Corrupt Mississippi Republican Party Certifies Thad Cochran Winner, The Legal Challenge Clock Starts NOW


Senator Thad Cochran in his best Nixonian “I am not a crook” pose!

By Gary P Jackson

As expected, the Mississippi Republican Party has certified Thad Cochran the winner in the June 24 run-off election against Chris McDaniel.

From the Sun Herald:

The Mississippi Republican Party says U.S. Sen. Thad Cochran won the state’s Republican primary runoff over challenger Chris McDaniel by 7,667 votes.

The party sent results to the Secretary of State on Monday, the legal deadline.

The GOP’s numbers showed Cochran winning by more than the 6,800 votes counted by The Associated Press after the June election. Tallies change as county parties examine provisional ballots and finalize results.

This is part of the legal process and must happen before the McDaniel campaign can legally challenge the outcome of the election, something they have promised to do vigorously.

The way this works, the McDaniel campaign will file a challenge with the state Republican Party, which is expected to happen within a few days, and them ten days later, will file lawsuit in the Mississippi courts.


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