MISSOURI Republican Party Chairman Demands a National Investigation Into Racist Mississippi Senate Campaign


Will Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus lead the investigation into Thad Cochran and Haley/Henry Barbour’s racist campaign in Mississippi, or continue to ignore it?

By Gary P Jackson

The racist democrat-party-style campaign, waged by 6 term incumbent Republican Senator Thad Cochran against fellow Republican and Mississippi State Senator Chris McDaniel in the June 24 Republican primary run-off is now having far reaching implications. National implications for the Republican Party. A party that has openly declared war on it’s own base of voters.

Ed Martin, the Chairman of the Republican Party of Missouri, and a prominent voice within the RNC, is now calling for The Head of the RNC, Reince Priebus, to lead the investigation into Cochran’s racist tactics.

Charles C Johnson has tweeted a copy of an email Martin has sent out to fellow members of the RNC asking for their support. Johnson notes that Henry Barbour, who is at the core of several serious alleged crimes, including vote buying and outright voter fraud, got Priebus his job as Chairman of the RNC. There are also pending charges from the Federal Elections Commission regarding numerous issues with PACs Barbour is involved with:

Martin Letter Reince Prebus

Eliana Johnson at National Review Online writes:

The chairman of the Missouri Republican party, Ed Martin, is calling on RNC chairman Reince Priebus to appoint a special committee comprised of RNC members to investigate racially divisive ads that aired in Mississippi’s Republican Senate primary between Thad Cochran and Chris McDaniel. Martin made the request in a letter to Priebus obtained by National Review Online, voicing concern that former RNC chairman Haley Barbour was behind the ads and that the tactics may have sullied the name of the RNC and Republicans generally.

An entity called Citizens for Progress, which is not registered with the Federal Election Commission, aired ads during the race claiming that McDaniel supporters had ties to the Ku Klux Klan and that the state senator, who is still challenging the outcome of the June 24 runoff, has a “racist agenda.”

They also warned that “‘if the Tea Party, with their racist ideas, win, we will be sent back to the ’​50s and ’​60s.” An article in the Daily Mail tried to trace the ads to a political-action committee founded by Haley Barbour and run by his nephew, Henry.

A robo-call whose origins have not been traced was also the subject of controversy. It targeted primarily African-American homes and urged citizens to vote for Cochran and to stand up against the Tea Party’s “disrespectful treatment of the country’s first African-American president.

In his letter to Priebus, Martin zeroed in on Barbour’s potential support for the advertisements. “If one of our own members helped finance ads or robocalls that tarred Tea Partiers as a group as racists, I am sure that most RNC members would find that deeply offensive, indeed unacceptable,” he said. “We cannot object to the Left smearing conservatives with such labels if we do not rebuke those on our side who sink to such tactics.

He asked that the committee investigate the origins of the ads in question and report back to RNC members on August 7, the day before the RNC’s general meeting on August 8.

McDaniel, meanwhile, continues to dispute the results of the election, which Cochran won by two points. His lawyer said yesterday that volunteers are reviewing all of the ballots cast in search of fraudulent votes and that the team is confident they will find the invalid votes necessary to force a redo of the runoff.

This demand from Martin is a strong indication that Cochran’s racist democrat-style tactics have angered some in the party. It also highlights the corruption and moral bankruptcy of the Republican Party that someone had to write this letter in the first place! Priebus should have spoken out against Cochran’s racist bullshit, as well as voter fraud, instead of joining other Establishment jackasses as they praised Cochran for his “brilliant outreach” to black voters! Priebus should have been leading the charge against Cochran and other crapweasels like him, from day one!

In this, and many other matters, the Republican Party needs to either get it’s act together, or go the way of the Whigs.



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4 responses to “MISSOURI Republican Party Chairman Demands a National Investigation Into Racist Mississippi Senate Campaign

  1. stevethird

    In short, Priebus is in on it.

  2. joydbrower

    Gary, another brilliant, hard-hitting roundup of the latest on the Mississippi fradulent vote scandal! I’m confident that your reporting will see widespread dissemination of this rotten situation – and how we must resolve it before we can even THINK of “moving on!!” I know that thousands/millions of Tea Party-leaning Republicans are following this very closely; so, if Priebus continues to ignore thie dire situation, his base certainly will NOT ignore it!!

    No matter what the outcome of the November elections, serious moves must begin to de-fang and de-throne the ruling class of the GOP (RINOs) in today’s domestic politics. And I think you know that a very widespread and strong army of “Mama Grizzlies” are ready to take up this fight!

  3. Ed Martiin’s demands are valid but it’s like asking the DOJ, IRS, EPA, ATF, DHS and the White House to investigate itself. Republican Party = Whigs.

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