Sarah Palin to GOPe Winners: STOP Gloating! Reaction to Her Comments ~

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By Isabel Matos

Sarah got on Facebook today to tell Establishment Republians that they are turning off voters by gloating and rubbing primary wins in North Carolina in their faces.

Let’s not forget who they are rubbing the wrong way with this: the grassroots who got them elected into power in 2010 and 2012 in the first place. And Governor Palin’s endorsements was no small part of that. She has had a 75% successful rate. Compare that to Karl Rove’s 1% which is nothing to brag about. So what is the point of gloating when their candidates only win primaries and not the elections themselves (statewide or national).

i pick losers

RINOS have been divisive and I will sooner than later start supporting the idea of voting for Democrats that run against them if that is what it takes.  Better to have two less powerful Rinos in the House (John Boehner) and the Senate (Mitch McConnell) than a new Democrat who would not.  We could at least have fresh bold powerful few to influence others. I know it sounds extreme but it’s how I feel.  It’s said jokingly (not really) but it has come to that almost, and I am not the first to have expressed this opinion.

Thom Tillis was endorsed by the CHAMBER of COMMERCE and Mitch McConnell. The two waged war against us openly so in their minds they think they’ve won, but they are losing something greater.

We are no longer fighting in a D’s vs the R’s political arena. We are in a fight AGAINST the D’s and the R’s (RHinos with an H) who are against us. I say it is better to have a known enemy than a false friend. That is what RINOS are.

Here are reactions ~ from Grassroots and Activists ~ on her comments:


These GOPe elitists, pundits and the like are just like democrats. They criticize conservatives and lie about who attacks who! Gov. Palin, Thank you for your gracious message and how you said we all need to be on the same team in your Alabama speech to win the senate back.  These nut jobs are accusing us of what they are and have been doing. I will never forget how Carl “Tokyo” Rove came out and criticized Sharon Angle and Christine O’Donnell in 2010. The very night Christine beat the Rino Republican he attacked her and said over and over she could not win the general election.  Well Gov. Palin, I also know that in sports you don’t give up till the last out in baseball, the last second in basketball, or the last point scored in volleyball. And evidently, people like Rove must never have played no draw 5 card stud, where you play with the cards your dealt!! God bless you, Gov. Palin!!! ~ Wayne Mazza


I agree with Sarah, but their gloating is what I would expect.. Glenn Briggs


Sarah never shies from speaking her mind, from the heart. I can only pray some in the GOPe listen, begin to learn. Even as I have serious doubts. ~ Bob Blumentritt.


The GOP establishment must ratchet any kind of arrogance way down and get in touch with independent, constitutional conservatives who build the base of the party. They do the thankless work to put boots on the ground for your campaigns, and they show up to vote if you give us good reason to vote. Anything less and we will not secure victory for America this fall.  ~ Cyndi Dixon


Yes ‪#GOP‬, there is a ‪#GOPe‬ – When it comes to the so-called “circular firing squad” who is it that has the “biggest guns” ~ Margaret Gasper


Classy, as always.  ~ Daria DiGiovanni


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