Alert: McDaniel Finds 8,300 Questionable Ballots, Plans Wednesday News Conference


The corrupt face of the Republican Party establishment

By Gary P Jackson

A lot has been going on in the disputed Mississippi election. Besides more allegations of illegal PACs, the NRSC paying black churches to push racist ads, vote buying, destruction of ballots and evidence of wrong doing, and so on, the McDaniel campaign has found 8300 questionable ballots. Thad Cochran “defeated” Chris McDaniel by only 6800 votes. Should these illegal votes be thrown out, there should be no question that the election will be over-turned, or a new election ordered.

From Jim Hoft at Gateway Pundit:

Last Thursday True the Vote, the nation’s largest voter integrity organization, filed a lawsuit against the Mississippi Republican Party for destruction of absentee ballot documents, double voting and discarded legal votes found statewide.

Now this…
State Sen. Chris McDaniel says he has found 8,300 questionable ballots and will hold a press conference on Wednesday.
The Daily Journal reported, via Lucianne:

State Sen. Chris McDaniel, still refusing to give up his challenge to incumbent U.S. Sen. Thad Cochran, said Friday via e-mail his campaign had found 8,300 questionable ballots across the state from the June 24 Republican primary runoff.

He said many of those “were unquestionably cast by voters ineligible to participate in the June 24th runoff election” that McDaniel lost to Cochran

McDaniel promised a Wednesday news conference “to discuss the evidence we have documented and our next steps.

McDaniel has said before he intends to file a legal challenge to the June 24 election where Cochran defeated him by 194,932 votes to 187,265 votes.

This past week the McDaniel campaign sent supporters into each county to look for possible voter irregularities. The Cochran campaign, which has had representatives in each courthouse to observe the actions of the McDaniel campaign, has said only a few hundred irregularities were found.

We have now moved into the third week of Chris McDaniel continuing to assert that a monstrous fraud was committed yet he has supplied zero evidence for these allegations,” said Cochran campaign spokesman Jordan Russell. “It is extraordinarily irresponsible for an elected official to make such claims without providing proof.

The McDaniel campaign and supporters have alleged instances of fraud, vote-buying and of people who voted in the June 3 Democratic primary ineligibly voting in the Republican runoff.

Read more here.

Cochran’s stooge Jordan Russell is whining about proof. Looks like he’s about to be overwhelmed with it! Let us all pray that good finally triumphs over evil in Mississippi.


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One response to “Alert: McDaniel Finds 8,300 Questionable Ballots, Plans Wednesday News Conference

  1. Frank G Ross Sr

    A Non-partisan Invite

    A non-partisan invite certainly did peak your intrigue
    A route to eliminate a thorn and have your guy succeed
    Did see the problem and knew it was politically wrong
    But a thumb in the eye of the Tea Party was really strong
    And now being one of those people it is better to not crow
    As you voted both Party’s Primaries which they now know
    You did vote for a Democrat in the June 3rd Primary election
    And voted Republican on that June 24th non-partisan defection
    Registered and voted Democrat and proud were you to be
    Now needing to re-register as nothing and that’s not thee
    May have a Childress for Senate planted in the front yard
    But don’t want to take it down and then simply discard
    Went to his rally and listened to what you wanted to hear
    Now going to Cochran’s is suppose to bring you cheer
    Know this may bring discomfort but getting into this mess
    Violated State’s voting law doesn’t matter it was a request
    Do not vote in the General or risk upping the fraud intent
    No matter for which side you cast a vote up the intent is sent
    Invitation has robbed you of your preference and more
    And now please be aware it’s opened the prosecution door
    True you may not have meant to break a voting law
    One intent can’t cancel another intent and did cross that bar

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