Ohio Primary Today: Winteregg, Gurr, Ashworth Vs. John with $3.3 Million to Spare (Updated) Results Are In



93.4% Reporting

Winner J. Boehner (i) 68.8%
J. Winteregg 21.9%
E. Gurr 5.5%
M. Ashworth 3.9%

boehner won


By Isabel Matos

Photo by Allison Shelley/Getty Images

“I ABSOLUTELY trust Barack Obama.” — John Boehner
“There is no need for a special committee on Benghazi.” — John Boehner
“Wait, what? I have a primary on Tuesday and J.D. Winteregg is gaining ground? Let me make a call.” — John Boehner
“Hey, Barack…is it OK if I pretend to be conservative until Tuesday or will doing so negatively impact my golf privileges? It’s cool? Great! Love ya, man…see you on the links.” — John Boehner
That is just one of several colorful posts on J.D. Winteregg’s Facebook page on May 2nd. He is one of John Boehner’s challengers GOP primaries here in today’s primary in Ohio.  John Boehner faces two others challengers:  Eric Gurr and Matthew Artsworth.   Information on the 8th Congressional District

Boehner was first elected in 1990. He had no challengers in three primaries leading up to the 2010 election where he won 85% of the vote.  In 2012 he had one challenger and won with 84% of the vote. Boehner did some campaigning around the state. He made five stops over three days across six counties in District #18.

Boehner has $3.3 million in spare change. The Virginia-based Tea Party Leadership Fund reportedly spent $320,000 on voter outreach and Winteregg’s campaign. This is how some of it was probably spent:

Winteregg is a High School French Teacher.  Matthew Ashworth is a mortage underwriter and Eric Gurr is a computer consultant who had collected $25,000 in campaign donations.  North Carolina race also today.  Indiana Race results to come.


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