The Price of Freedom Found At VA Hospitals: Recap Week of 5/12-5/17

the price of freedom can be seen at your local VA hospital

By Isabel Matos

This week four articles related to the Department of Veterans Affairs and their abysmal treatment of our war heroes were published. From most recent to first:

Vietnam Veteran Advises:  Don’t Just Thank a Vet. Enlist Their Help to Win!


Sarah Palin:  No Problem with Death Panels, Not Even a Smidgen!


Triple Amputee and Iraq Veteran: My Open Letter to President Obama


Purple Heart Recipient Iraq War Veteran Sends Scathing Letter to Obama

remarried kolfage

5/17: Ted Cruz Honors the Men and Women Who Serve this Armed Forces Day

happy armed forces day

Carl’s Corner

cannot think about it for long, when I do I see pure blood red and my blood pressure goes through the roof. I see young men fighting for their country giving it their all even their life if that is what is asked. I see them make it through combat, bodies and minds damaged but still the spirit that G-d blessed them with still strong and eager to be part of what they helped to fight to preserve. helpless and in most cases broke they turn to the people they fought for to help them, and you let them die, not easy deaths, but alone except for scared family who are helpless to aide them. they die not proud warriors deaths or deaths noble and honored, but deaths at home in a stained bed with their waste and pain. Be proud America, be very proud a gay football player gets more concern than people who fought for you. DISGUSTING.

~ *********~

Really really really insulting. nearly every single slime ball in Washington when asked about the Veterans dying from neglect said, ” this is unacceptable!” Really, no shit Sherlock! It’s unacceptable, thats it? No. We need to prosecute and send people to prison over this, or maybe we need to over haul the whole thing from the bottom up!

Well, as a Veteran I feel so so much better that at least these pricks find our deaths UNACCEPTABLE. Way to go America. I came home from Vietnam 20 years old and for years was referred to as a lowlife baby killer. After a few decades you let up and pat us on the back. Should have known there was a knife in that hand!!!

~ *********~

When Bush is done mourning the death of his dog (which is on the news), maybe he can release a statement about the death of Veterans at the hands of the VA!  Most of these Vets are in these ER`s and need care because they carried out his policies. What – you leave office and you are not held responsible for anything? What kind of crap is that? That’s not class that’s being a coward. 

News flash! Those vets at that bike ride he took a picture with? They are selected. They do not even make a dent in the real number of disabled vets most of which cannot get medical treatment, pensions or a f***ing bike ride.        

~ Carl Irwin ~

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  1. Misty

    Awesome post!

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