Live Map, June 3rd Primary Results in Iowa, Mississippi, New Jersey and South Dakota



mcdaniel vs cochran

6/4/2004:  Chris McDaniel 49.5% vs. Thad Cochran 48.9% A minimum of 50% plus one vote was needed to win the primary it looks like there will be a runoff June 24. Hand counts of ballots will be done in the counties where where ballots did not come in. ~ Isabel


Race is too close to call.  What a huge victory tonight. This is the 1st time a sitting US Senator in MS failed to win 50% of the vote since 1942!! It looks like a runoff and we will need to repeat this effort. Our voters will be back…and they’re bringing friends. ~ Chris McDaniel

Thank you Iowa! I am humbled and honored to accept the Republican nomination for United States Senate. Now it’s time to beat President Obama’s choice, Bruce Braley, and get this seat back into our hands. The hard work begins now—let’s send Braley home!

joni wins

Palin Endorsed Joni ERNST WINS 56.0% vs. Sam Clovis 17.6 % (73.6% reporting)



Live from Mississippi 



by Isabel Matos

Polls are closing in Alabama, California, Iowa, Mississippi, Montana, New Jersey, New Mexico and South Dakota where Senate primaries were being held today.

Jeff Sessions had an uncontested primary. Others races captured national attention: California’s for governor (Tim Donnelly 16% vs. Jerry Brown 51%), Steve Lonegan’s bid for New Jersey’s 3rd Congressional district (he was re-endorsed by Sarah Palin), and Dr. Annette Bosworth’s struggle to take on Mike Rounds and the status quo. She was new to politics but got in courageously.

The beginning and last days of her race made national headlines and generated a lot of interest and excitement but the hottest race is down in Mississippi where things got downright nasty in an epic battle between the establishment and the People, with Halley Barbour pulling out all the stops to help incumbent Thad Cochran defeat Chris McDaniel.  There was nothing charming about assassinating a good man’s character, using taxpayer money to fund inappropriate lifestyles (for years) and asking Democrats to support him as recently as a few days ago. We can only hope it is Thad Cochran’s last election. It seems too close to call but we wish the anti-establishment fighter the best in unseating Cochran, a really out of touch and arrogant Senator who didn’t really know what the tea party was all about. Mississippians will hopefully send a clear message that they are sick of politics as usual in Barbour’s neck of the woods and are ready for real change.

McDaniel will owe his victory to no Mississippi political dynasty or even his staff (which consensus among donors and organizers both in the state and of outside groups is in fact, that a poor staff has prevented this from being a 60/40 race in McDaniel’s favor). A victory for the McDaniel will be on the backs of average Mississippians hungry for bold conservative reforms. ~Ali.


with mcdanielSENATE ELECTION (RECENT) POLLS (by State)


Des Moines Register  Joni Ernst 36%, Mark Jacobs 18%, Sam Clovis 11%, Whitaker 13% 

(Candidate needs to receive 35% of the vote to avoid convention.)

ERNST (R) 37% vs. BRADLEY 42% (D)


Chism Strategies  Chris MCDANIEL 46.4%, Thad COCHRAN 44.3%



Mark PRYOR 46% vs. Tom COTTON 43%


Jerry Brown + 32%


James KINGSTON 41%, Michelle NUNN 47%

David PERDUE 42% Michelle NUNN 45%


Jim RISCH (R) 54% vs. Nels MITCHELL (D) 29%


Rasmussen Poll Mitch McCONNELL 47% Alison Lundergan GRIMES 41%


Steve Daines (R) 50% John Walsh (D) 37%



Thom TILLIS (R) 46% vs. Kay HAGAN (D) 41%


Rasmussen Dr. Monica WEHBY (R) 47% – Jeff MERKELEY (D) 37%  


CANDIDATES ENDORSED BY U.S. Chamber of Commerce:

Ernst, Cochran, McConnell, Wehby, Kingston, Tillis


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