The Last Full Measure of Devotion

Memorial-Day Greater Love Has No One

By Gary P Jackson

Since the birth of this great nation, brave men, and women, have given what has been called the last full measure of devotion, as they protected the Republic from her enemies, in the name of Liberty and Freedom.

I always stand in silent awe when I first see a man or woman in uniform. These brave souls volunteer their very lives to make sure you and I can live our lives without the fear of conflict and violence that millions around the world deal with on a daily basis. These heroes are the ones who run towards danger, knowing they stand a chance of never coming back.

I always stand in awe of the sort of man or woman who will willingly place themselves in harms way, giving that last full measure of devotion [their very lives] for people they don’t even know and never will. The love of country, and devotion to something so much larger then themselves, the idea of a free people governing themselves, burns in the hearts of these heroes.

For all of our troubles, America is, for the most part, a stable, civilized nation where people go about their daily lives with few cares in the world. We can thank our heroes who serve in the armed forces for this.

When you meet these brave men and women who serve, you learn they don’t do this for fame, money, or glory. Instead there is a deep sense of duty and honor.

As Americans we’ve done a lousy job of taking care of the heroes who are still with us, and those who no longer are. Many American’s are just waking up to the disaster that is the Veterans’ Hospital System, that has been a disaster for our veterans for decades. The stories of waiting lists and “cooking the books” to make the system look more efficient, and earn supervisors huge cash bonuses, are nothing new. Ask any vet, from any era, and chances are you’ll hear stories that will curl your toes.

We’ve learned that illegal aliens, criminal invaders who are engaged in economic terrorism, which is effectively being sanctioned by treasonous politicians in both parties, get FAR superior health care than the heroes that defend our nation.

While Republican Paul Ryan and democrat Patty Murry where brokering a budget deal that would take away benefits from our veterans, they were working behind the scenes to give amnesty, and citizenship, to TENS of MILLIONS of illegal criminal invaders they like to call “undocumented immigrants” which is like calling the criminal who breaks into your home in the dead of the night a “homeowner“! If this isn’t the very definition of treason, then the word has no meaning at all.

In a just world, when budgets are drawn up, and tax money spent, NO recipient of tax payer dollars should get paid until our veterans are cared for and cared for at the highest level humanly possible. These brave men and women have EARNED IT.

As we observe Memorial Day, we honor the dead. Those brave men and women who have given the last full measure of devotion. Those brave men and women who gave their lives in service to you and I. This is personal for us all.

As we remember those who gave their all for you and I, lets honor their memory by taking care of those who serve and have served, and need our help. Let’s promise, once and for all, to make sure they have what they need as they fight the personal battles they are waging, as a result of the battles they have fought for you and I.

Scientists have made remarkable advances in medicine. We are seeing more survivors of horrific battles because of these medical advances. While these amazing advancements allow our heroes to survive unthinkable wounds, this leaves the heroes with a new set of problems. These heroes face a life time of varying states of disability, and a system totally inadequate and indifferent to their needs. They face a Commander-in-Chief that couldn’t care less, and politicians more concerned with pandering to the Chamber of Commerce with cheap labor.

As we remember those who died for you and I, lets remember those who also gave their lives for us, but came home, alive but in need. On this Memorial Day, 2014, I couldn’t think of a better way to honor those who gave the last full measure of devotion, than to take care of those heroes who are still living and in dire need of our help.

We owe the brave members of our armed services everything. It’s time we, as a nation, start repaying that debt, with interest.

May God bless all of those who serve, have served, and will serve. May God always bless their families and may God always bless America.


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