Dan Bongino-Maryland District 6-Wins

dan Bongino wins

by Isabel Matos

Big Winner tonight: Dan Bongino ~ Maryland District 6 ~Dan Bongino won big tonight with 84% against incumbent Harold Painter, one Republican out of 8 Congress members who were nominated to serve new terms.

Vote for One Early Voting Election Day Absentee / Provisionals Total Votes %
Dan Bongino
2,459 19,871 0 22,330 84.02
Harold W. Painter, Jr.
542 3,704 0 4,246 15.98

Dan Bongino, a former Secret Service agent who ran unsuccessfully against Democratic Sen. Ben Cardin in 2012, won the district’s GOP primary. Bongino had raised more than $530,000 for his campaign as of earlyJune, although he had only $72,000 in cash on hand.

Pinned Facebook timeline post June 21st:

We are watching, in real time, the collapse of the big-government model on which the house of liberalism has been built. The only question remaining is, when will those on the far left accept the results, rather than the intentions of the big government model?

President Obama ran on the idea that a big government can solve big problems, yet this model has not only not solved any of our big problems, but it has created new ones, while aggravating old ones created by prior administrations.

Think about where we find ourselves. We are in the midst of a border crisis on our southern border, a civil war in Iraq, an aggressive expansion of Russian territory, a historically unpopular healthcare initiative, record numbers of Americans both outside of our workforce and receiving disability payments from the government, a crisis where our own IRS admits to targeting Americans, then pleads the 5th, then “loses” only the emails of the suspects involved, destroys their hard-drives and tells us nothing is wrong. And where is our President on these issues? He is issuing public statements on how he disagrees with the name of an NFL team. Calling this leadership is either willfully misleading or un-willfully blind.

If “Bush did it”, then Obama “did it” worse. If we are going to blame Bush for starting the house fire, isn’t it fair to blame Obama for pouring gasoline on it?

November is rapidly approaching and yes, voting matters. If you believe otherwise, we’ll take action while you sit back and just take it. Stand up, fight back, and cede no more ground.

and this.. on June 1st:

Just a reminder On this Sunday, it serves as a good reminder to never put faith in politicians as a path to personal fulfillment.

We’ve tried leadership by both parties and found that politicians are the equivalent of the Golden Calf. They Balkanize us and have created a modern day Babel, where we identify with a group before we identify with a larger purpose.

There’s a reason they prefer hyphenated Americans, union vs. non-union, wars on women and the multitude of other excuses to pit us against each other. The reason is, in the end, the political elite are the only winners as you cede more of your liberty as a result of these fictitious group vs. group battles, and they ask you to do it with a smile.

Place no faith in politics or politicians, only your own path to self-improvement, sacrifice for your fellow man, and the salvation that hopefully follows.

Dan Bongino was endorsed last election cycle 2012 for Senate. He lost but that was not unexpected, but he was re-endorsed by Sarah Palin May 2nd.

dan bongino

Legal Insurrection has been following Dan for years.  They have a few great videos for your reference.


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One response to “Dan Bongino-Maryland District 6-Wins

  1. The bigger the government the higher the taxes and less productivity

    Look at the VA uncare system and then look at Bama care , look at the US postal service compared to Fedex and UPS

    Government do not create jobs they are leaches sucking the life blood of a nation.
    One term retirement, their own health care package, perks that allow for criminal actions and no accountability

    The poor keep voting for the same party for 3 generations and yet these misfits are still poor . They are like a zoo kept animal dependent on their task masters fro food, housing and medical care

    They live in deplorable conditions with no hope for their children to have a better life.

    Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting difference results

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