. From most recent to first:

Vietnam Veteran Advises:  Don’t Just Thank a Vet. Enlist Their Help to Win!


Sarah Palin:  No Problem with Death Panels, Not Even a Smidgen!


Triple Amputee and Iraq Veteran: My Open Letter to President Obama


Purple Heart Recipient Iraq War Veteran Sends Scathing Letter to Obama

remarried kolfage

5/17: Ted Cruz Honors the Men and Women Who Serve this Armed Forces Day

happy armed forces day

Carl’s Corner

cannot think about it for long, when I do I see pure blood red and my blood pressure goes through the roof. I see young men fighting for their country giving it their all even their life if that is what is asked. I see them make it through combat, bodies and minds damaged but still the spirit that G-d blessed them with still strong and eager to be part of what they helped to fight to preserve. helpless and in most cases broke they turn to the people they fought for to help them, and you let them die, not easy deaths, but alone except for scared family who are helpless to aide them. they die not proud warriors deaths or deaths noble and honored, but deaths at home in a stained bed with their waste and pain. Be proud America, be very proud a gay football player gets more concern than people who fought for you. DISGUSTING.

~ *********~

Really really really insulting. nearly every single slime ball in Washington when asked about the Veterans dying from neglect said, ” this is unacceptable!” Really, no shit Sherlock! It’s unacceptable, thats it? No. We need to prosecute and send people to prison over this, or maybe we need to over haul the whole thing from the bottom up!

Well, as a Veteran I feel so so much better that at least these pricks find our deaths UNACCEPTABLE. Way to go America. I came home from Vietnam 20 years old and for years was referred to as a lowlife baby killer. After a few decades you let up and pat us on the back. Should have known there was a knife in that hand!!!

~ *********~

When Bush is done mourning the death of his dog (which is on the news), maybe he can release a statement about the death of Veterans at the hands of the VA!  Most of these Vets are in these ER`s and need care because they carried out his policies. What – you leave office and you are not held responsible for anything? What kind of crap is that? That’s not class that’s being a coward. 

News flash! Those vets at that bike ride he took a picture with? They are selected. They do not even make a dent in the real number of disabled vets most of which cannot get medical treatment, pensions or a f***ing bike ride.        

~ Carl Irwin ~

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