Sarah Palin: Obama’s Laziness and Hillary’s Brain Are Off-Limits. Of Course, It’s Raging Liberal Hypocrisy! (New Updates)

By Isabel Matos

Governor Sarah Palin pointed out the double standard of the media keeping silent where Hillary Clinton’s health is concerned, yet not for Conservative women. She highlights the hypocrisy on her FB timeline yesterday (where she shows PROOF of the horrible way she was treated by some in academia in their obsessive efforts to obtain her private medical records).  Issues can never be argued with liberals, she said. They can’t win arguing the points of their politics so they resort to calling you a racist if you take on Obama or a sexist if you disagree with them to stop the conversation. She said Obama knew about problems at the VA six years ago but says we have a commander-in-chief who has not been engaged.  The media won’t touch him.. well.  She says it best using his own words against him: he is too lazy to be held accountable. In case you missed her FB timeline post yesterday: “Obama knows nothing,  sees nothing, and hears nothing unless his lapdogs bark, then his ears perk up.”

Updated 5/22/2014 3:54 pm  Sarah Palin’s Facebook Timeline post, tweet

and Flashback to Obama’s comment:

Sarah should be president.  I don’t hear a single politician out there talking this way. They’re all too measured and calculated in what they say and too indebted to those who keep them inside the DC beltway boy loop. Will 2016 be the year?

we deserve better than the va


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5 responses to “Sarah Palin: Obama’s Laziness and Hillary’s Brain Are Off-Limits. Of Course, It’s Raging Liberal Hypocrisy! (New Updates)

  1. joydbrower

    I’ve been thinking along those same lines, Isabel – that is, Palin – for the lack of anyone else, to say the least! – seems to have the best bona fides for POTUS. She’s been carefully biding her time, and maybe 2016 is the year. The problem with waiting ’til 2020 is that whoever is elected in 2016 will be a very strong contender as incumbent in 2020. And, as far as I can see, the GOP “bench” is thin, at best. The only one I’d trust in the position of POTUS besides Palin (bec. he’s the only politician who I think is honest!) is Ted Cruz. I think Rand Paul has just too much baggage already (Ron Paul & Mitch McConnell, for starters!!).

    The picture will start to come in clearer after the November election; obviously, the stronger the Conservative showing turns out to be, the better it will look for Palin. Ever onward and upward!!

    • Isabel Matos

      Thanks, Joy.

      On point as always. It’s been Jeb Bush since before 2012 when Romney was the “next-in-line” to lose the election to make way for Jeb 2016. Sarah just got in the way of that by being who she is. That is why they derailed her in 2012. They have had this mapped out all along. He is running. He is the anointed one from our side no matter what. The Bush-run GOPe doesn’t care about anything but adding a Bush 3 to the family resume but that is where they get it wrong. Jeb will never be president. There isn’t enough money in the world to buy love for that man. People will just stay home. I have so much to say on that but will leave it for another day. For now I’ll say I started doing this out of suspicions that Jeb Bush did not want Sarah any where near his bid for 2016 and all I said is coming true. It is all about him, whether he loses or not, whether the country loses or not, or whether we suffer the consequences or not. Jeb is a desperate man with a bad ego and would rather see Sarah, the country, Americans lose or be destroyed before giving up what he feels he is entitled to. It is already happening.. the drip drip drip. Nothing good will come out of this. He will have caused great harm.

      Only Sarah has solutions but she is up against the entire establishment on both sides. She is our only hope but we need money, huge amounts of it to offset the power on the other side. She has been taking them on without alienating them too much (they are scared to death of her!) because she might need the GOPe’s apparatus and money one day if she is to run. It’s just unforeseeable that they will support her in any way. I just learned yesterday TPP sending out a letter by Rand Paul asking for donations to them. Red flag! Bad. Sarah needs the money. We need to send HER PAC and that of the candidates she endorses money, not Tea Party organizations. They are untrustworthy. She has been silent but she must be seeing the corruption going on. I can only imagine she is disappointed just like with Rubio, but will not admit it now. She has called for unity against the left and people took that to mean supporting McConnell. I reread her comments and noticed they could be interpreted two ways. I saw them meaning must all get involved. Nothing could be more true. The more people get involved in their local elections, the more they will care about what happens in D.C. Voter apathy must come down.

      Great to hear from you. Thanks for stopping by to comment.


    • Isabel Matos

      Here’s the link I was talking about (the letter written by Rand Paul for TPP to raise funds.)

  2. Since the GOP is now clearly divided into establishment and tea party conservatives, it could be that Gov. Palin chooses to run in 2016 to be the voice of that conservative side of the party.
    We can only hope and pray.

    • Isabel Matos

      The party IS divided and she is the only clear voice out there. The GOPe has infiltrated many of the organizations of the Tea Party. They have been successfully confusing voters which creates apathy. If I was confused by which side is right or wrong, I would stay out of politics, too. I hope people stop donating to any “TEA PARTY” organizations like Tea Party Express or Tea Party Patriots. You can’t tell what they are about. It’s intentional on the part of the establishment to cast a negative light on Sarah Palin by tainting the reputation of the Tea Party this way. “Tea Party” is code for Sarah but Rinos have corrupted it. Sarah has to run if we are to survive but she needs the money that only the GOPe apparatus, Bush-built over 25 years, can provide. It’s a shame Bush, Inc is the Republican Party brand but it is. This is 2012 all over again. Maybe even worse.

      Great to see you here. Thank you so much for stopping by. And yes, prayer always for her to do so.

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