CONFIRMED: Former GOP Governor Haley Barbour Behind Racist Anti-Tea Party Pro-Cochran Ads

Boss Hogg

By Gary P Jackson

It’s not like we didn’t already know this, but now there is proof Haley “Boss Hogg” Barbour, the former Mississippi Governor, K-Street Lobbyist, and former Chairman of the Republican National Committee, is the one behind those racist attack ads on Chris McDaniel and the Tea Party.

From Jim Hoft at Gateway Pundit:

FOX News reporter Ainsley Earhardt broke the news tonight on Hannity that that the racist, anti-Tea Party pro-Cochran ads that played on black radio stations in Mississippi were paid for by former Republican governor Haley Barbour’s super-PAC.

Haley Barbour‘s PACCitizens for Progress” reportedly paid at least one radio station to run the racist ads.

Three radio ads were played on a predominantly black radio station.
Paid for by Republicans to attack Chris McDaniel and the Tea Party.

Haley Barbour‘s group also paid for the racist robocalls in Mississippi urging Democrats to vote for Cochran.

This is some of the greasiest, dirt ball politics I have ever seen in my life. Haley Barbour and his fellow Republicans are some of the most despicable human beings that ever breathed. These are top leaders in the Republican Party. A party that is rotten to it’s very core.

I have a feeling the Republican Party will never be the same after this. I don’t think any political party in history has seen fit to attack it’s own voting base. I don’t see how the Republican Party survives much longer, without voters.

Videos courtesy Jim Hoft and Charles C Johnson respectively.



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6 responses to “CONFIRMED: Former GOP Governor Haley Barbour Behind Racist Anti-Tea Party Pro-Cochran Ads

  1. milo

    The asp in the bosom of the GOP!

  2. He knows better and should be ashamed and run out of the Republican Party before he does anymore damage…..

    • Gary P Jackson

      That’s what should happen, of course. But the Republican Party embraces and celebrates corrupt bastards like Barbour and Cochran. The GOP is patting these two on the back for their “outreach into the African-American community”

      This is industrial grade evil.

  3. The Republican party needs to drop all the social conservatism and merge with a common sense Libertarian outlook. I could never consider voting for any Democrat, as they have been rotted to the core forever, but decades of choosing the lesser of two evils have got to come to a close. There is really no difference between them. They both are only interested in feeding the taxpayers a shit sandwich and protecting their power base, be it the extremely wealthy or the parasite class, or both… Sickening.

    • Gary P Jackson

      Sorry but Conservatism is a three legged stool. You can’t be a Conservative without social conservatism. Why? Because whack-job liberalism costs money. TAX PAYER MONEY.

      The NUMBER ONE reason Conservatism is the ONLY ideology that works every time it’s tried is because it’s all about our Founding Principles of small government, Liberty, Freedom, and morality. If any of those are missing, all bets are off.

      Libertarianism sounds great on paper, but the anything goes ethos has real consequences in real life. From my experience most “libertarians” are nothing more than liberals who want to get high! The groups have a lot in common. Conservatives and most hard core libertarians have little in common.

      That said, a LITTLE libertarianism ain’t a bad thing!

      The great Ronald Reagan had a huge Western/libertarian streak. Governor Sarah Palin, one of America’s greatest living leaders, shares Reagan’s Western/libertarian sensibilities. Both have that certain rugged individualism that ALL Americans once possessed. That’s a good trait of small “L” libertarianism!

      We need to stop corruption in government. End the crony capitalism, and go back to REAL capitalism.

      We need to reform Congress. Both ethics reforms, with teeth, as well as term limits for all.

      The list of reforms and restorations needed to bring America back to glory is long. Very long.

      In 2016 we’ll need a true and proven reformer. One who will fearlessly wade into that cesspool in Washington, and start ripping those doing evil to shreds. Someone who has already done this on the state level with great success.

      There’s only one solution, and that’s Sarah Palin. She took on the entire corrupt Republican Party in Alaska, including the party chair. Many went to prison. She became Governor. She also took on Big Oil and made them bend to her will. That took balls, and brains. Both of which are missing in the Republican Party these days.

      The only question left is who should be her Vice President.

      Conservatism, REAL Conservatism, works every single time it’s tried. Sadly, it’s rarely tried as the leadership of both parties are liberals.

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