Sitting Senator, GOPe RINO Gloats. Picks Fight On Twitter With Woman No Longer Candidate in Primary Race

By Isabel Matos

Updated 5/21/2014 6:56 p.m. According to Katrina Pierson the tweet was sent by John Cornyn himself who has not removed the tweet or apologized for his mocking of the former congressional candidate in Texas who lost to Pete Sessions on March 4th.  She told Breitbart News he should direct his snark at Democrats, not the conservative base she is helping to expand. Katrina has said before the GOPe is threatened by strong women. She is not afraid to fight and openly so.

That was John Cornyn’s tweet from earlier this evening captured on Twitchy with this description: Texas Republican Sen. John Cornyn (or possibly a staffer operating the Twitter account) decided a snide remark worked best in response to a suggestion that Former Texas House candidate Katrina Pierson would have performed well running against him in the primary.

It is one more example of the abysmal way the GOPe treats its rock stars (who happen to be women).  This tweet is reminiscent of Reince Priebus’s the week prior to CPAC 2014.  It sparked outrage after he omitted Sarah Palin from the list of women he highlighted for Women’s history month. They are just threatened.

Just appalling.  Your outrage is welcome and needed, voters.  Karen Handel just lost a race, possibly because certain districts in Georgia were not ready to elect a woman. Voters are also not aware there is an establishment battle going on. It is the backdrop of these smaller ones. It’s really a war against anyone who is a real Conservative: strong women, blacks, youth and Hispanics. They couldn’t care any less.

I am embarrassed for the party.  It is  no day to gloat, John Cornyn! You have nothing to brag about. You have an atrocious attitude. We are indeed at war, and in the worst way possible: within our own party.  

Please wake up if you are still unaware that this IS the manifestation of the real GOPe. Make no mistake. This group of arrogant, corrupt and forgetful white men who are anti-women, anti-tea party and anti-anything but their tight circle of filthy rich, small, medium and large RINOS are determined to end us, and they want more power. Now what?

We’re not going to give it to them or allow these provocations to deter us, on the contrary. We should gather all our strength for the many days, weeks and months ahead that their ugliness will continue to rear its head.



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4 responses to “Sitting Senator, GOPe RINO Gloats. Picks Fight On Twitter With Woman No Longer Candidate in Primary Race

  1. Christopher Fromme

    Have met Michelle Malkin and will she her again in 2 weeks. She would be a great press secretary for a President Palin. The liberal’s s in the press would go nuts and press briefing would be fun and truthful.

  2. theprecinctproject

    How conservatives can win the war: Get inside our party. It’s there for the taking, conservatives. The Neighborhood Precinct Committeeman works, but only if enough conservatives get inside their respective local Party committees as precinct committeemen.

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