Sarah Palin on Brat Victory: There’s An Opportunity at Ballot Box For Change


By Isabel Matos

Sarah Palin’s interview with Hannity was strong and smart. She didn’t miss a beat as usual, pointing out the election last night serves as an example that we can change the state of the Republican party and Obama’s failed policies at election time. She posted an important reminder on her Facebook timeline of the upcoming primaries of TW Shannon, Chris McDaniel and the election of Rob Maness. Video by Sarahnettoo

Highlights from the Appearance

Sarah Palin on the Brat victory: People are over-thinking this and those who are absolutely shocked that this could ever happen must not have their thumb on the pulse on what many Americans are thinking and that is the status quo has got to go. Those who have been kind of part of the problem seeing these failed policies and this agenda that is driving America’s economy into the ditch well there’s an opportunity at the ballot box to make a change. Dave Brat ran a great campaign.  It was simple.  He was in touch with the people.  He talked a lot about free enterprise and free markets, jut about just the foundational principles about what makes an Economy invigorated and vibrant. Dave spoke to the people about that and those who are shocked are really underestimating the wisdom of the people.

Hannity:  Politicians in DC seem timid, weak and are not articulating a vision. Washington Republicans are failing us. Palin:  It’s a whole ball of wax throw in there amnesty.  The people realize that amnesty will decimate main street. In-flooding of foreign citizens into the country competing for American jobs will flatline our incomes and create more unemployment.  

Sarah Palin Conservative governors and mayors who serve at the most responsible level of government are closest to the people, not those in a bubble. These governors who are held to account because they answer to the people they are serving understand it doesn’t have to be a complicated agenda. It should be one that wouldn’t try to pull the wool over any citizens’ eyes. You just have to be honest with the people. They should say what the debt and state of the union is and be honest with the people. It’s also the beauty of those who have served in local office to understand how it works. President Obama has absolutely nothing on his resume that bodes well for he being in touch with the people.


Hannity plays tape of Hillary saying the five guys (five Taliban released) are not a threat to the United States.

Sarah Palin:  It’s probably the one thing that Obama has said that’s been accurately lately.  He couldn’t deny that of course there’s a possibility of their being a threat.  It’s in their genes, it’s in their DNA these radical Muslims these terrorists who would want to destroy America and our allies.  They’re out to do harm to America. The comments there though not as bad as those from the State Department calling these five animals gentlemen -WHAT THE HECK is WRONG with these people in D.C. – in this bubble?!!


Hannity plays Hillary tape: The Obama campaign suspected that our nomination was a blatant attempt to scuttle their hope of welcoming the women who had vigorously supported me. They immediately issued a dismissive statement and reached out to me in the hopes I would follow suit but I wouldn’t… I wasn’t not going to attack Palin just for being a woman while appealing for support from other women. It didn’t make political sense and it didn’t feel right so I said no. There would plenty of time for criticism. The campaign reversed itself and congratulated Governor Palin.

Sarah Palin: Team Obama has such disrespect for women. It’s kind of cool to see proof there that they are the ones who took the first shot in the so called war on women. And from there the Obama administration’s agenda to try to make women feel like they’re not worthy or capable of taking care of themselves. That’s the complete opposite of the planks of the Republican platform that believes in competition regardless of gender, hard work and reward for your work ethic.

Here was the tweet sent by Sarah earlier yesterday.

send conservatives


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