GOPe is TOO BIG TO FAIL and Has A “Democrat-Republican” in Line to Take On Winning Palin Endorsee Ben SASSE

ben Sasse

By Isabel Matos

Remember how Curt Clawson won the primary in Florida – by donating to Mitch McConnell, Rand Paul and the Kentucky Republican Party? He was the phony crony and conservative who bought the endorsement of the Tea Rino Express.

The following day several local tea party groups endorsed him. It was spread in the news and the meme was planted that Clawson was the candidate the “Tea Party” had endorsed and the “outsider” who would bring needed change to D.C.  As huge as her status and influence are, by the time Sarah Palin endorsed Lizbeth Benacquisto, the media which had in part been bought by Clawson, too, had already done the damage by spreading the false impression of Clawson.

Now we have another money man inserting himself in the Nebraska primary which BEN SASSE has been winning since Sarah Palin endorsed him.

His name is Sid DINSDALE and he’s not even a Republican!

facebook dinsdale

As you may recall, Mitch McConnell had openly targeted Sasse in November 2013, after the Senate Conservatives Fund endorsed him in the open primary. The SCF was started by current president of The Heritage Foundation, Jim DeMint. Its executive, Matt Hoskins, has been “working to elect McConnell’s challenger”. This fueled McConnell’s anger which he directed at Sasse who became “collateral damage” in the struggle between the NRSC, his PAC and SCF.est 3

According to National Review, on November 12, “Sasse walked into Mitch McConnell’s office to clear the air” and let him know he never intended to oppose McConnell’s leadership, but McConnell was having none of it. The outlet notes that McConnell’s incident with Sasse in his war with SCF is “notable” because “it involves an attractive, promising candidate in an open primary as collateral damage in the intramural fight.” (the full article here)

The good news is RINOS are FEARING us. The bad news – they are desperate enough to resort to unimaginable tactics like getting a Democrat to run as a Republican against us in a primary we are earnestly winning.

Waiting in the wings, with Osborn fully understanding what is happening, is Sid Dinsdale. Dinsdale is extremely rich, has a lot of money to burn at the end of the race, has benefited from sitting on the sidelines above the fray, and is a Democrat. But Dinsdale joined the race as a Republican.

..His family has married into Warren Buffet’s family. After the Corn Husker Kickback and Ben Nelson’s vote for Obamacare, Sid Dinsdale gave him money through his bank’s PAC. Dinsdale is on record saying he would “always” vote to raise the debt limit.

Before the campaign began, Republicans in Washington were under the impression he would be the Democrat in the race. Rumor was that he was meeting with Democrat consultants. … now, at the end of a bitterly fought race in Nebraska, Dinsdale might win.

Erick Erickson says Osborn has destroyed his last bit of credibility and driven his own negatives so high that he can’t win. With Sasse in the lead, he says, and Osborn and McConnell’s PAC attacking him, Dinsdale is beginning to spend major money. He urges Conservatives to act fast and help Ben Sasse.

Whatever you think of Erickson (I have my reservations about him regarding Sarah Palin), all of this should tell you everything there is to know about how despicable the GOPe is. McConnell would first lose our party and even our country before relinquishing any of his power to us (the Tea Party).

McConnell has led every ill-conceived move to undermine our efforts in the Senate, including doing ZILCH to defund ObamaCare. If re-elected, this nemesis of ours would only be emboldened. (I think his time to fail will come soon as there are many cracks in his RINO ivory tower starting to show.. more to come.)




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