BOMBSHELL: Mississippi Democrat Party Officials Admit Team Cochran Wanted Help Stealing the Election


Thad Cochran poster boy for everything wrong with the corrupt Republican Party. A Republican Party more interested in holding on to power, and corrupt business deals, than representing the American people.

We watched them steal this election

~ Gregg Phillips, a longtime Mississippi GOP operative who was a top aide to former conservative GOP Governor Kirk Fordice

By Gary P Jackson

I find this simply incredible.

Pete Perry, is a Cochran ally who serves as the Hinds County GOP chair. This matters because:

[emphasis mine]

To make matters even more interesting, Democrats in Hinds County are accusing Cochran’s Hinds County Republicans of illegal activity.

In an interview with Breitbart News on Thursday, Claude McInnis–the Hinds County Democrats’ top official–said that Perry asked Democrats to help him “break the law” by working together to accept Democratic voters who voted in the June 3 Democratic primary and in Tuesday’s GOP runoff.

Charging that Perry “has never ran a legal election in this state” because “he was never qualified by the Secretary of State’s office,” McInnis alleged that Perry asked him and county Democrats not to share records of who voted in each primary on June 3. The practice–called “switching the books“–is where, heading into a runoff, Democrats and Republicans swap poll books that list which voters voted in the respective parties’ recent primaries.

To start a primary, since Mississippi doesn’t technically have party registration, Democrats and Republicans each begin with their own lists of all registered voters. As voters cast ballots, poll workers write “VOTED” next to the names of people who vote in their primaries. If the process heads to a runoff in either or both parties’ primaries, the Democrats switch their books with Republicans and vice versa so poll workers in the runoffs can ensure nobody who voted in the Democratic primary votes in the GOP runoff and vice versa.

The Democrats get the Republican book and the Republicans get the Democrat book to protect against crossover voting,” McInnis said. “In Mississippi and a lot of other states, if you voted in the Republican primary, you must only vote in the Republican runoff; you can’t switch.

McInnis alleged in an interview with Breitbart News that Connie Cochran, Sen. Cochran’s sister-in-law and the Perry and Hinds County election commissioner, asked local Democrats not to switch the poll books.

In the state of Mississippi, you have to take steps to prevent crossover voting,” McInnis said. “If you voted Democrat in the Democratic primary, you can’t vote in the Republican runoff. The way we protect that is we switch the poll books. Pete Perry and Connie Cochran, who’s the chair of the election commission, called us and asked us not to switch the books–which is a clear violation of the law.”

McInnis told Breitbart News he personally witnessed at least one Hinds County precinct–Precinct 16–where the books had not been switched during the runoff day.I went out to a precinct to make sure the laws were being followed, and I got there at about 4 o’clock p.m.,” McInnis said. “They had not switched the books, under the influence of the young Republican and Democratic workers there. I demanded that they switch these books immediately. The Democratic poll manager there switched the books at 4 o’clock that evening.”

McInnis said he thinks Perry engaged in this practice throughout the entire county, but he can’t be sure because Democrats were only allowed inside 15 of the county’s 109 precincts on election day. Two Democrat candidates for the U.S. House third congressional district in Mississippi headed to a runoff, and while Rep. Bennie Thompson (D-MS) represents most of Hinds County, the third congressional district has 15 precincts inside Hinds County.

I think this was county-wide, but we only had 15 precincts because we only had a small runoff in a very small part of the county; we only had 15 precincts in the eastern part of the county,” McInnis said. “The rest of the county had only the Republican runoff, so we had no authority to go to Republican polling places and do anything about it. But in the places we could, we did–because we did not want to be accused of anything with the Republican Party.

When asked how Perry could have succeeded in not switching the books–since he and other Democrats refused to cooperate with his request on the grounds that they believed it was illegal–McInnis replied that he worked with Sen. Cochran’s sister-in-law–the election commissioner in Hinds County–to get the job done. “Connie Cochran is the election commissioner,” McInnis said.

I can’t tell you if he did this at all the precincts, but I can tell you at the precincts I went to, they didn’t switch the books. I know one woman at one precinct where she had voted in the Democratic primary, but she also was allowed to vote in the Republican runoff. It happened at more than one precinct.

McInnis and his fellow Hinds County Democratic Executive Committee member, Chairwoman Jacqueline Amos-Norris, provided Breitbart News with email evidence that Perry and Connie Cochran were trying to not “switch the books” on runoff day. “Connie, unless I send you something in writing, it does not exist,” Norris wrote to Connie Cochran in the email dated June 18, six days before the runoff. “Claude informed me of what Pete said to you about the Poll Books and that’s not true and not legal. If I need to come down, please let me know.

What supposedly happened, according to McInnis and Norris, is that Perry told Connie Cochran that McInnis agreed to not switch the books. McInnis and Norris both said that isn’t and wasn’t true, which was why Norris sent that email to Connie Cochran to inform her that it was not true.

She stated that she told him it wasn’t going to happen, and that was the end of it,” Norris told Breitbart News.

For his part, Perry denies all of this, but top democrat officials are sticking by their story:

Rickey Cole, the state Democrats’ chairman, said it really wasn’t the end of it because Perry somehow managed not to switch the books in several precincts across the county. “We have no way of knowing how many it happened at because we didn’t have the authority to go into most of the precincts in Hinds County,” Cole said, noting that because of the fact that the third congressional district was happening in just 15 Hinds County precincts, the Democrats only saw what happened there.

Cole also said that he thinks not switching the books could “absolutely” have happened in scores of Mississippi’s 82 counties and more than 1,800 precincts. “This process had to be honored in every precinct in Mississippi, all more than 1,800 precincts“:

If I were doing the inquiry into this election, I would want to compare the June 3 Democratic poll books in every precinct with the June 24 Republican poll books in every precinct. That’s the only way to know whether there was any crossover or not. None of this is done electronically. This is all on paper. We don’t have electronic poll books yet in any county in Mississippi. So if any Republican runoff poll workers either didn’t have the Democratic poll books from June 3, or didn’t use the Democratic poll books from June 3, there would have been no way for them to have known whether a voter voted in the first Democratic primary or not.

McInnis also alleged that Perry personally illicitly decided which absentee ballots in Hinds County would be allowed and which ones would not:This is a thing that’s supposed to happen at the precincts. But we watched him decide which absentees would be voted and which absentees were not going to be voted. He also decided which affidavits would be voted and which ones would not. We watched him do that. We watched them break the law.

According to Phillips’ analysis of absentee ballots, 861 votes were cast by absentee ballot on June 24 in Hinds County–most of which were probably in the GOP runoff, though some may have been from the Democratic runoff of the third congressional district nomination, since 15 of Hinds’ 109 precincts are in that district.

Cole said, “There’s something very wrong” if the proper process wasn’t followed everywhere statewide, something that could–coupled with the questioning of thousands of ballots already–have drastic consequences.

If they find enough precincts where this process wasn’t followed–and they go through this methodical process and find thousands of instances where June 3 Democrats were voting in the June 24 Republican runoff–then I think an appeal should be filed with the Republican Executive Committee on those grounds,” Cole said. “Then the relief would have to be the ordering of a new election.”

Catherine Engelbrecht, head of True the Vote, believes this may go even deeper, in the light of eye witness reports that Perry also illegally fiddled with the absentee ballots, the results of the original January 3 election are now in questionell. It could be that McDaniel won the original election outright, and no run-off was actually needed.

Engelbrecht agrees, and thinks there should be an investigation into the GOP’s June 3 primary, too—because McDaniel may have actually won that outright, meaning there was no need for a runoff, she said, if this level of irregularity happened then.

I think at this point, there are too many questions left unanswered and too many actions that have openly subverted process and disregarded election law,” Engelbrecht stated. “I think that it is entirely possible when it is all said and done and the dust settles, we could see thousands of ballots being called into question, not only in the runoff, but I hope this also extends back into the primary.” She added, “Who knows who really won that primary? Based on the behavior that all of America just saw so plainly in the runoff, I think the bigger question may become who really won that primary?”

This is quite possibly the most egregious case of voter fraud in our nation’s history. Between this, and the race baiting by Thad Cochran’s team, accusing the Tea Party of racism, and McDaniel being affiliated with the KKK, there is a stench over the Mississippi GOP that will linger for years, if not decades to come.

This incident illustrates everything that is wrong with the Republican Party, a party that spends more time attacking the base of it’s own party, than the democrats, who are destroying our country. A Republican Party more interested in holding on to power, and corrupt business deals, than representing the American people.

There are a lot of phony “conservatives,” the ones with books to sell, and columns at phony “conservative” websites to promote, who are telling you and I to forget all of this. That McDaniel “lost” and that we need to “learn how to win some elections.” I won’t repeat the words used on these worthless crapweasels, but I will say THIS: When you come across these jackasses on Twitter, Facebook, or in print, call them out. Slap them around. Remind these a-holes that brave men and women fought and DIED for our country, and to just give up and walk away from what is an obvious case of illegal activity dishonors every single one of them.

Over the last few days I’ve come to know who is for real, and who is just in it to sell books or be popular on Twitter! It’s time to treat the latter as the enemy of Liberty and Freedom, every much as you would any other liberal.

This is a righteous fight. A fight that MUST be fought, and MUST be won. If the Republican Party gets away with this crap in Mississippi, We, the People, will never matter again.

The Republican Party hates you and I, this we already know. The question now is are we going to allow this to continue, or are we going to act!

Never give up, never surrender!



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28 responses to “BOMBSHELL: Mississippi Democrat Party Officials Admit Team Cochran Wanted Help Stealing the Election

  1. Nick

    I liked the article up until the point you somehow managed to make the possible wrong doing of one candidate’s entourage a generalization for the entire Republican Party consisting of over 100,000,000 people.

    • Gary P Jackson

      The Republican Party has been at war with it’s own base since Ronald Reagan walked the earth! You’re reading comprehension is obviously in need of work.

      This is about the Republican Party leadership at war against all of the actual Republican voters!

      This isn’t rocket surgery, ya know! 🙂

    • Yeah Nick let’s brush under the rug all the corruption that took place in all those 2012 state conventions, and at the RNC where GOP rules were broken at almost every turn in order to undermine Ron Paul’s campaign. How blind and stupid do you have to willing be to say such things. The GOP is a corrupt club, that needs to either be taken over by grassroots or fall on its sword so that either a Libertarian Party or Tea Party can rise from its ashes.

      • Gary P Jackson

        Ron Paul is a raving lunatic who never had a shot at being President. He was also a corrupt porker. He was one of the biggest earmarker in Congress. Paid back his cronies well! He is a huge embarrassment to us Texans!

        We need serious human beings serving in Congress and the White House. NONE exist in the democrat party, and few exist in the modern GOP.

        There is a reckoning coming, and it’s coming very soon.

  2. Indian Andy

    We knew this.

  3. Indian Andy

    “Crapweasels,” all of em!

  4. Daniel

    Time to write in McDaniels and forget this asshole on the side of the road.

    • Gary P Jackson

      Mississippi doesn’t allow for write-ins, but don’t lose hope. McDaniel may pull this out yet! Lots of evidence in his favor

  5. Never!…Never!… Never give up!!!!

  6. This old boy’s goose is officially cooked. Evidence of vote-buying.


    We all knew Cochran was a Democratic in sheep’s clothing.

  8. horace

    Travis Childers will be next senator from Mississippi.

    • Gary P Jackson

      If Cochran’s “win” isn’t overturned, maybe, but that;’s a HUGE maybe. Mississippi is a deep red state. This was a totally safe Republican seat. I mean ZERO chance of a democrat every winning.

      With that said, many McDaniel voters are so angry they may indeed vote for Childers out of spite! Many have threatened too, in the heat of the moment.

      If justice prevails, McDaniel will win come November.

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  10. Stormy Weathers

    Please publicize and prosecute every individual that committed voter fraud. Every American citizen, eligible to vote, A single vote- deserves to have a protected electoral process. This is only ANOTHER example of voter fraud, you know – that thing people keep saying doesn’t go on and pushes getting rid of voter id – which we MIST have IF people, ALL people, are to believe our electoral process to have integrity and honest practices to each rightful single vote by an american citizen eligible to vote. Therefore, am asking that each incident of voter fraud be publicized and prosecuted.

    • Gary P Jackson

      I agree. Mississippi has a good voter ID law. That didn’t have anything to do with this deal. The problem is the Republican Party operatives worked to allow democrats, who had already voted in the democrat primary, to then illegally vote in the Republican primary. This is real dirt bag stuff.

      With any luck, people will go to prison.

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  15. Betty Green

    Do not forget that McCain was there along with Barbour…..and the establishment in DC were backing it all the way!

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