Shock Poll: 73% Support The Impeachment of President Obama NOW 14% More At Some Point

Nixon Had Dignity To Resign

By Gary P Jackson

As many as 84% of Americans polled support the impeachment of President Barack Obama either now, or at some point in the future.

Not a purely scientific poll, but early Tuesday morning the Drudge Report posted a link to an article by Pat Buchanan that named all of the reasons impeaching President Obama would be a mistake. Later in the day Governor Sarah Palin boldly and forcefully called for Obama’s impeachment.

Drudge, whose website sees billions of visitors a year, then put up a poll asking readers, who make up every political persuasion, whether or not President Obama should be impeached.

The poll is still live, so raw vote numbers may change, but as of 8:00 AM Central time the results are as follows:


Yes: 209,381 votes 73%

No: 36,603 votes 13%

Not now: 41,158 votes 14%

I doubt anyone is shocked by the high number of folks who support the impeachment of President Obama. It’s the 14% of those who say “not now” that intrigues me. After Governor Palin called for Obama’s impeachment, the reaction was immediate and greatly divided. I checked in on social media, such as Twitter, as well as well known Conservative and pretend conservative websites. Fear and politics dominated those who thought impeachment was a bad idea.

Those against impeaching the President never spoke to the Rule of Law, or saving the United States from a vicious, lawless tyrant. Instead they all feared it would end in election losses for Republicans. Some expressed concern this would make Obama a martyr to his radical extremist base, and motivate then to get out the vote against Republicans in 2014 and 2016. Others expressed concern over impeaching the first black president. Well, we already did that when we impeached President Bill Clinton, who had already been given the title of America’s “first black president” by his moon-bat base.

Truth is, democrats have been screaming “racist” at the top of their lungs since 2008 to deflect ANY criticism of President Obama. Impeaching this lawless devil isn’t going to make one iota of difference in how racialist democrats handle themselves.

I’d be curious to know what those who say “ not now” in the Drudge poll are using to justify their answer. Is it politics? Fear? What?

Though it will certainly get political, impeachment is a Constitutional process. A legal process. The House of Representatives act as a grand jury would in a civilian trial, voting to either indict [impeach] or had down a no bill, refusing to indict. The actual trial is held by the Senate. Once the President is impeached, the Senate is REQUIRED to hold a trial. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid [D-NV], who routinely blocks important legislation from the House, would NOT be able to stop the process. The Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, John Roberts, would preside over President Obama’s trial.

After all evidence is presented, the 100 members of the Senate would then vote on whether to convict President Obama for all or part of his numerous crimes, or acquit. It would take 75 yes votes to convict on each charge. That vote would indeed be political.

The fact is, as lawless as Obama is, it would be very easy to paint any democrat [or worthless liberal Republican] who refuses to convict, as being as corrupt and lawless as President Obama. One could make the case that anyone who still supports the President needs to be on trial with him. Voting against holding the President accountable would definitely be used to defeat any democrat OR Republican [who refused to convict] in upcoming elections. It would, and should be a stain on their careers that will last for all of eternity.

This isn’t like impeaching President Bill Clinton for lying to Congress, perjury, and suborning perjury. [all felonies punishable by serious prison time] The crimes Obama has committed against America, and humanity in general, are serious. Lives have been lost in the United States, and around the world, thanks to Obama’s criminal acts.

Again, the Drudge poll is not scientific, but it should be a powerful reminder to those timid individuals, who cower in fear, that enough is enough, and Americans have had enough!

We strongly support the impeachment of President Barack Obama for High Crimes and Misdemeanors, as well as High Treason.


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8 responses to “Shock Poll: 73% Support The Impeachment of President Obama NOW 14% More At Some Point

  1. Obama must be impeached for the sake of America and the free world. Obama is a disgrace for his cowardice and gross dereliction of duty!

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  8. Lou

    Obama: Our 3-in-1 Deity !

    Obama’s Desk, Obama’s Chairs, Obama’s Bench.
    This is what Obama seems to see instead of “the executive, legislative, and judicial branches” of our American government.
    As one who promised change, furniture arranger Obama can subtly fit all those chairs and that bench into the Oval Office while few seem to notice or care!
    America is the Tree of Liberty – the Tree that promises liberty and justice for all.
    But America also provides for the pruning of any and all tyrants that are attached to the same Tree!

    (For dessert Google “Zany Obama-Inspired Quips” and “The Background Obama Can’t Cover Up.”)

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