Tea Party Patriots Asks RNC Chair to Intervene . The Silence is Deafening.

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By Isabel Matos

Here’s a great little clip in which a caller describes paid voting, impeding drives in a small precinct. The mother of the caller is a poll watcher and is willing to sign an affidavit, per Charles Johnson who is an activist and freelance journalist.

It’s incredible there are Republicans in Mississippi who doubt there is fraud going on. As we wait for results from those “talks” taking place, I would like to know what you think we should we do about the GOPe’s betrayal?

I’m not just a dreamer, I’m an activist. I don’t just want to read about what’s happening in Mississippi. I want something to be done about it. Let’s talk about the aftermath after ALL the stones have been turned. Let’s drop this hashtag #rememberMississippi when we finish fighting this. We might as well wave the flag of surrender and consider the soul of the party to be irretrievably lost at the rate some are going. Cochran’s “victory” should be where we draw the line.

What more will it take? Is treachery not enough?

As a loyal base we always find ways to forget all the wrongs and move on. The GOPe has relied on that in past, but there is proof that crossovers took place; however, it is all being swept under the rug. It’s as if none of it is even happening.

The absence of outrage and delay are worry-some. The fact is, Thad Cochran might end up winning. No one in the position to do something about seems to care enough to carry out the truth. I still can’t believe it is happening in this country.

I will never be jaded. This is beyond antagonism . I wish it was just desperation on the part of the GOPe but the fact is they are winning and gloating about winning. Even if it is treachery, and they could do what is right by defending us, why would they? Why pass up a power grab that would get us out of their way? Their hatred towards the base is stunning. The mockery of this conservative candidate is shameful. As someone whose family came to this country in search of freedom I’m saddened and disheartened by all of it. Something is dead wrong. If we don’t stop them, GOPe will be emboldened to do more. It’s more than just about Mississippi. It concerns us all. I never thought I’d see the day where there was proof Republicans hated us more than they loved freedom. It was always my suspicion but they crossed the line. IF they remain silent and do not correct this wrong I will never forget. I remember all the wrongs they have perpetrated in the past. But this will be the most gratuitous act of defiance, greed and stupidity yet. I thought we all understood Stealing and Cheating disqualified candidates from winning elections but I guess I was wrong. Republicans have become Democrats.

Here are three recent reactions. Which of the paths below would you choose? I am at a loss for offering solutions. I just know we’re in trouble.

  1. Tea Party Patriots asks Priebus to intervene in Mississippi race. “No one disputes that Thad Cochran’s vote total Tuesday was the result of crossover votes cast by Democrats — in fact, Establishment Republicans and their operatives are bragging publicly about their ‘brilliant’ strategy,” Martin said in a statement provided exclusively to Breitbart News. “But the necessary logical flip side of that is that Chris McDaniel won more votes from actual Republicans than did Cochran. Thus, only a fool would dispute that McDaniel is the clear choice of Republicans in MS. He is, by all rights, the Republican nominee, regardless of what state law states. RNC Chairman Reince Priebus should address this. As Chairman of the national party, he has overall responsibility for the selection of GOP nominees across the country.”
  2. Steve Deace suggests we not vote for any more Republicans who do not represent us. I agree but who the candidate is that he describes is unknown and we would have wait to watch the GOP implode in 2016.  It’s not now 1. Don’t vote for anymore corporatist Republicans in red states/districts.  All these people do is take the power of incumbency and nullify our movement with our votes. Solidly red states/districts ought to be represented by movement conservatives without exception. If they’re not, we have learned the hard way we’re no longer choosing “the lesser of two evils.” We’re choosing people who will score points repeatedly for the other team while wearing our uniform. We cannot defeat the Democrats until we defeat the GOP establishment, and we can’t do that until we stop empowering them. 2. Coalesce early behind the non-establishment presidential candidate with the broadest conservative appeal. If we aren’t successful in implementing this plan, I believe we will see the GOP implode shortly after losing again in    2016. Look at what happened in York, Pennsylvania, earlier this year for an example of what will come next
  3. True the Vote (TTV), a voters’ rights and election integrity organization, submitted a letter to Mississippi Republican Party Chairman Joe Nosef calling for the release of absentee balloting information for independent review prior to election certification and requesting an Audit. His answer may irk you. This was part of his response (not all to avoid ruffling feathers) .. I am worried Chris is allowing misinformation to get out there about the process.  This is his address:
Joe Nosef,
Chairman Mississippi Republican Party
415 Yazoo St Jackson, MS 39201 601-948-5191


Seriously? Mississippians and Americans deserve better.


Arrival 001

Fidel smart ass

oh brother, jeb rino sleep

What was the point of coming all this way if Republicans will repeat history.





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2 responses to “Tea Party Patriots Asks RNC Chair to Intervene . The Silence is Deafening.

  1. Aaron Allen

    Isabel: If the photo of the family is yours, is that you standing by the suit-
    case? I’m glad that you got out safely…Have you chosen your lapel pin?..
    Pls let us know…

    • Isabel Matos

      Hey Aaron,

      That is my family. We got out safely. It was during the Freedom Flights. Not chosen a lapel pin, no.

      Thanks for coming by!

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