What You May Not Have Known About Anonymity on Facebook (but Should) ~ And TPX “Issue” in Question (Again)

By Isabel Matos

Here is something interesting I stumbled upon the other day. Just because a Conservative didn’t say it, does not mean it should be discounted. The truth is the truth, no matter what side it is told from. Let’s use the information for our benefit.

And here is an example of the anonymity on our site just a few days ago by Invisible Mikey who commented on Sarah Palin’s pictures under this article. You’re probably wondering why even bother with a troll who’s just a very creepy looking guy. If you click on his name above you’ll see and maybe get a few chills.

invisible mikey 1And you’ll probably ask how is all of this relevant to us? Well, Facebook has become a huge venue for the GrassRoots Conservative cause.  The ability to communicate effectively and get her message directly to people without the filter of the media is one of the reasons why Sarah Palin took to Facebook. sarah lighting

I got on Facebook in 2006. It was nice spending leisure time with people from across the country or abroad without giving up much personal identity, family status or privacy.

But it has become.. A Chore. A Call of Duty. A Patriotic Mission. Social and/or play time has become a serious quest for getting our country back on track. In 2011 I pressed “like” on Sarah’s page. I was uncomfortable and afraid then of the exposure I have now, three years later. But because we are faced with challenges that need to be met with boldness, we must have a willingness to give up some of the luxuries we used to enjoy..  including, yes, a little privacy.

To move forward we must help push Conservatism into pop (or mainstream) culture, which Sarah has been preaching about and doing. That requires us to step up our game and to begin seeing ourselves as representatives of the best that a self-governed culture has to offer. You can say we are each like ambassadors of Conservatism to our friends, co-workers and yes, even to our family.  That’s a bit of a higher calling than just posting comments or hanging with like-minded people all the time, on-line or off. We are the base and our community is home plate, but our journey is not at home. Our journey starts when we get off home plate and play outside our comfort zones. That means getting off our comfy seats, our safe and secure blankets, and not letting one person do all the work even though she does it best. It means pushing ourselves to do what we do best even better and improving what we are not as good at – communicating more efficiently. Again, if we are to grow.

I have had my share of confrontations on Facebook over one issue or another with visible avatars. I have also had incredible friendships with people I met on-line who happen to have faceless avatars. Some I have met in person, others I’ve gotten to know them by their comments or work. I have noticed these friends become more comfortable going public over time. That is the good news! Once you break the ice, it gets easier each time. With this comes growing pains, but since we are a caring community, we have the room to deal with them.

The bad news is that many are still in faceless, complaint and drive-by comment mode. Unless you 1) work in a capacity in which your anonymity is essential to doing the job that you are doing on Facebook, 2) your political views infringe upon your job status (or that of your spouse’s) outside of Facebook or 3) you have unique qualifications that the movement is better served by because your identity in full or in part remains unknown, you should shed it all aside. Yes. Unmask.


Here’s why. Having skin in the game makes you more personally invested and accountable to others by having your face and name out there. The more you expose yourself, the more you risk embarrassing yourself by making mistakes publicly, therefore, the harder you will try to avoid them.  Exposure shows you have made a commitment (verbally or non-verbally) to act according to your label or brand.. “you”.  It does not necessarily mean you’re not entitled to privacy.

We all need and deserve it from time to time. I deactivated my account a couple of days ago. It was my first time.  That’s okay. I just needed to take a break. We don’t get paid to do this, so the least we can be granted.. is a little time to chill – which I have used post a new article, and which I did with pleasure (I hope it is for you, too).

When you fight openly it IS more effective because it inspires others to fight openly as well. New “open” fighters begin to appreciate and respect the efforts of those who fought before them. They will inspire others, and cycle repeats itself. Remember what Sarah said in her Right On-Line speech in Las Vegas two years ago:  Victory begets Victory. Courage begets Courage. (I am paraphrasing but that was the gist). It makes so much sense! Where would we be without the examples of our conservative warrior pioneers in the Palin movement alone, just as an example?

And where would we be without the courageous conservative warriors pre-08 when the term was barely existent or just meant “traditional”? Let’s face it, there weren’t many. We have come quite a long way considering we’ve just begun to fight.

Could Andrew Breitbart have been as effective an activist had he hidden behind a faceless avatar or anonymous name like “AB”? Could he have been the object of our admiration, awe and inspiration had he not come face-to-face with the Occupy Movement and other real life trolls and cowards by putting himself out there?

No. He exposed them for who they were because he exposed himself.  He gave legitimacy to his cause by being so brazenly open. As a result, Occupy lost its credibility and disappeared off the map within a year. His death came too soon, but it did not come as a result of his being fearless. He did not die in vain either. Maybe in the back of our minds we fear we will suffer the same fate as he did if we open up too much. It is possible we might become targets, but the more of us that fight openly, the harder it will be to target us. Andrew had fun exposing the left and their hypocrisy. For that alone we should be thankful. We should also use as an example his transparency in his fight. W.a.r. is not just a word. It is a verb. AND it was so in Andrew’s life. We cannot fear anything or anyone if we are to fight to win.

I would have ended my article there, but to prove my point on how important it is to SHOUT and fight openly, or just be on the alert, take a look at the tweets I discovered last night (my new leisure) while browsing through #iasen hash tags.

Remember what I said in the clip above: I gave my word that I would do what I could to help. I did. And some. I had done the clip of the nine candidates Sarah had endorsed prior to my going to Naples, and learned that Shane Osborn and James Lankford were Establishment candidates. Had I not done it I would not have noticed that the Tea Party Express is (or has been – who knows how long this has been going on) used to divide and confuse us in primaries. Had I not shown my face. Had I not held hands. Had I not given my word, I would not be here sharing information today you may only have conjectured about a few weeks ago.

TPX may not have endorsed these candidates but they have helped get candidates who have no business winning primaries get elected. This may have gone unnoticed before, but we are at least aware it might be going on. At least TWO  ESTABLISHMENT CANDIDATES spoke at their rallies: Shane Osborn (Sarah Endorsee, Ben Sasse’s opponent) and James Lankford (Sarah Endorsee, T.W. Shannon’s opponent). Why are these candidates anywhere near a Tea Party event if “Tea” is trying to beat them? (I’m not even going near Clovis..) All that comes to my mind is a question: Is there mischief going on that we need  know about?

Lankford Speaking at TPX rally

Conclusion: It is scary to take risks, but without FEAR there is no risk, and without RISK there is no GAIN. We must take risks in our own unique and individual ways. It is up to us to determine what they are. If you have become too comfortable, maybe it is time to move on and challenge yourself to do something scarier and riskier.  And if you think you know something we can benefit from, listen to yourself and become louder each time so we can HEAR YOU!

I’ve had enough anonymous avatars in various sites, including my page/s, who act as if they know more than I do, or who PREACH TO me about what I should or should not know or be doing when I don’t see them taking risks or putting skin in the game.  I do enough legwork on most of what I write and talk about, so this is the TIME FOR CHOOSING NOT TO respond to anyone who lectures to me from behind a faceless avatar from now on.

If we are not efficient enough at communicating, how can you help me get this message out? Please let me know YOUR thoughts. Thanks for reading.






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7 responses to “What You May Not Have Known About Anonymity on Facebook (but Should) ~ And TPX “Issue” in Question (Again)

  1. Mrs. Matos,
    You hit the nail on the head. Most of my time is spent with people my own age and with similar experiences, most are Veterans, however lately I have tried to talk to the younger crowd, they seem most interested in “reality” shows, and most do admit to be uninformed and seem to be obstinate and unwilling to learn, but anyway still trying we must get through to them.

    • Isabel Matos

      Thank you for all you are doing. It makes a difference. Kids do listen.

      A heartfelt thanks to you and all your friends for your service.

  2. BigMamaTEA

    Isabel, Sarah endorsed TW Shannon. And, at the arrival of TPX, Shannon, Lankford (above R) and Brogdon (above L) all were invited and spoke. (ps I was at that event, and volunteer for Shannon’s campaign.

  3. BigMamaTEA

    ps I still want to talk to Amy Kremer. I posted on her website, but no info yet.
    Also, is Sal Russo’s daughter running RandPAC? Possibly gossip, but would be interesting to know.

    • Isabel Matos

      Amy resigned. I admire her and the people who have rallied with TPX. This is about the GOPe who needs to be exposed, not good people we need on our side to help us fight in this cause.

  4. What does your comment about Clovis mean?

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