Big Supreme Court win on ‘greenhouse gas’ regulations for the EPA


“Pardon me for thinking ’the principle that Congress, not the President, makes the law’ is looking a bit threadbare these days,” Justice Scalia. Perhaps why we are hearing that Speaker John Boehner is getting ready to sue President Barack Obama over abuse of power by executive actions?!?

A big Supreme Court win on 'greenhouse gas' regulations for the EPA

Levin:In short, the decision was about more than just the EPA’s ability to regulate CO2 and changing the Clean Air Act, but also about the separation of powers.

By Marion Algier _ Ask Marion

Human EventsJohn Hayward: The idea that today’s Supreme Court ruling could be spun as a “loss” or “setback” for the Environmental Protection Agency is puzzling. As the L.A. Timesreports, no less than conservative colossus Justice Antonin Scalia said the EPA “is getting almost everything it wanted in this case.”

The Supreme Court in a split decision Monday upheld most of the Obama…

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