Mississippi Burning: 3300! Cochran to Resign? True The Vote Sues, Barbour Investigated, and More!


By Gary P Jackson

I lot has happened in the last 24 hours, more than I can keep up with, even after pulling an all-nighter!

****For starters, the McDaniel campaign has now identified 3300 illegal votes with only half of the counties canvased. It seems highly likely they may find enough invalidated votes to overturn the results of the election, especially if what has been said about absentee votes is true.

Of course, McDaniel doesn’t actually need to find enough illegal votes to overturn the election, to prevail here. You see, as backwards as Mississippi’s voting system seems to be, they actually have very strong laws against vote fraud, laws with teeth!

There’s an interesting concept here at play. By law, all Chris McDaniel has to do is provide enough evidence of fraud to taint the vote. In Mississippi the evidence of significant fraud can force a new election to be held. It would seem, that with 3300 illegal votes so far, we may have met that threshold. Time will tell.

From Charles C Johnson:

This is an interesting development. Resigning might just save Cochran from legal action, maybe. It also gives the Corrupt Republican Establishment™ a chance to appoint one of their cronies to fill-out the rest of Cochran’s unexpired term.

Now unless McDaniel is the one appointed to fill Cochran’s unexpired term [almost zero chance that will happen] whoever is appointed will not be able to run in November. The Republican candidate would be McDaniel. However, the Republicans could do a lot of damage to McDaniel. You know democrats would run ads claiming McDaniel is so undesirable that he was not appointed to Senate by the Governor.

If the source is correct, and Cochran is thinking of resigning, we pretty much know he’s guilty of everything alleged.

Catherine Engelbrecht, the brave Texas warrior from True The Vote who has been attacked viciously by the Obama regime, filed suit in federal court Tuesday against Mississippi’s Secretary of State Delbert Hosemann and the Mississippi Republican Party, asking a judge for an immediate injunction against them, so that the election material from the June 24 Republican primary runoff can be inspected.

Here’s a copy of the lawsuit for readers to look over:

Breibart’s Big Government has more here.

If you missed Hannity Tuesday night:

Pro-Cochran Super PAC run by Henry Barbour [Haley Barbour’s nephew], funded by an unsecured Bank loan, looked at by the Federal Elections Commission.

From Roll Call:

[emphasis mine]

The federal agency regulating and monitoring money in federal elections is seeking answers from a pro-Cochran Super PAC regarding what appears to be campaign finance violations.

The Federal Election Commission (FEC) has sent a Request For Additional Information (RFAI) to Mississippi Conservatives, a Super PAC supporting the re-election of Sen. Thad Cochran, R-Miss. The committee has until August 1st to respond, or the failure to do so “could result in an audit or enforcement action.

The FEC letter states the committee may have failed to file one or more of the required 24-hour report(s) regarding “last minute” independent expenditures. Specifically, the committee did not file a 24-hour report for a $15,000 payment on May 30th to Scott Howell & Company as an independent expenditures against Chris McDaniel, R-Miss.

The FEC also sought answers for an independent expenditure paid to Winning Edge that was reported on a 24-hour report, but was not correlated with the committee’s Schedule E for the 12-Day pre-runoff report covering 5/15 through 6/4.

Remember Pete Perry, the Hinds County GOP chairman, who democrat party officials say approached them for help illegally stealing the election for Thad Cochran, by not swapping voter rolls, as is customary to ensure there is no crossover, or double voting?

The plot thickens:

The Mississippi Democrat Party chairman said he knew about Cochran’s illegal vote buying scheme [“walkin’ around money,” in democrat party language]on June 18 and “didn’t like it.”

Our buddy Dan Riehl gets it:

There is much, much more going on, with breaking news by the minute!

If readers want to stay informed, I recommend following Charles C Johnson on Twitter. Charles has been the man behind all of the news coming out of Mississippi. It’s his hard work that has produced all of the evidence against the Cochran campaign, Haley Barbour, and so on. He’s a one man army!

I know money is tight in Obama’s America™, but if you have some spare change, send it Charles’ way. He’s been doing all this fantastic work, that is finally being picked up by the national news, on his own dime. When this is all over, and justice prevails, Charles will be one of the Patriots we will owe a huge debt of gratitude to. Show that gratitude now by sending a couple of bucks to Charles at his research funding site here.


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22 responses to “Mississippi Burning: 3300! Cochran to Resign? True The Vote Sues, Barbour Investigated, and More!

  1. Reblogged this on JamesLordsBlog and commented:
    listen to the shameful ways in the video on Hannity.

  2. stevethird

    Roast the Hogg!!!

  3. stevethird

    Serious pain must be inflicted here. To protect Palin if she runs. We need to make an example of what happens when you mess with Tea candidates. They need to be very afraid.

  4. IIzThatIIz

    Chock full of info!

  5. Someone needs to proofread and correct the 2nd sentence in the 2nd paragraph of this story.

    Glad to see Chuck C. Johnson is actually engaging n journalism. The MSM should take note.

    • Gary P Jackson

      I plead guilty! No sleep in the past few days. I have to correct a few errors. Not facts, just spelling, etc. 🙂

      Charles C Johnson is really driving the events in this deal. He’s been the one behind all of the breaking news and fact gathering. Andrew Breitbart would be very proud of this cat!

      Everyone needs to follow Charles on Twitter!

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  9. Dave Smith

    Your efforts are not unnoticed. Keep up the reporting!

  10. Just because he resigns, does not mean that he should not go to jail. Let the law take a bite out of his ass. I hate corruption. . . Rule of Law prevails in this Republic.
    Now, on to bigger fish, and lets fry them good. . .

    • Gary P Jackson

      This is true. From what I understand, Mississippi has some very well written, and strongly enforced election laws. A lot of this is still being sorted out, of course, but I think it’s a safe bet that someone is going to jail before all of this is over.

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  12. I noticed the “I” in the first sentence. I knew you meant “A”. I have tons of errors in my writings. I look at it as learning experience. Great work. Thank you for keeping Americans informed!

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